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Looking for a good web-based mial client that (here's the biggie) works with multiple unix mailboxes. Just plain, lcoal, raw text mbox's in a folder. Not imap, not pop3, not 1 giant mail spool. Does it exist? I currently pop my mail to home & then filter it with procmail, I want to keep my mailboxes consistent, sometimes ssh-ing in to use mutt hust isn't feasable. No, neomail doesn't do what I want. if you know of a program which scratches this itch, let me know. Leave for LWE monday! YEAH!

Hey all. Haven't put up a diary entry in a few days. Work sucks and I hate it. I hate a stupid undefined spec that changes everytime I finish the code, so the code is never "on time". I hate having my development box changed 4 times. 3 different architecture. This internship ahs taught me where I don't want to work. It's over soon. LWE next week! Excited! My box works. Ended up shelling out $110 (total including admission to a local computer show, every store's supply was out, so I had to go) for an ABIT V?6. Don't care. My computer works. Anyone need a dying bp6? Not openign my PC for a while. Did anyone find the math tricks useful? Lot of people downloaded drsh, one person liked it, wrote to me, found some bugs, some his fault, some mine. I need some help with the build process mostly. Did anyoen find the mental math tricks useful? or were they unintelligible? I've been going out blading a lot with friends, which is good. I actually have friends who live in the area. I've got a cool spell-checking patch for gaim, but it causes the buttons in the main window to lose focus, you need to click twice to use them after you've popped up a menu. Opposite of my original problem. If you've got any idea or want to see the pacth, contact me. TMBG concert in prospect park the day after I get back from LWE. COOL! Still sore from blading yesterday, I'm so happy that I'm blading so much. Wore out my brake for the first time ever, I've been blading for 5 years now. I'm *pissed*, the brake that came with the blades was rubber-ish. The replacement is hard-ish plastic and makes the loudest screeching noise you've ever heard. Anyone know where I can find the rubbery replacement brakes? they're rollerblade standard/abt-lite brake. More later.

I'm so pissed about work. I was not hired to work on a stupid foxpro app that no-one knows anythign about or will tell me about. I was taken off a project I was havign fun with to go back to wokring on this stupdi thing that's going nowhere. I have no idea what I'm doing. I was hired for linux/perl/C. GRR! if you have any tips on migrating a foxpro app to a mysql backend, email me

just got paid, $1000 is all mine, the res tof my pay for the summer is going into the bank. Wondering what to buy.

More fun mental math. Averaging! Take the numbers 20, 30, 28, 25, 24. Average them. Here's how you do it. Take the low number, 20, now bring everything down to 20, whatever you subtract to get down to 20, add to "the pot". 20,30->20 (10),28->20(18),25->20(24), 24->20(28). So now you've got 5 20's and a pot of 28, divide the pot by 5 and add it to 20, the average is roughly 24, closer to 23.5 . You can do this for wider ranges too. If 14 was in the mix, I'd still pick 20 as the base, because i know I have enough to bring up 14. When I'm brining down 30, I'll redirect 6 to bring up 14 and only add 4 to the pot. Is this making sense?

GRR! i was so happy working on this restricted shell I was writing at work. It was fun, it was C, I could do it. Now I'm being forced to work on getting a stupid foxpro appliation to talk to a SQL server

I was talking to a girl I'm in love with yesterday, i was telling her how lonely I was, she was telling me how lonely she is. [What's the problem? I have no idea] Yes, she's well aware I like her, and she's turned me down repeatedly.

Have i mentioned I hate foxpro? I have no docs other than the online help shit. They were written by a sadistic idiot. The most unreadable crap ever passed off as docs. Screw MS.

Got an article published in Linux Journal yesterday. Family was happy. We went to BBQ's in the village [NYC] to celebrate. The village has an intoxicating effect on my parents. The Village has been getting odder as i grow up. It's always been bizarre, but the cultureclash makes my head hurt. Preppies vs. Goth. GAP vs. Righteous Sex.

Let's all learn howto calculate percent in out head. Let's do 15% of $58. Here's how you do it quickly. Take 10% of 58, 5.80, now 1/2 of that is 5%==2.90. Now add them! 8.70. 13%? do it roughly, 5.80 is 10%, a third of that, hmm, a third of 6 is 2, so we'll say 1.95+5.80=7.75!

More fun math tricks later. Did I mention I hate foxpro? Upgraded to debian unstable for 2.4, and now my system is unstable, what a rush! more later.

Just finished packaging up a restricted shell. It's based on something I found called kshell. I'll fork it if the author is ok with it or doesn't get back to me. Anyway, i need people to test it and make sure the docs are coherent.

You can pick it up here

Email me with problems/questions/comments/flames/patches

Oh right, if someone could make the build process better, that would be very cool.

Wow, I read this incredibly stupid piece on osopinion, this kid ranting abotu how wonderful linux is for the desktop, how it's ready for primetime, how it's so c001 because it runs on all sort of hardware, we don't need office. Idiot. I love linux, I use it as my primary desktop, but i still need a windows box for ms office, some games, SAT prep software, decent video playback and other stuff. This all to someone who's seasoned. Linux is *NOT* ready for primetime on my grandmother's computer as the saying goes.

I tried caldera's linux technology preview yestetday, installer was great, found everything, even a usb mouse and my ATI card, which I don't even know the chispet of. Working verions of kde, koffice & konqueror, all which look very cool. Still unstable. I will put koffice on my main box soon.

Article by me published in linux journal today, I'm very happy, need to write for them more often

Win4lin is cool, it does it's job, it's fast. Too bad they ahven't fixed the X4 problems yet.

HTML::Template is cool

Played the Descent 3 demo yesterday, made me nauseous, but it worked with libGL from X4, which is cool, hardware rendering is definitley working on my g400.

More to say later. Still trying to scrounge up a laptop, if you can help, please email me

This week i lost a $15 metrocard and bent a metrocard with like $9 on it so badly I need to mail it back to the MTA, sucks.

I couldn't sleep last night. So I came up with lots of interesting things to say, and then i forgot them all

Saw fight club, didn't like it, disturbing, hated the blood, didn't think the irony was that great

my new bp6 is working out well. ata66 on my nice IBM harddrive works, I got DRI to work! DRI! with my g400! DRI! I'm very happy. Now I can take out my v2 and put it in my windows box. Take out the v1 and give it to a friend

I'm really happy with my system reinstall, it went really well. i upgraded to 2.4 for dri/ata66/SoundInKernel, and then networking broke, nothing could do reverse dns lookups. I upgraded to unstable, and eveyrthing was fine, except all my gtk apps segfaulted. I killed all my packages from helixcode and installed the debian gtk/gnome stuff, and it works now.

I'm almost tempted to try KDE 2/koffice, it looks very cool

Started working on "You Might Be A Geek", partly an excercise in HTML::Template and DBI::Mysql. it will be a site where people can post "you might be a geek"... (ala Jeff Foxworthy). Then they get voted into a master listing by the community, as well as ranked. It sounds like a cool idea in my head. Need some graphics/design work though, I'm not a webpage designer. I do backend!

Still looking for a pentium-ish laptop. i really want something I can do mobile hacking on and take to LWE. Don't need a cdrom, or a network card. I'll buy a network card if I can actually scrounge up a laptop. if you can help me out, email me please. All for now, i promise there will be more later. One thing, I like the online journal, but keep hoping for feedback.

Oh right, 2 other things, mail server at school went down, it's not my baby, and I have no idea howto fix it. Considering installing an MTA on the shell server so at least people can send mail. Got an SS10, one with a framebuffer card. I don't have the root word. If I pull out & plug in the keyboard while it's on, i get a funky shell, but have no idea howto use it. It's got 32MB of ram, and 1 proc, people are telling me I shouldn't install any version of solaris on it. If you've got any ideas, let me know.

Hacking on a gnome/gtk app at the moment (why gnome? I didn't want to depend on gnome, but, GnomeCanvas rocks)

Having trouble, can't seem to fgure out why a buffer canvas isn't being displayed right. I can't get on IRC from work. If you feel like giving me a hand, the code is here for a hbox version and here for a verison that uses a gtk-table. you'll also need this header.

no makefile yet, compile it with gcc <file> `gnome-config -- libs --cflags gtk glib gnome gnomeui libart` -DSHARP

if you decide to give me a hand, email me. My main mail account is down until my computer gets a motherboard.

GRR! This is really pissing me off. I burnt all my mp3 CDs with rock ridge extensions, and I didn't include joilet. Windows 98, 98SE, NT4, and in all probability DON'T support rock ridge, I get everything in 8.3 broken format. I need to reburn all my mp3 cds when my computer has innards again. I have satrted burning all my CDs with rock ridge & joilet

Is it a bad thing that the thermal pad on the heatsink/fan that came with my celeron is now permanently bonded to the chip?

Starting to enjoy these diary entries, only my second one. I'm afraid to hack on projects at work, but I have nothing better to do. Working on an ugly gnome clock, it's fun. I also need to start work on the backend to a dating service for my school, if I ever want to get it off the ground.

LWE is in a few weeks, I really want a laptop, I can't justify dropping 1.5-2 grand on a laptop. I've been trying to scorunge up a pentium laptop with a CD lately, with no luck. Hey, if you've got a laptop you're willing to sell or donate, please contact me. I need to be able to do some mobile hacking.

Gah, ripped the mobo out of my linux box last night. had to deal with a windows box. No mail. Pissing me off. i woke up, sat down at my desk, and stared at all the cards and chips and memory on my desk. My case just has the HD's and CDROMs in it now. BP6!. I can't wait. Getting it today, install it tomorrow, hopefully 2.4 will like it more. I'm only putting my IBM 20G HD on the ata66 channel, everythign else is going on the ata33 channels.

Right, my dad told me to put all the cards on aluminum foil when I asked him about a static free surface. Something inside me says "BAD!". But my dad's a hacker from the atari days. He's a hacker. Digital logic, eproms, asemmbler, squeezing everything into tiny spaces, cool shit. He did amazing stuff on the atari, all vision training. 3D, random dot stereograms, and some stuff involving the vertical blanking that I don't fully understand. So I'll trust him, he's still better with ahrdware than I am. I jsut don't like the idea of cards on metal, dunno why.

Time to go code pixels!

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