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Better say "Knowlege must be free" instead of information or I whould as you to put on web all your private life description :))))

Why it is so easy to work on unix? All becouse you never solve full task. If you do not think so - just write a script, which converts all files in directory from lowercase to uppercase. And after that check if it works with names, containing " ", "\n", "'", '"' :)

Yes!!! I recolled my Advogato password! :)
/me happy.
all before I used coockies for a long time :(

raph: You talking about SPAM. Are you admin of your box? Have you think about creating special mailbox for every person you know well? :)
id whould be like raph2969002@host - so you will be certain it is free of spam. So you will never loose essential mails.
Then all you need is just to have a way how to give your friends these emails.

The problem with Spam - you need to have public e-mails :(
but if you whould have hundreds of them - one for every mail list etc. It will ease your life ;)

FreeSoftware in Ukraine - We are trying to organize group of people interested in FS development in UA (see http://www.linux.kiev.ua (mail list) and http://www.linux.org.ua).
Now many people wants free solution just not to pay for Windows.. Actually most of our Game/Internet clubs now based on Linux + Wine solution (on site is description - how to setup ip, but it is in russian).
Heh... it's strange that people do not like to select something...They need single solution. Linux is just a big box of choices :) So it is not sutable as a commercial solution for SO/home users...
Also - it is easier to make interface Language selection by choosing one of several CD-s with dist, then choosing it from list on screen:)
Same with Descktop/Server versions...


New article of Zubinsky about Programming architecture [lang=RU] at ITC

Thinking of database with permissions set per every field. It could be used as metadvogato....
  (how about maping this db/methods to URLs?)
This almost first of my thinking in PHP(before it was paper with boxes, arrows and ru/en language comments)
- I made a custom news system for site actually thinking on new database.
PHP shows itself well with objects stored as PHP files. Still JS could ne best suited for this....

Ilan: check manuals/redmes - there is preference setting to change this :) //Ctrl->Alt
I mean you need to edit prefs.js to add line for this
Or may be it was on OptiZilla page? (http://mozdev.org)
fxn: Yes. Thanks!!!

Could anyone help with finding URL to page about secure data channel idea, based on idea of hiding blocks of correct information in stream of bad ones.
It was supposed to solve DMCA rules about encription (it keeps text unencripted, only adds hash).

To all interested in talk about WTC/US/war
http://www.kiss.kiev.ua/articles/prol.shtml (russian) here is uniq view of this act.
Software translation to English (if you can - do better translation)

Author study materials, which are accessible on Internet (especially on FBI site) and thinks that 1) this was not terrorist act, but normal war operation, 2) it was european, not asian style operation, 3) possible souce - army of Yugoslavia (yes this country doesn't exist anymore(it was destroyed by US) - US can't strike back).

2 Oct 2001 (updated 2 Oct 2001 at 22:01 UTC) »

Today compiled ImageShaker!!!! (gtk based) I'm happy! (I couldn't compile it 3 times before :) Very nice programm. It is like pipe ideology but for GUI

Talking about OOP technology (russian) in ITC-ua.com. Very interesting talk.

Why no to use for OOP programm NAME "ln NAME NAME.read" , "ln NAME NAME.write" to access to it's methods?
But better whould be same with named pipes - ~/run/NAMEpid/write - how about atomic operations? and forks/pipe?
3 types of OOP llanguages - 1) with static classes (like C++), 2) with dynamic classes (like Ruby) and 3) JavaScript - prototype based :)
Is OO design exists? or only OO coding? (some says - no, some - yes)
Are scripts is msolution for quick programm modifications (prototyping) or Intellegent Agets better? ....

If you are interested - I could try to translate some key ideas....

Waiting for new answers to article....
Am I asking too silly or too hard questions?!

Anti piracy in Ukraine - we have got new law. Now you could be put in jail for using illegal copy of Software. If you would look through all people - you must put all IT-specialists and computer users there :)))
Even government and people, who must prevent piracy also...
So they begin with Internet/game-clubs and computer-manufacturers. First of them have illegal games over illegal OS, second install OS for new computers.
Still almost the only company, which is asking for it's rights to be guarded is M*crosoft.
Education (univ/schools) are waiting still... They just have no funds to buy all needed software.
Many people are thinking how migrate to Linux/FreeBSD. But there is no dist with Ukrainian support done by default for all applications (especially for free office programms), so it works without manual tuning of configs after install (you need admin for this).
Also you could argue, that one need no ~word,~excel at all (just TeX, perl etc)?! But most of them know only how to work with MS products... It's hard for them to learn any new one.

It's pity that all those years people were learning MS soft only becouse all using MS products.
Now "all country depends on one foreign company".....
And what to do? Which dist to use? (it must be modified for special local purposes... ) ALTlinux? KSI-linux? BlackCat? or Debian/Manderake?

if you ever want to answer - mail to malx .at. uazone . net (I wouldn't read recentlog next days)

Thanks to deekayen have add myself as user to PHP
It's fun..... Also remembers: Why anyone ever needs to write own parser using another parser as base language?!!!
You know - I'm telling you about FastTemplate, phplib - etc... You have already PHP, why you need other parser?! :)
Last time I was pesuaded to use <-<VAR>-> variables templates I just convert thouse files to <?echo $VAR?> (every time src file changed) and have used <?include "template.html"?>. It's software reusage.... :)

Nevertheless - It's better not to use dynamic generation at all if you could get rid of it.... (It means - if users get same html more often, then source data changes).

btw... privat data is also information... Do you really want ALL information to be free?
I whould prefere to say Knowledge must be free or Education must be free

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