31 Mar 2003 amars   » (Journeyer)

When Open-Source Software goes wrong... OR Why PostNuke Sucks: The Saga Continues
I would like to further re-iterate the fact that PostNuke is a horrible abomination upon the world of PHP.

pnUserGetAll() works in pnadmin.php in a module i'm (reluctantly) writing without a problem. I cannot, however, use pnUserGetAll anywhere else. So, I RTFM. Apparently one should nhot use pnUserGetAll because it is to be deprecated in favor of pnModAPIFunc('users','user','getall');

After some clever grepping and database querying, no code anywhere exists to support pnModAPIFunc('users','user','getall'). Furthermore, pnUserGetAll() isn't formally used in postnuke, not even Member_list uses it.

The next step was to walk through the code to see why it worked in pnadmin.php and nowhere else but that yielded nothing. The conclusion was that it *should* be working, but it wasn't.

The solution was to copy/paste the code from pnUserGetAll and run it locally, and it worked. So, i copy/pasted with some modifications to a local .api.php file as part of the module and called it saneGetAllUsers() and it all works. Go figure.

So, instead of getting some much needed work done this evening, I spent 3 hours debugging postnuke and "fixing" it to do what it's supposed to. Having to explain why this particular project is late is not going to be fun.

Malcom X
In one of my classes we were talking about defense mechanisms and were asked to give two examples of defense mechanisms. For some reason, i felt the need to explain some serisouly significant irrational acts i nterms of ego defense mechanisms. The first was a shameless "attack" on our foreign policy, which now seems to be shoot now, take names later. The second was on racism. I used Malcom X as an example and in the process made myself sound as soem crazed racists lunatic. Malcom X said that the white man hates the black man because of the guilt they feel towards the black man. Taken out of context, that can be taken the wrong way. Basically, I should have rephrased it by saying that racism can be a Reaction Formation defense mechanism, or possibly even projection or displacement. A person who feels guilty will avoid those negative feelings by passing the blame on to the victim through hatred. For example, a neonazi hating a Jew because of the guilt he feels for the persecution of Jews thoughout history. Or how a homophobe may be homophobic because of the shame they feel for secretly being homosexual.

Either way, the way I quoted Malcom X made me, a young white male, look like a crazed hippocritical radical living in the past.

Speaking of which, I was able to watch the first half of the Malcom X movie on BET. I was dissappointed. There was alot of key imnportant events from the autobiography that were skipped over or ignored in the movie which would have helped to put things into better context. It completely ignored his childhood and his relationship with his half-white mother. The first half of his life was literally summed up in five minutes, and briefly touches on his life of crime which led to his incarceration which was so important in making him who he became. There was no mention of Roxbury or harlem, or how he was a drug dealer or his role in prostitution, nor did it talk about his friendships and popularity in harlem before he was put into jail. His life as a street thug is probably what made him so successful as a speaker as a muslim in Harlem. He could relate and talk to the people where others couldn't becuase he talked the talk and walked the walk. It also left out alot of the narrative criticism from the first part of his life which is so important in understand his background and why he felt the way he did.

I didn't see the last half of the movie, but I doubt it could make up for everything that was left out of the first part of his life. What I saw of it was over dramatized and didn't accurately portray was was said/written in the autobiography.

It was just downright frustrating to say the least. I would have to recommend that anyone/everyone should read the book instead. As ironic as it may sound he's probably one of the historical figures I admire most and it's a shame that he, for the most part, is absent from the textbooks and that the most people will know of him will be from that movie and what people say, which is rarely accurate.

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