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To all interested in talk about WTC/US/war
http://www.kiss.kiev.ua/articles/prol.shtml (russian) here is uniq view of this act.
Software translation to English (if you can - do better translation)

Author study materials, which are accessible on Internet (especially on FBI site) and thinks that 1) this was not terrorist act, but normal war operation, 2) it was european, not asian style operation, 3) possible souce - army of Yugoslavia (yes this country doesn't exist anymore(it was destroyed by US) - US can't strike back).

2 Oct 2001 (updated 2 Oct 2001 at 22:01 UTC) »

Today compiled ImageShaker!!!! (gtk based) I'm happy! (I couldn't compile it 3 times before :) Very nice programm. It is like pipe ideology but for GUI

Talking about OOP technology (russian) in ITC-ua.com. Very interesting talk.

Why no to use for OOP programm NAME "ln NAME NAME.read" , "ln NAME NAME.write" to access to it's methods?
But better whould be same with named pipes - ~/run/NAMEpid/write - how about atomic operations? and forks/pipe?
3 types of OOP llanguages - 1) with static classes (like C++), 2) with dynamic classes (like Ruby) and 3) JavaScript - prototype based :)
Is OO design exists? or only OO coding? (some says - no, some - yes)
Are scripts is msolution for quick programm modifications (prototyping) or Intellegent Agets better? ....

If you are interested - I could try to translate some key ideas....

Waiting for new answers to article....
Am I asking too silly or too hard questions?!

Anti piracy in Ukraine - we have got new law. Now you could be put in jail for using illegal copy of Software. If you would look through all people - you must put all IT-specialists and computer users there :)))
Even government and people, who must prevent piracy also...
So they begin with Internet/game-clubs and computer-manufacturers. First of them have illegal games over illegal OS, second install OS for new computers.
Still almost the only company, which is asking for it's rights to be guarded is M*crosoft.
Education (univ/schools) are waiting still... They just have no funds to buy all needed software.
Many people are thinking how migrate to Linux/FreeBSD. But there is no dist with Ukrainian support done by default for all applications (especially for free office programms), so it works without manual tuning of configs after install (you need admin for this).
Also you could argue, that one need no ~word,~excel at all (just TeX, perl etc)?! But most of them know only how to work with MS products... It's hard for them to learn any new one.

It's pity that all those years people were learning MS soft only becouse all using MS products.
Now "all country depends on one foreign company".....
And what to do? Which dist to use? (it must be modified for special local purposes... ) ALTlinux? KSI-linux? BlackCat? or Debian/Manderake?

if you ever want to answer - mail to malx .at. uazone . net (I wouldn't read recentlog next days)

Thanks to deekayen have add myself as user to PHP
It's fun..... Also remembers: Why anyone ever needs to write own parser using another parser as base language?!!!
You know - I'm telling you about FastTemplate, phplib - etc... You have already PHP, why you need other parser?! :)
Last time I was pesuaded to use <-<VAR>-> variables templates I just convert thouse files to <?echo $VAR?> (every time src file changed) and have used <?include "template.html"?>. It's software reusage.... :)

Nevertheless - It's better not to use dynamic generation at all if you could get rid of it.... (It means - if users get same html more often, then source data changes).

btw... privat data is also information... Do you really want ALL information to be free?
I whould prefere to say Knowledge must be free or Education must be free

Siting.... scanning photoes by PrimeFilm1800u.... thanks to GIMP for easy processing...

Thinking about JavaScript Shell implementation from Mozilla

It's easy to do:
But if use make same thing with global name space you can't access result!!!
Or am I wrong? ( just ["dir1/.file"] whould represent string.. :(
   nymia - I thinks you are wrong with decision to slow down progress.
But I agree that current situation is fairly doomed (write an article?).
Look into history - When man was anable to run fust he just make cars (and most of public have no need to know how drive it - there was buses). Now there is NO CLEVER TOOLS. All documentation is written for people only not for autoprocessing. Same way is making roads only meter wide never thining about car must also go this road some time....
It's pity.....

As for God - think of Windows desktop... There could be 3 or more icons, which lead to same software. But (as an ordinary user) you can't see what the soft is - all you could see is icon on desktop.....
(read Castaneda and you'll have debugger to see what software really is, but still it whould be to complex for you to debug :))))
See here

Have read mirwin answer in article.... revoke certificate.

Today have a talk with person, who says that WebChat is better then IRC ... fun... he have made WebChat(http://fantastic.x9.ru) himself.

It whould be greate to add into free documentation license additional line about "you must provide sources aswell" (same as for code). For printed book (say O'Raily or other) this whould mean file with complete book layout. Also it whould be usefull for precompiled sources oreven other languages (if book was translated).

- was you on mozdev.org ?

- Could you make MAX flow value autoregulated? not depending on number of users, but.... To number of masters? To number of active certs? Number of projects?

Please add <sup> and <sub> Tags!!! I can't write T<sub>E</sub>X properly :((((  ;-)

- if your list <100 you mustn't bother with performance issues in your php script :) Just simple key/value pairs in simple txt file TAB deliminered.
SHOW: Read in memory, display
SAVE: Read all, start saving from scratch until new value reached, save new value , continue saving to file; read again , display

PHP have arrays (php3 and php4) and they could be accesses as hashes, arrays, stack or list :) And you need -
$aa=array(); $aa["01-12-2001=12:34"]="Read diary";

- make image "Boycott Adobe/PDF" as a banner on web page :)
Also - what do you need from PDF? It has only one uniq thing - it allows disabling of editingand copying - but this violates GPL :) Why to implement things which are really not for this community??!! There is TeX and HTML already (xhtml+MathML+etc).

- You could make all of it Tikets. Just make a Door which is named "Person Alex" or "Group guest". And give Ticket1 to correspondinguser. BUT behind That door you must hide another Tiket2. So Every person, which have access inside Door "Person Alex" will recive Ticket2 which actually mean that heis Person Alex or Group.
As for implementation - check last URL (in URL section) on xmlvl.net

- I do not know about other countries, but in Ukraine I haven't heard about any ISP , which is running MS :) All of them FreeBSD or Linux.

mirwin - sorry for not answering to article today :(

I have caught a chill, so now in read only mode... :)

The only ability I have now is to play with HTML (see nice box around your link...(Ops.. I forgot that NN4 disables link if you put it in box :() I whould be gratefull to see same behaviour for < person > tag, but it is impossible :(

Great idea about support company. But for me personally it is hard to make phone calls all over ocean :) - most of real customers demands 24h online phone.
// I have seen only www.keen.com so :(

I'm back to J level... Strange...

This month I was outdoors - first it was Blacksea seashore in Crimea. Then a week in Carpatian(?) mountings.

Still around 1) unstructured knowlage base, 2) universal messaging system (part about - will admin of server agree to transfer all traffic or he should be able to choose subjects with trust metrics (comp/sport/valuable to..)?), 3) value of unimpotent data in programming - for exapmle you have mpg123 - it outputs anly data it is supposed to - audio stream, but there is also xmms which in addition displays time of song/name etc.etc. - this data is not really essential, but valuable. But peson, who desides which data is valuable is proggammer, not user of product. Is it possible to change? So I could choose to see progress bar when I need it, but hide to achive speed of execution. Same - to set some handlers to keyboard input behaviour changes (say check speed of typing in AbiWord with external program).
IRC - Forest
Irc.ForestNet.Org changed it's server to bIRCd (with koi8-u/cp1251/alt/transl support added). Also it could be compiled for M$ win. One of servers now up for 34 days (win2k).
You are wellcome to it - it's multilingual.
Diging in... I have some filling that something strage there with certs ideology at all........
I thinks it is mixing ability(rating/value) and access(allow to do).
So if you give someone Master cert you telling 2 things - 1) it is high level developer(or other), 2) it have enough ability to make a disigion about level of others persons/groups/projects.
universal IDs? why?
Is it possible to get rid of universal IDs?
One of them - DNS name is uniq to all world. And "book.com" is owned by one.

You could see that you Real name is not universally uniq - there is lot's of "Bob"s :)
You use different characteristics together - name, second name, geogrphical location, parents names to identify someone uniqly... But you need not this just to call "Hey! Bob! Let's go" :)

It's like a drug - you need to read it every day, or you may loose answers to your diaries :))
Styles of Advogato
It's hard to read text on white background at night... But still you need to see level of person.
In Netscape location just type:
javascript:void(document.bgColor="#777777") and Enter
mwh - cert
Now there is limited number of persons, which could be ranked as A,J or M (separately).
So If some new person will become ranked, some other will fall off rank ;)
That's why I am not trying to become ranked back again ;)
jmallett - virgule
subjects easily implemented :)
As for mentioning - it is bad thing... Recent log you could ignore, but if you have on your page link to others diaries (even Observer one's) - you just need to answer :)
Also it is hard to implement here - see XVL project instead.

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