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hmm, lots of interesting hacking lately... First, 0.94.1 was the best release we had so far. With lots of bug fixes and stuff. Second, of the post-0.94.1 stuff I did, is the icon themes for gnomeicu, which allows you to change most of gnomeicu's icons. There are already 6 icon themes - Default, Eyeballs, MacOSX, Windows ICQ, Gradients, and PureEvil. Jeremy decided to change some of the icons in the default theme, but I don't care, since I use the gradients one. Other then that, I resumed my work on libgladifing gnomeicu, and added something like Windows ICQ's "detachable contacts", but its called "Shortcuts" in GnomeICU. BTW, how do I make a window not show up in the tasklist? GNOME_WIN_HINT_SKIP_TASKBAR doesn't help much.

Oh, and lots of action on the mailing list, be sure to sign up. Beware - there is a mix-up. The gnomeicu-support mailing list is used for general/developer descussions, and the gnomeicu-general one is used only for announcments.

Me and Jeremy want to create a gnomeicu-icons package later, to include all the icon themes...

Speaking of the PureEvil one - its pretty cool, but it won't get into any package, because it includes devils, and pentograms, which interfer with Jeremy's beliefs.

Also, I had some time to work on my web site a little bit, and some other stuff from the side.

My PalmV has died, (uhm, I should drink less, or at least not bring my Palm to parties... ;). I called Kalanit, Palm's importer in Israel, they said they don't service Palm bought outside of the country, and gave me 3Com Europe's phone number. (A 1-800). Thanks god I thought. I called there, and after 20 minutes of automatic answers, they told me to call to Palm-computing, whic his some kind of +133 number or something... This all sucks. So I'll probably be getting myself a Visor Prism soon. In any case - this little piece of electronics has lived for more then a year, so I'm not too angry... ;)

Nobody cares about my real life - but I'll mummble anyhow - it sucks, and school sucks, and life sucks, and I got some exams, and 2 for-pay projects, and my friend wants me to do some project for him, and another project from the side, and I want to maintain some kind of real-life. OK, enough mumbling.

I need to make the shortcuts support drag'n'drop, and flash events, and then continue working on the libglade thingy. It doesn't seem Ryan will continue working on the new file transfer code, and that sucks :( Oh well, it works nicely with Windows ICQ now, we'll get it working with gnomeicu as well... Again - the oposite of Microsoft - works with everything but itself ;)

Hmm, quite a bit of hacking... The mailing list does nicely ;) Lots of little bug fixes, and all kinds of new small features... Been talking to x-virge about gabber's file transfer, and apperantly, there's no such thing ;)

k, the mailing list is very cool ;) hacked a "Open File" when reciving files... I'll hack some more tomorrow - since I've got a cold, and sit at home ;)

Fixed the annoying UI issue with adding contacts... This thing was very confusing for people... Jeremy has been playing aruond with sourceforge, so we now got a mailing list, yoohoo... ;)


OK, 0.94 is out at last, and I got a flood of ideas in my mind to implement, so I'll be coding soon ;) BTW, gnomeicu's homepage is now http://gnomeicu.sourceforge.net...


I've got a cold, btw. Been to a nice local rock concert on friday... Didn't know we had such a nice groups in Ashkelon. After that, had a little fight with one groups guitarist, about how much better another gourp was on that concert, we concluded that "Yes, they played better, but my pride does not allow me to agree."... Anyway, my love life sux. And it was a very sad day, with lots of weird twirks... Won't go into details, since nobody reads this anyway.

hmm, noticed a couple of days ago that GnomeICU is number 1 on the top-picks for GNOME at tucows. Way to go proggy ;)

k, fixed the spell checking bug. Didn't hack on anything else this weekdend, which practicly sucks... In any case, su ya ;)

/nick GEGL
/me GEGLS everybody in the room

uh, didn't write for a while... Been trying to get-a-life ;) Had some success... Still no 0.94 though =) Been hacking some PalmOS software... Will release version 0.1 of Fanarona for PalmOS soon... And, uhm, dancing all night long, visiting paris, and hanging with friends, and talking on IRC with real-life friends, is not the best thing for hacking... Hacked a proggy for PalmOS for a friends idea. The idea is a simple pseudo-"encryption" algorithm, that was probably invented before him, but anyway...

ok, back from Paris. Was very cool. Still no 0.94. Wrote some PalmOS stuff, and got a picture of myself on my website.

Hmm, nice summery, don't you think? ;)

k, a new web message dialog from Olivier, and I'm out in 2 hours. All the patches go to jwise while I'm gone. cya. PS. Somebody please fix his compile warnings.

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