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Sonja ... you should always take a camera. Especially to breath taking greece. Incidently, did you that the best camera is the one that you have with you when you take that one picture of your lifetime? :)

Just returning from the SUSE Linux 10.0 release party... Too much beer and cocktails, way better mood as on earlier parties. Several of our betatesters were here over the day for introduction on current SUSE strategy and some forward looking things.

No Opensource stuff to rant on today. ;)

Fall from its best side.... The trees gets new colors, the sun shines like its spring again. I hopefully will find the time and make it an early close of business today.

SUSE released SUSE Linux 10.0 to the public today. Go forth and buy or download. Security updates are already there, including all my special friends: Opera 8.50, Firefox 1.0.7 and pretty soon RealPlayer 10.0.6.

WINE has now release 20050930. This is going to be the last release before 0.9. (The 0.8 release was in 1994.), marking our first step the our first real release. This will mark "beta" state for WINE after 11 years of "ALPHA" state.
We cleaned up the WineHQ bugzilla over the last days and closed/queried a lot of bugs to make us able to work more efficiently with bugzilla now.

29 Sep 2005 (updated 29 Sep 2005 at 21:06 UTC) »

Weather is changing over to fall ... Cloudy sky, rain, etc... Even for the upcoming long weekend.

Did what I could for the new openSUSE alpha1 snapshot, updated wine, fixed some packages use of RPM_OPT_FLAGS.
We continue to put in more stricter warning checks against common problems in C and C++ code, but this means everything must be compiled with RPM_OPT_FLAGS to get "-Wall" and later more -W options. This has also the nice effect of getting -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 and general optimization options into every package easily. Especially in the light of openSUSE where people will really want to recompile everything with -O99 -fmake-even-faster etc.

The first Wifi supporting cameras with mid-ranged price is going to hit the german market this week hopefully... The Nikon P1 and P2. I am planning to buy a P2, mostly so I can add PTPIP support to libgphoto2... But you know how it is with geeks and their toys. :)

And somehow I get a bit overwhelmed on planetsuse.org with the "klik" commercials. Also my security spidersense tingle dangerously.

Todays random thought: What about disgusting screensavers?

  • Make screen look like you are in a smokers room ... sickly yellow, slightly blurry and grainy with wavering cloud effects.
  • cleaning women attacked ... looking like half of dust has been swiped away.
  • Fat Finger Attack
  • "random pixel error" screensaver
  • serious broken effects (magnetic distortion for CRT, punctures for TFT)
  • monitor deadjusted (stretch or shrink, moved off center in one direction) (CRT only)

Back from Prague... Bad that I was not able to sightsee, but time just did not allow it.

The pictures I have taken are mostly that of colleagues, just one night shot of the most known church on old town square (as we passed it looking for food).

Note a colleague of mine demoing "suspend to desk" technology. Found myself not able to concentrate enough to hack this weekend and the upcoming weeks will not give me much rest. Perhaps I need a vacation, but now would not be a good time.

I envy Sonja for watching planes ... Can't even do that because I am not in Nuernberg this weekend.

I am currently spending time in the nice city of Prague, one of the prettiest and perhaps coolest cities in europe. Unfortunately most of the day is spent in an airconditioned room at a SUSE in-house conference.

Nice to meet all the SUSE Labs people, the guys who really develop the stuff we ship, be it kernel, toolchain, AppArmor, X, and more. And I am just one of the bad security guys that tries to remove some of their features without any new technologies or work to show off.

WINE is nearing 0.9 release (planned for end of september, 2005). And it is likely really to happen this time ...

I remember conferences where I told people that it will be 1.0 in half a year. That was 1999 and 2001. Now it is actually coming up on the horizon! I really wish I could spend more time on it, but I currently cannot. *sigh*

So ... greetings from Prague ... Come and visit. They have enough scenery and beer for everyone ;)

Was at the wedding of my cousin and afterwards at my parents over the weekend. Not much hacking related ensued, except I reviewed "MultiByteToWideChar", the windows function to convert from codeset to UNICODE 16 bit wide characters. Turns out the buffer size it gets is in characters not bytes, which a dozen of places had wrong. (Actually I wanted to use __builtin_object_size() to find some programming errors, but ended up using grep / vi for the above case.)

SUSE Linux 10.0 is finishing up nicely. Well, finishing for most people except the people doing 2 years of security updates. Having gripes regarding binary only software, new only slightly reviewed technologies and similar things.

LWN article was posted on security comparison (public soon). Had to mail in some corrections.

6 Sep 2005 (updated 7 Sep 2005 at 05:45 UTC) »

The GNOME guys are sooo happy about camera hotplugging and automated desktop icons.

EDIT(especially for Luis): Reviewing my entry after getting some sleep I know think this is too harsh.
Project UTOPIA and especially HAL are the right way to go cross-distro wise (except that I think it is a bit over engineered). A step admittedly the KDE guys are just doing too.
My comment from some entries below regarding non-ptp/non-massstorage cameras is btw back, my patch was rejected. So not all digital cameras will be found by g-v-m in 10.0 for now even though HAL knows them perfectly.

We successfully released php4 and kernel updates and some less critical ones.

After several days of debugging I now can print with that strange 16bit Windows application. Apparently a "Marcus Meissner" broke it in the begin of 2001 due to a rewrite of the PrintDlg16() handling. 4 lines of code added after 5 days of debugging.

Oh, and someone thinks my diary is too depressive. Thanks for the cheering up. :)

Broke some PHP installations with a broken PHP security update, due to a mess-up between use of system pcre in php4 and use of builtin pcre in apache2.

You can compile php4 against the system pcre and in itself it will work fine and use this one... However, when used as an Apache2 module it will not use the system version, but the pcre version in Apache2, which is too old and has a different ABI. -> Crash

Unhappy customers. Unhappy Marcus.

Still trying to get out the kernel update.

New WINE packages for the 20050830 WINE release are done and ready to download over at SourceForge . Just 1 more month to the 0.9 release (just 11 years after the 0.8 release).

Not a good week. Again. The acrobat update was the only one released this week ... Unfortunately not due to a lack of incidents.

  • PCRE - the perl compatible regexp libary - came up. Usually such an update is easy, but this library is copied into some other projects... As PHP, Apache2, hypermail, exim, tin... So we need to release updates for some of those too (at least PHP and exim). So restarted the PHP XMLRPC update.
  • Kernel update was slightly flawed in one patch, which changed a API ... Redo, delaying this update for at least 6 days.
  • other misc updates that just only now got in the queue
Somehow the task of giving the large stuff to my team does not work out yet, since I was still handling pcre, PHP and the kernel. Well, we will see how this goes in the future.

Fixed a gnome-volume-manager missing feature. Now you will get autoimport for non-mass-storage and non-PTP cameras too.

Some libgphoto2 hacking on the side. Hopefully more this weekend.

Released Acrobat Reader buffer overflow security update. Like we do every 4 weeks now. So Opensource PDF viewer writers ... Please catch up on the features, but not on the security holes! Or Adobe ... Please deploy some more code reviews and automated overflow checkers... We have them now in Linux, you know.
Bought myself a new workstation, AMD64. Linux installed without a problem. However, the Windows XP I wanted to install had more problems. Just a black screen ... because it has a SATA RAID only. After adding an IDE harddisk it worked fine. You know ... an error message would have been nice.
So not much hacking this weekend, neither at work.

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