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Fed up with meetups

I went to a tech meetup the other night, an introductory session about a technology I’m interested in using. It was advertised for 6pm, so I arrived at 5:59, and found a note on the door saying it was starting at 6:30. I wasted half an hour wandering around and went back, to find a bunch of people standing around drinking beer. I didn’t know any of them, I was cranky about having shovelled in an early dinner and hauled ass into the city to be on time when it wasn’t necessary, and I don’t drink beer, so instead of socialising I decided to just grab a seat and mess around on my phone. The seats were epically uncomfortable. I looked around and saw a couple of nicer seats, so I moved to one of those. Better. I checked my email and read some of my RSS feeds.

The event organiser — friendly guy, and good on him for being sociable, I’m not complaining about that — came over and asked where I was from. I was momentarily discombobulated. Melbourne? Thornbury? I’ve just come all the way from Thornbury to be here. What did he want to know? I looked confused, and he rephrased: where did I work? Oh. I told him about Growstuff, and why I was interested in the technology the meetup was about. We chatted for a minute and he moved on.

The first talk was interesting, I guess, though I found it hard to enjoy because I’d been kicked off my comfy seat by someone who “owned” it — he worked at the company hosting the meetup and had brought his desk chair to sit in — and I was in one of the back-breaking plastic monstrosities they’d set out for the group. The talk seemed to mostly be a tour of one of the basic examples/tutorials for the technology in question, but with added commentary/advice/thoughts from someone who really knew his way around it. That was good. But was it good enough to make up for the pain and crankiness and general unpleasantness? I had a headache coming on. I took out my knitting, which at least is soothing and lets me listen without otherwise fidgeting. It helped a bit.

After the first talk there was a break, with pizza. They hadn’t advertised the pizza or mentioned it in the meetup announcement. Had I known, I wouldn’t have rushed to eat something before 6pm, and now I wasn’t hungry. There was still nothing to drink except for beer. Everyone was standing around chatting and they were all cooler and trendier and smarter than me and I wanted to cry.

I went home early.

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An interesting documentary

A couple of weeks ago I was reading an article about Israeli politics and found myself turning to Wikipedia to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge. Approximately 200 Firefox tabs later I found myself watching orthodox Jewish women’s headscarf howtos on Youtube, learning about Third Order Franciscan monks and nuns, and — eventually — watching documentaries about Anabaptist sects in North America.

This is one of the most interesting I found: