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It seems that I'm finding ISDN more and more preferrable. lots of fun with isdnctrl! :-)

Trying to get familiar with docbook (part of SGMLtools) in order to write neat documentation for LiLo. It seems quite nice indeed.

Not much else happening today. Did some graphics as usual, watched 4 star trek movies on DVD, etc. Livid is quite nice nowadays, working almost perfectly for me :-)

Gimp 1.1.18 works great (out of helix-gnome update). Too bad that the helix update screwed up my gnome-pilot and gnomecal though. Wellwell, it WAS development....but it should work :-)

Lots of things happening both today and yesterday. Let's start with yesterday (friday)....

First of all, I was kinda stressed. Switching between phonecalls with Telenor Bedrift that transfered me to Telenor Privat that transfered me back to Telenor Bedrift that finally transferred me to Telenor Multicom. Telenor Multicom asked me to call Telenor Installasjon, and in the end of the day, when I came home from school (yes, I was in school trying to do this), I saw a nice white "Telenor NT1" box in the "server room".

However, I didn't come home before about 20:00 in the evening. What did I do in the meantime? If you call waiting for a guy to show up so that you can hold the month's admin-meeting amongst LiLo developers, I had a great time. Reading the same posts on slashdot about 4 hours really gets to you. Oh yes, the guy didn't show up...hmm...transport problem. Why can't he move to a more central place or get that damned ISDN-line of his actually working so that we could have on-line meetings? argh....c++-people! ;-)

When I got home, the only thing I managed to do was to send off the seating arrangements for the #linux.no row at The Gathering 1900 and jump into bed. No time exploring ISDN possibilities today....

Saturday started great, with no ISDN working. Telenor Bedrift transferred me to Telenor Multicom that told me that the line WAS working (haven't gotten that ISDN phone from Ascom yet). Finally I got to know that maybe I should put the ISDN card from pluto (which will soon be taken to one of the LiLo developers) into aganemnon. After all, the ISDN card in pluto DID work perfectly, and it didn't need any setup in isapnp. Perfect...well...not exactly.

Everything ended with that I had to download the 2.2.14 kernel over a 28.8 modem (thank God for that extra analogue line). And after a reboot, the isdn card driver loaded. But...that doesn't mean that everything is perfect, of course. Now isdn4k-utils didn't work... after a couple of hours fighting libraries and not finding /dev/isdnctrl which DID exist, I downloaded the latest CVS version. Of course, I couldn't use the old scripts which are used on pluto since it's a newer version. Another two hours changing scripts, and I'm online. With ISDN. Great? :-)

Now it's time to explore those endless (well...) possibilities of fax and voice (vbox) via ISDN.

In responce to what X-Virge (advogato.org/person/julian) said in his diary posting: No, of course not. It wasn't really that it's hard to do....americans :-)

It seems that blizzard (advogato.org/person/blizzard) is working on a new mozilla widget wcich seems quite interesting, the possibility to "implant" mozilla into any gtk app. hmmm.....nice.

Got confirmation from RedHat today. They're shipping 1000 CDs and some other cool stuff. And some other companies like TurboLinux, etc have also confirmed. It'll be fun...a TuX sculpture out of CDs? hmm...a nice project indeed.

School sucks...religion test tomorrow about jewism....hmm...

It's been really busy lately - trying to get my new pcmcia ethernet adapter up and going, but I get 98% packet loss...not healthy at all. Anyone got experience with Addtron 10/100 PCMCIA adapaters? It's 32-bit....:-)

X-Virge (julian@advogato) doesn't want to hold a talk about GNOME/GTK in front of 300-400 people at The Gathering 1900, so I had to remove him from the list. Coward...;-)

The Pluto-400 administration system is going along now. We plan to have all the planning in place within friday when we'll have a meeting with all the developers (yes, IRL actually). The rest of the weekend will be used for programming.

It seems that the Linux Crew at The Gathering 1900 (which I command) is planning to make a new WINS-daemon which can handle 4500 computers (which the ones that exist now don't). We need one for TG.

Well, it seems that I finally got the computers Aganemnon and Pluto operational again. Note that Aganemnons power-switch is faulty, so I haveto press a **** keyboard when I want it to turn on. And of course, each time I accidentally come near the keyboard, it starts up too. Heaven.

Straightened out another argument on #linux.no today about linux software under non-gpl licenses.

Finally got Avatar (my palm v) into it's cradle. It's been without charging for about a week now, and it's low on electricity. Very low.

The floor is now again viewable - it's not covered by cebut stuff, computer parts, cables, switches, etc anymore. OK then....the floor is visible somewhere :-)

Saw Star Trek Insurrection again. DVD version this time. Oh yes...wrote an article for Hardware Norge.

Updated Norsk Bokmål translations for GnomeToaster (currently working on Norwegian Nynorsk translation). Also finishing Norsk Bokmål translation of Webalizer.

Got a very positive responce from Turbolinux today. They are joining NLC at The Gathering by sending lots of CDs and other stuff....always nice :-)

We're setting up the #linux.no row at TG00 - of course it will be situated right at the Linux Support / NLC stand so that we can stretch a large linux banner over the pathway.

The Pluto-400 software management project is going ok, it seems that there are some problems in the C part. And we haven't figured out if we are to use an SQL backend or not.

One of LiLo's deliverers had a special on 19" and 17" monitors today....they were CHEAP!!!!! 2900NOK for a 19"... but of course, I'd rather have the 50" Scandinavia Online is giving away ;-)

My first diary post :-)

School as usual today. Unfortunately, it was time for Windows NT network (3 hours). It seems that it started snowing today :-(...it's gonna be a cold walk to "Messehallen" for gymnastics.

Finished downloading Helix to school. Unfortunately, the cd-burner we regularly use here isn't working anymore - it'll be back from repairs in a couple of days...time to dig up those zip-disks again!

Also got my "russekort"...of course they managed to write ('s instead of ['s so the code isn't executable. The picture of DustPuppy worked out OK though.

Sending off the t-shirt designs for the Linux Crew at The Gathering 1900 today. They came out quite nice - late though. Unfortunately the logo compo won't be completed before March 25th, which is too late. At least Per Kristiansen put up a link to the NLC TG00 Crew page from gathering.org today. Of course it was hidden under Crew->Tech->Linux, but it's there.

It's quite incredible that even though there's a price of 475 NOK ($ 70), almost 3000 tickets are sold already :-)

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