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Sorta... a bit of life seeped in this week. The company party on friday as really good. Definetly some times to remember. All I can say is "Stoned Wheat Thins". Those of you with us that night, you will know what I mean. :)


Almost done the first phase of coding, which includes craming all of the needed widgets all at once. I just have Tables left to do, which is almost done.

Next will be to clean it up, and add methods to actually manipulate and get data from the widgets.


Its almost here. Only 5 more days. Things seem to be falling into place. The only thing that is scary are getting the CD build scripts and the boot disk done. Oh yeah, and the final configuration section of the install. I'm suppose to do that too. hrm... Will give update on that on the weekend.

Finished the hscale and vscale widgets. Just have the combobox and table widgets left todo. Then massive tweaking and bug fixing! Will try to get these done by midnight Sunday if possible.


It has finally arrived! FRIDAY! But this friday is especially juicy, because its the quarterly company, lets get out, be drunk and forget work for a while friday. We each get three drink tickets, but if you play it right, you invite people who don't really show up and take their tickets so you can drink even more! :)

So I don't think I will be writting code tonight...

Crazy Stuff!

I am leaving for Japan in just under two weeks for Linux World Expo. And I just found out that alot of the streets in Tokyo are not marked! And on top of that, the buildings are not sequentially numbered!!! Supposedly even the locals have troubles finding their way. Makes you respect your local postman just all that much more!

So I decided that if I do get lost, I can always ask...

Biru wa doko desu ka?

.. and I should end up at a happy place...somewhere...


Added the toggle button, frame widget, and half of the hscale widget today. Seems I'm ahead of my originally planned schedule. I scratched off tooltips and status bar for this release. So only 3 1/2 widgets left to go, combobox, tables, vscale and half of hscale.

I now Realize...

  • ...that sness REALLY does play too much nethack! Well maybe not, I guess you can't really play too much. Kinda like grasping infinity...

  • ...having a good power is worth the money and effort. At work today, there was power out for about 40-50ms'. The monitor turned off, but the computer stayed on. This was of course after I just switched my power supply. The storm that flew over us the other day actually caused a similar incident, and my system rebooted... :-/

  • ...trying to come up with diary info is getting harder... need a dose of life maybe? No, may get addicted. must code...
  • CTK

    Started and finished ProgressBar widget tonight. Only 8 more widgets to go. Table, combobox, hscale, vscale, frame, togglebutton, tooltips, and statusbar are left.


    Deadline is now 13 days away. And I'm suppose to goto tokyo right after for Linux World in Japan. Have you eaten your box of wheaties today?


    Still nothing really intelligent to say, except "pea soup", "Eat lots of salmon", and "may your power supply not make grindy type noises..."

    Started Option Menu today. It is easier than was expected. Almost have it drawn, then just have to add mouse and key support to it. Next will tackle combo boxes.

    Brain Food!

    Eat lots of fish! Especially salmon. good brain food. Have been eating alot of Sake Nigiri and maki.

    Sake o kudasai?


    Thats my pizza! Check it out at http://www.foodpix.net. Its latest guest pix...


    Other than the above, my day was quite normal. It was actually a slow monday. Got more coding this monday than most.

    Notebooks are done. 14 widgets are now implemented. 12 more to go. And I wanted to finish them all by the 1st. Thats almost 2 widgets per day. Will it happen? Or should I ask, "Do I need to sleep?"


    Still no pulse. Will try again in 3 weeks...

    Started working on the Notebook widget. Coming along alright, just getting it to size it's pages properly. It draws on the screen now. Next to add mouse and keyboard bindings to it.

    After notebook is the Option Menu. After that most of difficult widgets will have been done, and I can do some of the easier stuff such as Scales, and separators. Also frames. Ugh, forgot about tables.


    It has been quite weekend. Getting some good sleep, but got alot of work done as well. Bought some groceries today. There was alot of bad drivers out there today!!!

    Coding and listening to digially imported seems to have helped alot.


    "If you cannot hit the ground running, you might as well hit the road!" - John Weismiller (Storm Linux Developer)

    CLists are coming along, but had to spend sometime adjusting how signals were dealt with. Realized that GTK didn't have a function to get the currently selected row and column from a CList. Which led me to research how you actually did get the necessary data. You have to call a function which sends a signal to the CList which then calls a user defined call back function in which the row and column are sent as arguments. My signals were always sending the same data to all call backs. So I implemented an event specific method for calling functions, which is in turn provides the exact same functionality as GTK.

    Also fixed the box minumum size bug, which was a nice relief to get that done.


    Slept in today until noon. It was nice to catch up on some sleep. Coded for a few hours, went for dinner and a movie, now coding again.

    ...Only 19 more days until all hell breaks loo... er the deadline.


    I can almost remember what one of those use to feel like.


    CTK! Fixed the showing of Scrollable Windows inside Scrollable Windows. CList widgets are about have done. Just found a bug in ctksize.c. The minimum size recursive function isn't getting the real minimum size. >:-/

    Gonna fix the bug and finish up CLists... Then onto the next widget...


    Beer is done. It seems drinkable... Much better than the last batch.

    One more week until the big party!!! Need that party!!!

    Stress is wonderful. Hug it until you cannot tell that you are stressed anymore. Then make odd diary posts on advogato.


    Still realizing that mondays are the busiest day of the week. Just because they are. Way too many things to do after a weekend. But I did get some coding done near the end of the day so it was good. :)


    Finished up the SpinButton widget for CTK. Now working on the CList widget. Seems to be going well so far. Found a bug when you have a scrolled window inside a scrolled window.

    2 weeks max left to finish CTK so that it can be implemented into SAT before the arranged deadline.


    Are evil. But without them you couldn't experience great crunch time adventures, in which I am sure I will have many to talk about in about 3 weeks...

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