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13 May 2002 (updated 13 May 2002 at 03:01 UTC) »

You're right gman I have no clue what I'm doing, but it is lots of fun getting it to work. I'm sure a real hacker could of fixed this in an hour but its been a great learning experience for me and also inspiring.
Well if you haven't guessed by now I've been trying to get the help menu working in gnome-games for the past week. I got frustrated after enabling all the OMF docs (and breaking the build :() that the menu items weren't working. It seemed that no one was really doing it so I started trying to do it myself as it seemed like a basic cut and paste job.
So I've learnt that coding is never just cut and paste, you also need to have some idea what you're doing. Well I think I'll stick to docs for now, but this was enough fun to make me want to do some more, so I'll try to work at finding easy stuff to do and learn from.

Hmm I guess I dont frequent this site very often... Lately I've been working on a complete rewrite of the GnuCash Users guide and testing out some of the new stuff going into CVS.
Real World Work
This has been in the toilet since the beginning of the year. The company I work for has been going through a slow death spiral, victim of bad management and a tight investor climate. More at 10
Real Life
This fortunately has been going wonderfully lately. I had a brilliant trip to the home of Meher Baba (my spiritual master) at the end of jan. My relationship with my wife is getting stronger and stronger I love her more each day.
Been getting into Ozzy Osbourne recently. I picked up his new album before all the hoopla surrounding his TV show started and found I loved it, so I've been buying some older albums, Black Sabbath and the like to listen to and really liking it. Great stuff
That all folks!

Woah, its been a big long time since I wrote here. I've been really busy with getting settled in at my new job. It is really a lot of fun, I am responsible for a bunch of sun boxes and linux boxes and keeping the network as a whole running smoothly. I'm now looking for an old sun box to play around with at home. On the Docs front, I've been working on docs for gnucash 1.6, they are due to release it on the 10th so not much time left. I may start reviewing the gnome-user-docs after this. We had a great meeting today at the LUG, Alexander Guy (who incidentally is one of the primary developers of 'Familiar' a linux based O/S for the Ipaq) gave a presentation on IPv6. It was VERY interesting. seems like it will make a lot of things better for networking and also make some things (like natting) obselete. Imagine having your own Personal Area Network on the devices you carry around with you like watch, cellphone, PDA, etc. Finally I purchased a Creative Nomad Jukebox, a MP3 player with a 6GB laptop HD its pretty cool, fits my whole CD collection easily on it and is so much more portable than carrying around a bunch of CD's. I'm going to be using it to listen to music while I cycle to work each day.

Well been a while since I added anything, quite a lot has been going on. I quit my job as I've been offered one closer to home for more money (yaa). I'm looking forward particularly to cycling to work each day again as I haven't been able to do this the past 4 years at my old job. I added another 9GB SCSI disk to my box and played around with RH 7.1 and Ximian-Gnome 1.4. I dont think I'll keep Ximian as I really want to keep up with the gpp packages and not deal with conflicts with Ximian stuff. Who knows maybe I'll even try to make gpp builds of Evolution. My perl coding efforts are coming along slowly. A friend from the SCLUG showed me some things to get to the next stage of it. I also put together an RPM of Gnucash 1.4.12 for RH 6.2 which got put onto the Gnucash ftp site. Next fun thing is to go bug hunting in Gnucash 1.5.95 I'm really looking forward to the 1.60 release.

I finally committed my updates to gbuild to the GNOME CVS tonight. This will mean gbuild will be able to be built as a rpm, it now has all the files it needs and I also added a spec file to it. What fun! Have begun my perl version of gbuild. I'm thinking now that it would be cool to add functionality to it so that you could push the results of the build to a website and have it ftp the tarball & rpm's to the site as well. This would make it a nice tool for the casual project helper to do builds of cvs and publish the results of those builds. The autospec builder perl script could use some work to. It makes a VERY rough spec file. I should also add a switch so that it will build from tarballs and not grab cvs. Managed to figure out (with help from the developers of gnucash) why gnucash 1.4.12 wasn't building on RH 6.2. I'm going to try to build rpms for them this week for this version so now that it will actually build successfully should be a piece of cake.

Hmmm strange. I always dunno how to take it when someone totally unknown to me does something nice. MikeGTN certed me as a journeyer (thanks!) and even though I feel undeserving I still appreciate it. I'm having kinda a wierd day today. Didnt really feel like working on anything tonight so I just played Tribes 2 for a while. I really need to think of a way I can incorporate more perl programming time into my workday. It would help my skills a lot. If only I could get people to leave me alone for long enough to do some! Decided that I am going to work on improving gbuild. If I can get it to the state where it would be useful for the GPP that would be cool. I still have some work to do on the GNOME Users Guide. Had some good comments on updates to it that I put aside before I went on vacation and I haven't got back to it yet.

2 May 2001 (updated 3 May 2001 at 05:53 UTC) »

Not much to tell today, gleblanc let me add the GNOME Packaging Project to advogato so I can list I'm working on it now to. This is looking to be a fun project to work on with lots of discussion already on the mailing list. Think its a great idea on his part in beginning it and hopefully it will turn out to please both developers and users of GNOME

Wow thanks Telsa for certifying me! Today I'm not having a lot of fun, spent 4 hours this afternoon interviewing for a job and have a cold thats making me miserable. Fortunately I had a great vacation last week skiing so that sorta makes up for it. Now that I have finally gotten around to adding myself in here it will be real interesting to see if I keep up the diary.

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