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14 Jan 2002 (updated 24 Oct 2002 at 17:43 UTC) »

Heh, I guess I kind of forgot about Advogato... Been busy with some work, as well as doing the site at: FunnyLogs.com. Please register.

Also, trying to do some 3D graphics, you can see it here...

I'll write some more, later... Almost 4am...

woah, long time no writing. I had a lot of changes in my life, including 3 months on Windows and lots of other things... Yesterday was our independence day... Had lots of fun. GNOME 1.4 was released a couple of days ago, and it owns... Can't think of much to say, other then its good to be back, and I'll write more.

2 Jan 2001 (updated 24 Nov 2001 at 15:25 UTC) »

OK, long time no write, and a bunch of news.

First, we're now 3 people in class (11th grade), with a PalmIIIc. Thats cool, but I miss my PalmV, it was so small and nice, and fitted in my hand nicely. Also, I'm the second person in school to have a MP3 player. Though the other one got some weird Korean thingy, and we were reading the docs, they are hilerious.
Anyhow, as you guessed, I hardly hacked all that week. Just fixed a couple of bugs in my sENCRet (a PalmOS app I wrote for a friend), and that was today, during school. (Thanks god for technology).
No 0.95 yet. Got a couple of more fixes from Bodnar42. No complaints from me - works like a charm, stable as a rock here. Somebody needs to shake jwise into releasing it already.
Pink Floyd
Found a site, with a really amazing interpretation of The Wall. Though my interpretation matched 90% of it, some of the added stuff I've seen there is really amazing. Pink Floyd's The Wall: A Complete Analysis

Hacked a bit on Walk500 - added a clist with categories and other stuff. So far, Walk500 is better then the Rio500 guy's utitility... Thats cool. I'm going to talk jwise into releasing 0.95 now - development on it has slowed down, and the icon themes/file transfer/multi-party chat seem to get only small fixes now... So we're pretty ready for a release. It will be one of our best releases so far.

Been busy with "real-life"(tm). Anyway, hacked a tiny bit on crescendo yesterday, going to hack a bit on Walk500 today. Gotta ask terral for permission to check-in stuff into the Crescendo CVS. hadess is just one more person to call me insane. Its good that he knows I'm insane so quickly. ;) Converted some of my Audio-CDs to MP3 for the Rio. I like it very much so far. And I'm still Palm-less :( It sucks. Big time. Anyway, off to hack.

Damn, couldn't really hack today :( School, plus hanging out, plus an exam tomorrow, plus lack of sleep yesterday. (I haven't slept for 37 hours now... Going to sleep soon)... Plus I gave my Rio to a friend... And Jeff submitted (gar) 2 more bugs to sf.n... Going to take a look at them later.

26 Nov 2000 (updated 26 Nov 2000 at 04:28 UTC) »

Been busy with real life... Been accompanaid by my new Rio500. The console rio_* utitilies got boring, and I found a nice program (though in its early stages) by hadess, hacked on it a bit... Will do more stuff. Its 5:30am, I couldn't really sleep, had a bunch of news and other real-life related bullshit on my head... Need to wake up at 7am. Cool stuff. The 1st of next month is the deadline of one of my projects, and I'm pretty sure it won't make it... Since I rarely see my computer lately. I bet my computer misses me. Or not. Life without a PDA sucks... I miss my PalmV, and can't wait to get my Prism working... I think thats it for now. Will give away more details as "life" (To quote Megadeth: Life? What do you mean life? I ain't got no life!) progresses.

OK, the multi-party chat rocks. Made a couple of remarks to Olivier... Closed some bugs... Nothing to see here, move along. Anyway, I think I'll buy a Prism here, not in the US... And return that broken Prism... A color screen is too falwky to live without warranty :( And I gotta buy a recharable battery for my Rio. I wanted to say something else, but I can't remember what ;)

OK, this thing seems to work... Thats cool. Got my Rio yesterday. Got my Prism. My prism's screen broke the first day :( That sucks HUGE time. At least I've got some music to listen to. Will rip all my Audio-CDs later...

WOAH, big news. Olivier sent me the first version of the multi-party chat. Ryan has been testing it already. This OWNZ THE GEGLS FIFTH CORN. Anyway, I'm getting my Prism today. I'm slipping on my deadline on another project. That sucks. Fixed some bugs in GnomeICU yesterday - got tired of paying projects. Spent the weekend on 2 parties in a row - was cool.

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