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hmm, noticed a couple of days ago that GnomeICU is number 1 on the top-picks for GNOME at tucows. Way to go proggy ;)

k, fixed the spell checking bug. Didn't hack on anything else this weekdend, which practicly sucks... In any case, su ya ;)

/nick GEGL
/me GEGLS everybody in the room

uh, didn't write for a while... Been trying to get-a-life ;) Had some success... Still no 0.94 though =) Been hacking some PalmOS software... Will release version 0.1 of Fanarona for PalmOS soon... And, uhm, dancing all night long, visiting paris, and hanging with friends, and talking on IRC with real-life friends, is not the best thing for hacking... Hacked a proggy for PalmOS for a friends idea. The idea is a simple pseudo-"encryption" algorithm, that was probably invented before him, but anyway...

ok, back from Paris. Was very cool. Still no 0.94. Wrote some PalmOS stuff, and got a picture of myself on my website.

Hmm, nice summery, don't you think? ;)

k, a new web message dialog from Olivier, and I'm out in 2 hours. All the patches go to jwise while I'm gone. cya. PS. Somebody please fix his compile warnings.

HUGE thanks to Tester for fixing the spell checking bug!!! Thanks dude! Anyway, no, we're not dead yet... Heres a talk between me and jwise today:

*** 08/09/2000 06:11:50 PM [ Sent ] ***
Where is 0.94?
Will it be out this year, or something?

*** 08/09/2000 06:12:11 PM [ Received ] ***
prolly sometime this year, yes..

*** 08/09/2000 06:13:18 PM [ Sent ] ***
lol. You said that you'll get it out this weekend... Its
just a matter of "make dist", and rpm -ta

*** 08/09/2000 06:14:17 PM [ Received ] ***
getting the webpage moved over to sourceforge... i've gotta
find out how to send to SF

Judge this however you want. For the record - the move was planed for 1.0, not for 0.94... And the CVS will stay cvs.gnome.org... Again thanks to Tester, he's been fixing lots of bugs...

In any case, I'm off to Paris today, for 10 days, so I guess I'll see 0.94 after you all ;)

On our way to 0.94. Did a fix today, and stuff... Need to commit Thomas' documantation... (He really do need a CVS account ;)... Anyway, I still think porting gnomeicu to Windows is a good idea...Hate does weird bugs that lurk somewhere, but god knows where =)

OK, I did add that crash-proof thing. But (stupid me), I added it to 0.7, instead of CVS, which means my changes couldn't be merged. Gotta find time to redo it for CVS. Anyway, I think GnomeICU is about to see some manegment changes :(
Current plan is:

0.94 - RSN - includes the spell checker, the new TCP code,
the new file transfer code, etc...
0.95 - Bug release for 0.95, probably includes the new
documentation from Thomas.
0.96 - Last minute features + bug fixes
1.0 - the long awaited release. Hopefully I'll be able to
convince jwise to get a 1.0-pre...
Anyway, after that GnomeICU either goes to a kernel based scheme, or dies. Dies because Jeremy wants to work on Gabber's bonobo component.
If somebody can exaplain to me, why would an instant message program need to be a bonobo component, I would be gratefull, because I have no idea. This is of course the right place to blame it all on x-virge. Julian - its all you fault. Here, I did it. Anyway, Julian, great job, please do continue!
Anyway, We'll see where this will go... Meantime, wait for 0.94 really soon now.

Been working on my site. Ported some parts of it to MySQL instead of stupid flat files. (Like the screenshot section - you did submit a shot, did you?), tried Galeon - a great thing. Just one thing I gotta add to it - something like AlphaNumerica's TotalRecall or whatever - so it will remember URLs for after crash. Other then that - great job dudes... Nice to see MosheZ certified me as journayer - I was sure he hated me since I'm not a huge python fan, but whatever. Oh, and about hte G400 - I am unable to make DRI or utah-glx work properly. So I'm not playing Quake. :( Not that I ever did, even in the Windows world, but still..

Dudes and dudets, quite some time without entries. I'm working on some stuff, as well as improving my 3D graphics skills, and my web site, and stuff. Got myself a Matrox G400, and now gotta get myslef Quake 3 to see what teh card can do with it =) Been talknig with jimbob (dude, you on advogato?) from the UI Hit squad, about UI issues and stuff. Now back to more stuff more usefull then writing Advogato entries.

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