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Cinelerra on Debian is running!

Today is an interesting day. I found out from my client that they didn't mail my check until Wed. We had a deal, or so I thought about my check being sent within a week. At any rate, I would be upset except that I got Cinelerra running last night.

There was some minor source building but a few debs were available. I placed the mpg I made of Dmitry Sklyarov in Cinelerra and had to do some preference tweak but other than that it worked fine. I need to now hackaway at what options and commands I have available -- in other words, learn Cinelerra to finish the documentary.

I could resubmit to MacArthur Foundation but the documentary team wants to do it on MAC OSX. Aaron suggested MAC. I wonder if he used that for his HAXXXOR film? I hadn't seen him the last time he came home because of scheduling. He's in England now. I wonder if/when he'll be coming back in... He told me he's got a second one he's working on. He keeps busy. I was going to pitch my idea of LINUXXX to him. Since I do write training content. Haha. Of course, content would be the only interest I would have in the project.

; )

At any rate, I do have Cinelerra and I'll move from there. I deal in different video content than he does! But it's nice to have a friend to talk technique with. Funny how it turned out that way. We were both in C++ together in the late 90s.

I'm tired of being called by Marcia. I grew up in the ways of my Greek and my Japanese heritage. I am not ashamed of being Asian and I'm tired of being called Marcia. That name sucks. As a child I was called Kaoru-chan. That is who I am. Not, Marcia. Some of friends and family call me Kaoru, so, I now am reverting to my name Kaoru.

The other day I got a MuVo. I didn't even know if it would work. But it did and it rocks. All I did was load the usb modules and it worked.

These corps are writing drivers? For what reason?

Title of upcoming white paper: If you use Windows, you could be wasting your time.. Got a JVC digital camcorder. That rocks too.

Almost done with the book. It's not as technical as *I* wanted, but the audience can't handle that...? Whatever, at least I got paid so I can get some toys.

Taking courses at ASU in GIT. The one teacher is ignorant. She actually told the students that nothing can open or save a *.psd file. So in my next project, I proved her wrong. At least I didn't humiliate her in class... but I don't think she's too happy about that. Having problems with that teacher. It's just a deficiency course in image capture but she doesn't know much and tries to hide it. When asked the difference between two applications, her response was that major corporations use one and the other was not used widely. This was not only unacceptable but incorrect as one application predated the other. We were talking about features. Then there is the requirement to use proprietary software. Where is this going?

Why should I be required to use proprietary software in order to acheive the same end that I could achieve using free software?

This course is not application specific, or at least it shouldn't be. Perhaps my thesis can be about the detrimental nature of application specific courses. Teach them W.P. 5.0 and next week they won't be able to open, save and print. Teach them how each program has open, save and print and they can do anything...

Work on the distro is coming along but slowly. I got frustrated with the installer so I said, why install. A lot of people complain about installs so, why not just bypass the entire operation or so it will seem.

There's no reason the installation process should be a different experience than any other activity on the computer. When the user puts in the disk to install, they can already be in the system and then go ahead and install as if they were just simply install it as if they are just adding new software to an already existent system.

Now, watch, they won't be able to beeotch about the install but now here comes the complaints about configuration. So working on that now.

This was an interesting week.

I did a parody about 10 quick steps. We were making fun of these "docs" just the other day, when one of the techies thought he would buy it out of curiosity. We thought it was too funny, so I made a parody of it based on the site and the content of the manual. This was the cheesiest thing I have ever laid eyes upon.

The fact of the matter was, I didn't read it, but I glanced it over. I saw that the guide/manual/rip off contained information that may be good but, I didn't agree with it. At any rate, this information is free online. The thing cost 10 dollars.

Well, I received a takedown notice (DMCA), even though my isp is in Canada and I did a parody. Granted, perhaps there was a little foolishness in my fun poking, however, reporting me to the DMCA agent, that's unnecessary.

This guy, David Lawrence calls me and leaves a voice mail. I was on gain, so I IM'd him to tell him I got his call. He told me to call. I invited him to IRC, but he declined, so I called him.

He was very egotistical, in my opinion and he was very inexperienced in copyright law in his one sided view of the world, my opinion again. He tried to get me to talk about objectivism, socialism, I am more into individualism.

At any rate, he and his audience knew nothing of free software. So, I tried to enlighten them. I heard from my bud and coworker, Josh, that one listener said they didn't get that Marcia lady. Why does she have a donation thing on her site. The morons. They cannot divide. They cannot understand that free had more than one meaning.

I try to explain it, but they can't seem to get it. All in all, yeah, I was slammed and ripped apart by this guy.

But the next day, i saw the dmca notice and it was invalid.

So I posted that. He flamed me. Get over it!

The great thing is I got an email about my documentary series. They are actually looking at it and may consider it. IT's in the low 6 figs. The series includes 4 documentaries... One on copyright, one on trademark, one on censorware and one on privacy.

This is great. I have a few great consultants on board here and this is going to rock. I have an interested filmmaker and I am ready to do this.


I hope they approve it and pass me the check.

Marcia WIlbur ---> producer of the Information Society series.

Started writing GNU/Linux book for training to be used in Australia/netherlands, Belgium and US.

All the base info ...bad. It was horrible.

The company is going to let me use Deb on the desktop and laptop. Got it installed and running, just need to tweek config2.2 file

All my screenshots are going to be in Debian. Getting the network going so I can do the work in Deb and not have to floppy back and forth.

And I'm getting paid too...OMG finally, the day has arrived.

also found good installer kit...my distro (Penguinicity GNU OS featuring the Linux kernel) is almost ready for the market.

Tonight I instant messaged about 1000 people on KaZaa and Grokster. Being out of work gives me some free time for fun projects like this... but I still need a job or money..sigh.

This is a counter measure to the RIAA instant messages informing users they are committing an "illegal" act.

And while I think IM "spamming" is rude, this message thanks users for sharing and informs users about the misleading comments made by the RIAA with regards to the sharing of music.

Text of the IM:

Thank you for sharing!

Audio Home Recording Act, AHRA, enables users to copy more than first copies as long as it is non commercial.

Thank you for offering music to others. Distributing music or downloading music, even copyrighted music is LEGAL, according to the AHRA. We are not lawyers, however, if you read the AHRA, go to the article at Duke University and investigate you too will realize the RIAA misled you with their copyright warning.

At the furthest stretch, if encryption was circumvented on a copyrighted material, then trafficking in that would be illegal, however, that is usually NOT the case with music.


Center for Electronic Law - http://www.electroniclaw.org


I like that. GOSFEST could be the conference for the

GNU O/S Fre(e)Software users

GOSFES is like the gospel of St. Ignucius!

I love it.

The DMCA toilet paper arrived yesterday.

The sound and everything is back in tip top shape. Xawtv needs to be hacked to stop the default muting.

Cd Burner running and set.

ready to roll.

18 Sep 2001 (updated 18 Sep 2001 at 04:07 UTC) »

How I digitized DMITRY SKLYAROV's AUGUST 29, 2001 speech on a free box using free software for less than 700 dollars.

(dmcasucks.org - link to Ed Hintz's site... he was kind enough to post)

by aicra


sharp hi 8 camcorder VLE600
Audio/video output jack in the back already.

wintv card (not firewire or USB)- Used drivers for the main chip which supports many cards - GPL'd
BT848 driver supports a lot of cards

wintv card comes with s-vhs to composite converter
For better audio, ensonic pci audio using the es1371 driver which is also GPL'd.

Since the camcorder is mono, and the sound card doesn't have rca jacks got two converters - one y adapter to monoaudio from camera and an rca to 1/8 inch phono for stereo input to have identical channels.from radio shack.

Debian unstable -sid kernel 2.4.9
AMD Duron 750, 128 MB ram which is probably more than the minimum you need.

Case + mboard = $149
Duron = $59.99
Ram = $24.00
TV card (NOT usb nor firewire)= $99
Sound card = $39.99
20 gig drive = $49.99

Camcorder = $239
Radio Shack adapters = $6

So if you have nothing at all, you can do it for about $700 dollars.

These are more than the minimum requirements for getting the job done, so you could probably do it for less.

compiled ffmpeg - standard compilation
3 steps (standard) ./configure
make install

Used xawtv (GPL)for the settings...controlling the tv card
changed television to composite 1
CLOSE xawtv before running ffmpeg

open an xterm and type the settings for ffmpeg to capture directly to mpeg.

i.e. ffmpeg -r 12 -b 1024 -ar 44100 -ab 192 -s 384x288 out.mpg

12 = frames per second
1024 = quality of frames
44100 = samples per second
192 = quality of samples
384x288 = size
out.mpg = filename

5 Sep 2001 (updated 18 Sep 2001 at 04:03 UTC) »

1. Have footage of night in San Fran: Dmitry, Lessig, Stallman speaking

2. Have exclusive footage of Stallman, Marti, Kuhn

3. Have footage of Perens and Stallman together at the Courthouse

4. Have compeletely free Gnu/Linux/Debian box

5. Have adapters

Need to transfer data sucessfully from the camera to the box/edit and will be done.

Totally agree with Stallman that if Adobe is sincere, they will pay for Dmitry's defense...

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