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22 Sep 2004 (updated 11 Feb 2005 at 04:47 UTC) »

That's it... I'm finishing my style guide. Just now on the conference call, noone knows which guide to use... conflict

Last contract, no style guide.

I can't stand it anymore. Either just choose a guide, let me format it in a consistent manner or let me create a style guide...ack

19 Sep 2004 (updated 26 Feb 2005 at 06:41 UTC) »

Can he do it?

Can Emmett answer the big question? He's gonna make an attempt, I give him that. He's the only one I know who is even attempting such a thing. And he has the talent and mind to do it.

Will Emmett Plant answer the big question? Well, I think he'll answer the big question, but what will that answer be?

Will it be yes... Yes, someone can start from zero and make it as in music or No, someone can start from zero and not make it in music.

Either way, Emmett and the rest of us will come out ahead.

Today I'm mulling over that whole Ashcroft situation. I saw him on cspan last night. It was disgusting. He called people who use p2p clubs and thieves etc etc etc. What I find interesting his the insistance that these items were stolen.

Well, ok...wait a second. First of all what about first sale doctrine. If I purchase a movie, I can give away... as long as it's on the disk.

second of all and most importantly... what about the AHRA. Time and time again, I see people ignoring this. Why! We need to expand the knowledge of this act. People, you need to know.

The Audio Home Recording Act is there to allow users to copy music for personal use. So, fine then, Ashcroft. Go after the movies but don't touch music. We are protected.

A computer is not a device specifically designed to copy movies. If it were, then the user could be fined or in violation of the AHRA.

If your computer is not specifically desinged for certain purposes, which most computers are not... then music sharing is perfectly legitimate. Ok... there are ethical things involved and there is the balance question, but really, we need to address those in an appropriate manner, not go after people with criminal or civil charges.

Today, I finally got faqlinux.com running. Still have to figure out the hosting issue. Here is not good... cox... but will work it out. Need writers. Not sure if I want to go with advertisers. Don't want anyone owning my content, so to speak.

Going to publish a magazine for writers and users. faqLinux Magazine. Now, a monthly journal.

Finishing my thesis. Went from Distance Learning and Copyright ownership in education to Perceptive Compliance of the TEACH Act. It works.

Trying to get into Yale for my PhD. It's a long shot, but I'll try. Maybe I should go to law school...but 3 years... that's awhile more of school

Wow, am really having fun with Blender.

This blender thing could work out if only I had more time.

Installed Tvtime on the Deb. It worked ok. I give that guy credit. Tested it with ffmpeg. Recorded great quality. Used it and recorded a video tape of RMS visit. Finally, the sound synced correctly, well, that is after I installed the sound card. Prior, had on board sound probs.

I NEED a good video editor. IN the past 2 years, I could have written one if I hadn't gotten caught up in this relationship. Longest one night stand ever!

This summer I'm driving across country. I wanted to help Tina promote her book but it doesn't look like her book will happen until fall so we might just drive across.

Oh well, we have a place to stay all summer in Waterbury. I must remember to email Jay S. for chinese or something.

Today I woke early. Well, early for me - noonish. I was up until 7am watching Brazil and reading. I'm working on finishing the chapter exams. But since the payment didn't come until after new year, I worked on my other book - my love, my life (civil liberties). The only reason for writing this CBT, to survive while writing the other book.

The DMCA book is almost finished. The first book asked a lot of questions and this one answers some. Back in 2000 people knew nothing and that book was just supposed to be a layman's guide to what is going on... Now, this book is for those truly interested in the DMCA.

I remembered to include a thanks to Cory Doctorow and Daniel Orr, for without whom, I would never have had the desire to complete this work. The book began as a DMCA FAQ for the EFF blog. It also includes a glossary for the DMCA. I was going to write just a DMCA encyclopedia and queried the FSF. I never got back to Lisa about it. I wanted it to give her a good sample and just got carried away with it.

Of course, I built this book upon advice I received from RMS in the past about the first book and on other occassions. He is such a good writer. In the last few years I noticed his writing isn't as frequent. He is busy with his sweetheart I suppose. More power to him!

Of course the book is being published non exclusively.

I'll purchase my tickets for Rhode Island this summer and work on helping lobster "farmers" in Connecticut. In October, I noticed some posted signs of injustice at the docks in Mystic. This summer, I'm going to be a LOBSTER "FARMER" and raise some noise!!!

Cinelerra on Debian is running!

Today is an interesting day. I found out from my client that they didn't mail my check until Wed. We had a deal, or so I thought about my check being sent within a week. At any rate, I would be upset except that I got Cinelerra running last night.

There was some minor source building but a few debs were available. I placed the mpg I made of Dmitry Sklyarov in Cinelerra and had to do some preference tweak but other than that it worked fine. I need to now hackaway at what options and commands I have available -- in other words, learn Cinelerra to finish the documentary.

I could resubmit to MacArthur Foundation but the documentary team wants to do it on MAC OSX. Aaron suggested MAC. I wonder if he used that for his HAXXXOR film? I hadn't seen him the last time he came home because of scheduling. He's in England now. I wonder if/when he'll be coming back in... He told me he's got a second one he's working on. He keeps busy. I was going to pitch my idea of LINUXXX to him. Since I do write training content. Haha. Of course, content would be the only interest I would have in the project.

; )

At any rate, I do have Cinelerra and I'll move from there. I deal in different video content than he does! But it's nice to have a friend to talk technique with. Funny how it turned out that way. We were both in C++ together in the late 90s.

I'm tired of being called by Marcia. I grew up in the ways of my Greek and my Japanese heritage. I am not ashamed of being Asian and I'm tired of being called Marcia. That name sucks. As a child I was called Kaoru-chan. That is who I am. Not, Marcia. Some of friends and family call me Kaoru, so, I now am reverting to my name Kaoru.

The other day I got a MuVo. I didn't even know if it would work. But it did and it rocks. All I did was load the usb modules and it worked.

These corps are writing drivers? For what reason?

Title of upcoming white paper: If you use Windows, you could be wasting your time.. Got a JVC digital camcorder. That rocks too.

Almost done with the book. It's not as technical as *I* wanted, but the audience can't handle that...? Whatever, at least I got paid so I can get some toys.

Taking courses at ASU in GIT. The one teacher is ignorant. She actually told the students that nothing can open or save a *.psd file. So in my next project, I proved her wrong. At least I didn't humiliate her in class... but I don't think she's too happy about that. Having problems with that teacher. It's just a deficiency course in image capture but she doesn't know much and tries to hide it. When asked the difference between two applications, her response was that major corporations use one and the other was not used widely. This was not only unacceptable but incorrect as one application predated the other. We were talking about features. Then there is the requirement to use proprietary software. Where is this going?

Why should I be required to use proprietary software in order to acheive the same end that I could achieve using free software?

This course is not application specific, or at least it shouldn't be. Perhaps my thesis can be about the detrimental nature of application specific courses. Teach them W.P. 5.0 and next week they won't be able to open, save and print. Teach them how each program has open, save and print and they can do anything...

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