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28 Feb 2005 (updated 4 Mar 2005 at 18:24 UTC) »

As usual, the FOSDEM has been great and very interesting.

It has been a good opportunity to finally put some faces on names or nicknames. :)

The saturday afternoon I hang out around the Hurd developers' room and listen to the talks of Neal Walfield and Marcus Brinkmann which were both way beyond my understanding, but, nevertheless, it was interesting to see some problems and solutions that one can encounter while working on the Hurd.

I also went to see the Free Software Award that has been given this year to Theo de Raadt.

On Sunday, I unfortunately missed both Hurd conferences in the Debian developers' room. :(

I went to see Alan Cox talking on how to get a stable (Linux) kernel. It was quite general and thus accessible to most of us I guess. Nothing really new, but an interesting point of view on how the linux kernel development works (or not) and what problems can arise when trying to keep a stable tree stable ;)

Then I attended the talks on Linux-HA and OpenGFS which were both interesting for my job.

The Linux-HA project seems already very useable (and I know it's being used ;) and some of the extensions of version 2 seem much interesting. I'm probably going to dig in more and maybe try to do some implementation at work. The GFS talk was also interesting, but the project doesn't sound as mature as the Linux-HA one. However, the idea behind it is very attractive, especially when one consider building something redundant over different sites. So, I guess I'll try to do some reading about it.

This edition of the FOSDEM ended on a talk on how to enforce the GPL by Harald Welte and I take the opportunity to advertise the website he made about those issues: http://www.gpl-violations.org/.

I now eagerly await the next year's edition. :)

Cool, I've seen some interest in my exim local_scan. Gives me some motivation to continue work on it...

Good to see that Advogato is back :)

I've also been playing around with Orkut and it's rather nice, although far from perfect...

More later...

Ode finally got a job! I'm so glad she eventually found something she likes and with a correct salary. She really deserves it...

Been fighting the enormous amount of traffic generated by mydoom and others...

What a waste of time and resources...

Well, not a lot of new things... I'm still trying to find a good way to build a dns blacklist...

After two weeks of vacations, it's time to get back to work... and also to update my diary :)

Time passes and life continues...

I've been playing with RBLDNSD lately. Looks cool. Maybe I'll try to deploy it.

Freeciv is pretty cool... and it does even work over IPv6 ;)

Also, today, I installed my first Debian on an iMac. It's always nice to learn to work with new archs. So, I'll now be able to build powerpc packages as well :)

Life isn't always on the sunny side...

18 Nov 2003 (updated 18 Nov 2003 at 23:23 UTC) »
Last week I wanted to play some old DOS games, so I installed dosemu but it didn't want to start the .exe files... I didn't look too much why it didn't work, for I found DOSBox which started my game directly. Unfortunately, it uses ALSA for the sound and ALSA doesn't work well on my computer... Oh well... I did spend quite some hours playing those old games anyway :)

I saw that the sender_host_address variable was accessible in the local_scan, so I thought that it would be better to use it by default rather than to use, although I'm not sure the DCC servers have a count for IP addresses as well...

I also made the main log entry a bit more verbose by adding the sender_host_name, the sender_host_address and the sender_address to make it easier to trace rejected mails.

I've built a Debian package for the dccproc tar.Z (thus containing only dccproc and dccifd, which is the only part I need for the moment). I also started to build packages for the office; but none are in production yet...


... enough for tonight ;)

Oh, I just saw that it was Damien's birthday. Happy Birthday Damien (and you're not old at 27 yet, believe me ;)

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