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Been working on my site. Ported some parts of it to MySQL instead of stupid flat files. (Like the screenshot section - you did submit a shot, did you?), tried Galeon - a great thing. Just one thing I gotta add to it - something like AlphaNumerica's TotalRecall or whatever - so it will remember URLs for after crash. Other then that - great job dudes... Nice to see MosheZ certified me as journayer - I was sure he hated me since I'm not a huge python fan, but whatever. Oh, and about hte G400 - I am unable to make DRI or utah-glx work properly. So I'm not playing Quake. :( Not that I ever did, even in the Windows world, but still..

Dudes and dudets, quite some time without entries. I'm working on some stuff, as well as improving my 3D graphics skills, and my web site, and stuff. Got myself a Matrox G400, and now gotta get myslef Quake 3 to see what teh card can do with it =) Been talknig with jimbob (dude, you on advogato?) from the UI Hit squad, about UI issues and stuff. Now back to more stuff more usefull then writing Advogato entries.

k, last exam is on the 30th, so after that, I'll code code code! =)

Got Bodnar42 take the file transfer stuff from me, so I'll consentrate on the other stuff. (LibGlade, redoing/fixing some of the UI issues, etc). Well, it seems like GnomeICU 1.0 is nearer and nearer every day now.

Also, Luke Murray has been working on some smaller option additions/changes.

No coding/anything else quite some time. Been quite busy. Exams and what not. Been to CompuTax a couple of days ago. At last saw the PocketPC MS is talking about. Yeah, it sure does look nicer then my Palm, but, even with my expirience with UIs, and stuff like that, I got lost in the UI after 5 minutes of using. And thats after using my Palm for 1 year, and getting it right without reading the manual, around 3 minutes after I touched it. Been workign a bit on my page, and stuff. Got another exam on sunday... Thanks god, I got most of the next week free, so I will be able to libgladify GnomeICU.

Another thing that happend to me, somewhere along hte last week, I decided to move from Mandrake to RedHat, wanted to repartition, since my partitioning sucked big time. Made a backup of ~/. Forgot that ~/devel is a symlink to /usr/devel. Lost all of my PalmOS sources, and all of the not-commited work on GnomeICU (Like libglade, and multi-threaded file recieve), as well as some other patches to other pieces of software... Sucks big time.

School is killing me. No time to talk. Wow, dudes, advogato's certification is weird. I'm Journayer now...

No coding for some time. Been a bit busy with school and stuff. Anyway, jeremy has been working hard while I was lazy lately - the exact oposite of the month before. Anyway, back to coding now. I have modified the send message dialog, to use one menu isntead of those bulky buttons. And I gotta clean the TODO a bit. Got an exam in sunday, and another one two days after this. I wonder how will synap's gnomeviewer is working out. I didn't like his recent idea to make it convereter/screenshooter/anything else... We'll see.

Hmm, not much hacking lately - school is killing me. Anyway, at Jeremy's request added configuration of the auto-away time out. Damn, didn't know you can't 1. Add a checkbutton instead of a label in a frame 2. Align a label correctly with a checkbutton. Anyway, I don't care. At least not really. _vicious_ gave me a pointer to his program, called "GOB", which looks really nice. Once I'll have more free time I'll learn about inheriance or whatever. Its cool. Jeremy found some stuff in GnomeICU, that appearantly wasn't part of the protocol, so it wasn't supposed to work. But it did anyway. Oh well. K, I have about 2 weeks without exams, so I guess I'm off to hacking hacking hacking.

Damn it, theres this bug, which proves that Linux is the opposite of Windows: GnomeICU's file transfer now supports anything, but itself. ;) Try to send a file to a gnomeicu client, and the other side cancels? Bad luck for you. GnomeICU crashes. Try to send a file to a Windows client? no problem. Mac client? Same. Will try other clients, but generally I can't find the probelm. Its 2:30AM - my bet is that it contributes to my slowness in locating the problem. Anyway, its just plain weird. And POSIX threads sux in debugers. It just gives me some error in glibc. Wow, thanks! Anyway, I guess I'll go to sleep soon. Too bad I won't have time tommorow to work on it. Oh well... Jeremy's fix still works fine - weird. =) Fixed some more bugs today.

Jeremy appearantly fixed the TCP bug. GnomeICU crashed. Donno if its related ;) OK, a friend with an older version of GnomeICU get crashes all over the place while talking to me. Again, don't know if its realted =) Fixed some bugs in GnomeICU as well. Hmm, now that I think about it - maybe thats what causes the crashes? nahh, theyre not related to tcp. Oh, well. Fixed the contact list sorting bugs. I wonder it worked at all - the code was writen at 3AM, in the middle of hacking on the file transfer, with no sleep before ;) Anyway, it was fixed at 12:30AM today ;) and its 2:25AM right now. Gotta go sleep a bit. Tried to get HelixGNOME 1.2 all day long now, (now that Gnome 1.2 is out, I hope Jeremy will allow me to libgladify GnomeICU. Yoohoo), anyway, all GNOME's stuff (cvs,www,ftp) and helix's stuff, suffered the slashdot effect too early. So I was trying to get Helix for the past 7 hours or so ;) Off to sleep soon.

Yoohoo, crescendo is apperently alive! Terral realsed 1.1.6, and I gave him my 1 year old patch, that he appearantly lost, while he was drunk or something ;). The patch adds ability to set username and password when login to a MUD.

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