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Well, long since the last update, that must be because there's nothing much new in my "computer" life : freshrpms.net is still being updated all the time, but I haven't got much time to start anything new.

On a personal level, I've moved to Spain and I've been living there for two months now, the first one with my new girlfriend but she's gone back to France for the rest of the summer after...

Major updates successful :-)

Again, building my own RPMs out of everything useful that had never been built for Red Hat 7... and people seem to find it useful (this was one of my initial goals!).
So my website has now moved to : http://freshrpms.net/

Also, on a more personal level, I'll be moving to Spain in a month... maybe forever! Talk about a change :-) I'm going to work in Barcelona, right beside the sea!
(yeah, I've been living in France all my life up to now!)

New RedHat 7 RPMS website

Well, I've done it! At last my first real, useful php/pgsql website has been up and running for three days now and my statistics for visits are literraly exploding!

Just about one month after the static version, http://redhat.aldil.org/ has become much easier to use, to browse... in one word : "better" :-)

I've had an article on linuxfr.org/ (here) about this website and many very nice comments since, which makes me want to continue even more!

Here I go ;-)


Well... nothing much lately, still up to putting into RPMs just about anything that hasn't already been put into that format (I still haven't been able to fit a cat into one though :-). Many new and updated RedHat 7.0 packages have appeared since my last diary entry. The detail is on http://redhat.aldil.org/ as usual.

Oh, and tomorrow I'm leaving for Hong-Kong (you can't go any further when you're from France, it's on the other side of the planet!) where I'll be installing Linux servers and a 3Com RAS... the whole week! I'll also be having a second new year's day :-) I just can't wait!


Okay, here it is, finally! My dream has come true... and I will stop flooding this page with my RPM updates since they've now got their own brand new page :


Apart from that, I spent a cool new year with all my friends, 4 days away from the internet... so many new RPMs were made ;-) : avifile, iplog, xine etc. It's also been almost 3 weeks away from my girlfriend... I just can't wait until tomorrow!
I also noticed I've become an apprentice during the last few days, cool :-)
Happy new year everyone!


Today, I was feeling awful, sick as a dog...
I did go to work, and built some other RPMS : phpmyadmin and a hacked version of RedHat 7.0's initscript to handle the neat Linux Progress Patch that displays a nice frame-buffered graphical screen instead of the good old kernel messages and init scripts output. This thing is really fun and now all you need is get the Linux 2.2.18 source, patch the beast, upgrade the initscripts RPM and there you go :-)

I also spent a fairly long time trying to install a RedHat 7.0 server with an Adaptec 2100S RAID card... the i2o drivers for that thing only exist for 6.1and 6.2 on Adaptec's site! Luckily, I got in touch with a guy that had the same problem and he sent me the binary drivers for 2.2.16-20 some other guy from Adaptec had given him... why the heck don't they put them on their website? Dunno...

OK, now I'm going to get some sleep... aaargh my throat hurts :-(

One whole day!

OK, Christmas is over... I survived thanks to my laptop, but I did manage to spend a whole day without touching it! My entire family was stunned... needless to say this hadn't happend since this summer :-)
Of course, Santa had brought me the Silver Champion Lego Technic car, which explains I was able to let go of my computer... and yes, I'm still a child when it comes to Christmas and Lego at the same time... my parents love it! ;-)

I also had fun messing up with ircd and eggdrops, which ended in the creation of two new RedHat 7.0 RPMs. The ircd is chrooted, and the eggrop RPM is meant to be able tu run many bots by just having a config file and using the same binary/libraries/scripts.

Merry Christmas!

Well, updated a few RPMs, finished what I had going with the RIPE and started messing around with BGP4 (yes, it's dangerous, I know that ;-)

I'm going to see my family this evening, and I won't get back until tuesday evening! I'll survive, I've got a laptop :-) I loaded it with lots of things I wanted to test/read since a long time ago, too!

Well, until then, merry christmas to all you geeks out there!

21 Dec 2000 (updated 21 Dec 2000 at 17:44 UTC) »
Custom RedHat 7 update

So, for today... I've started stting up multihoming with BGP4 (real fun!) and reverse delegation with the RIPE (real pain).

I've also spent most of the day updating the custom RedHat 7.0 distro I've made here at work. The official glibc and gcc updates were included, and I tweaked the install and a few RPMs too, mostly for fun :-)

I went on IRC today for the first time in months... It was really a drug at one time, but I think I'm over it now ;-)

Routing and more RPMS

Well, I've spent the whole day preparing the change of a whole /24 IP class to a new one... I'll be really happy when I'll be finished!

I'va also built another RPM for RedHat 7.0 of the neat OpenGL game Tuxracer. The original site still didn't have any RPMs, so I built my own as usual :-)
I don't understand why, but the game works fine on my home PC (GeForce 2 MX with NVidia official binary drivers) but on my work PC, eveything seems fine until the race starts and the display gets too bright, almost white... (ATI Rage 128 with agpgart and XFree4 DRI) go figure!

Right now, I'm going shopping to go get a Christmas present for my dad, and maybe another one for my beloved girlfriend ;-) I still can't figure out how I can still have a life with all the work I'm doing... I suppose that's part of the "Geek power" some of "us" (computer freaks) have ;-p

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