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robert dickenson said

First diary entry for me! Mostly a test to see how this works and whether standard html tags such as bold, italics etc work.
I am a contributor to the open source ReactOS project however have not had much time for such endevours for most of this year due to ongoing personal issues which have required my undivided full attention.

Now this ReactOS
That is an Opensource Longhorn?
Will it be ready before the Ms Gates offering?

And talking of the merger of Windows and Linux
Isn't it about time we had a generic OS that could be configured to
run . . . well everything . . .

So many OS's so little time . . .

zachlipton said:

This is mainly to avoid the shame of a diary that hasn't been updated in years. Most of my blogging has been at my MozillaZine blog which you should check out.
Also, I'm amazed that I'm certified as a master. I really don't deserve this.


You are worthy You are worthy

Build your own time machine and other info

dangermaus says:

Everything that has a beginning has an end

Build a time machine

20 GOTO 10

Do you have any other ideas, maybe more common, that break the Matrix rule? Or that break the modified rule below:
Everything that has a beginning has an end, as long as you do not glue the two ends together, or either one or both ends are open to infinite.
Some straight lines turn out to be circles, if regarded from far away. Some circles look like straight lines if magnified enough. Two sides of the same coin?

Well Dang er Maus

What you say may be true it may even be untrue
it certainly can be both and hopefully neither

all at the same time

|Not so much two sides of one coin
but all sides (including the ones it does not have)
of one coin

Anything that can be stated can be contradicted
and you certainly can argue with that . . .

15 REM This statement to RUN (01) IF CPU ENERGY OVERLAY ON
30 = 01+(-10+-20)
40 GO2 0
50 END IF 2 > 0 OR 20 <> 2+0


Haruspex says: "BBC BASIC is not "based on" or even arguably "influenced by" Modula-2."

He is right - but only in this reality
for other realities try: TMX Time and Dimensional Reality
technology development program

Haruspex says
"If you needed such extravagances you would likely turn to Acorn's Pascal environment, or a Z80 Tube coprocessor with CP/M and Turbo Pascal."
Probably the most innovative feature of BBC BASIC was its built-in assembler

I had a 10186 co-processor (did that come before after or between the 8088 and 8086?)
and it ran Turbo Pascal 3.3 (I think it was)

Never used assembler? Does anyone use the HLA assembler
should I be using that? I am trying to write a console for a Time Machine
(who isn't?)

I intend to start using Squeak as soon as I can work
out how to install a debian package on Linux
(easier than RPM and tar balls
- maybe so, but STILL not easy enough for
experienced incompetents like me . . .

Rev. Crusty Lobster
is an ordained member of the clergy of
The Church of Spiritual Humanism
Date of Ordination: February 7, 2003
Previous to this he died

I have just started a NEW forum and people are talking about
very basic stuff such as upgrading computers, running Linux on an X box
and assorted PovRay, Suf and, I was a Teeanage computer nerd confessions
type 'stuff'

All Friends, Programmers and Time Travellers
are welcome
to contribute their
knowledge, questions and experience - but just remeber
some of these people may be speaking the equivalent of Atlantean
... or it might be you . . .
or send a blank email to

Useful Atlantean Phrases (always useful to know a little Atlantean
- with perhaps a but of Klingon)

(moakh) DEEG-tem EHN-luh-nuhg BAH-sheh-beh-nen doo. (Do you speak English?)
(kahg) DEEG-tem AHD-luhn-tih-suhg kwahm BAH-sheh-beh-kik. (I don't speak Atlantean.)
(kahg) DEEG-tem AHD-luhn-tih-suhg TEE-pihm-mil ser BAH-sheh-beh-kik. (I only speak a little Atlantean.)
DEE-gesh AHD-luhn-tih-sugh, mehk LEH-guhp EE-muhg neb EH-seh-toat duhp. (What is this called in Atlantean?)

The electrical interference effect is now official [slow ain't they]
On modern computer chips the connections/routing is very close
together and electrons can 'drift' across and the human magnetic field is
strong enough to influence this.
Possibly sometimes a stronger field is being generated . . .

It can work the other way round . . .
for example St Paul on the Rd to St Damascus
was blinded by (this is the scientific theory
- when earth moves together - he was in a known
earthquake area - great electrical charges can be produced.
This includes ball lightening and it is this that he may have
been hit by and blinded by . . .)

The American military have the ability to create
a charged fire ball (forget exactly how) which they
can cause to produce sound.
The were going to use this as the 'voice of Allah'
telling soldiers to surrender
in a black ops effort
in the first Saddam war but decided it would
create bad press back home . . .


and haruspex :-)

"BBCBASIC, with its definable functions and re-entrant procedures, is structured."

"BBC BASIC -- designed for Acorn's BBC micro
-- added control structures and procedures, and is a greatly improved language, but is still suitable only for small programs.
It extended traditional BASIC with procedures and functions, REPEAT...UNTIL loops, and IF...THEN...ELSE structures. "

- could not find a direct Modula 2 ref

Was BBC Basic based on Modula 2?
Well I read that (probably in Acorn User)

It used functions and Procedures and structure and
could house assembler and was faster than the
compiled C program I had in one short program
(the one and only C program wot I ever dide)

Are we returning to optimised interprters?

meanwhile I will be using this

(you can see an example of my coding level there)

Cyber Lobster ===========

My first computer was an 8 Bit BBC Master - I used it for WP and little else initially. I thought of computers as tools and very boring . . .


It was complicated to use and the printer (a daisywheel) could not do graphics and took 5 minutes (I timed it) to do a page of text


It eventually had a 1086 processor co processor board allowing it to run some PC software (the pre cursor to the 8808, 8806, 286, 386, 486, Pentium etc)

Then I had an Amiga 2000 This could run PC software on its excellent PC co processor as well as Amiga software. While the PC had 4 colour and 16 colours - the Amiga was running 256 and 4096 colours AND had a Window multi tasking environment whilst PC users were still using DOS (or DOZZZZ) :-)

Then I had an Intel 386 clone and continued with PC's from there. (I had been using 286's for a while and was used to the PC 286, RM Nimbus and so on) By now I was assimilated as an MS/Intel Borg

I was using Gem, Windows 1 (anyone use Windows 1 with Pagemaker?) and was a Geek [sob]

I have taught Amiga classes on an Amiga Network of Amiga 2000's (quite a rarity) and a variety of computer classes including DTP and Web Design (HTML) all on PC

Lately I have been using Linux and learning to program in XBasic.

My current kit needs upgrading the only half decent bit is the 17 inch TFT Monitor . . .

My programming skills are weak but I like to dabble . . . The first language I learnt was Turbo Pascal I have written programs in BBC Basic (- based on Modula 2) one in OPL (that was the extra Geek bit) One in C (two week training course) half a program in Java (too hard for my little brain) DarkBasic (for writing games - very good and exciting) and am now quite committed to my second month of training in XB


I have used and taught a variety of software: Excel, Word, Frontpage, Pagemaker and so on . . .

My favourite MS software is Excel Though I have used Word the most (I don't even have it on my system now)

My favourite Graphics program is Xara (structured drawing) and on Linux (also available for Windows) I became quite attached to GIMP

I am trying to use more and more freeware as these kind and generous coders should be respected for their very varied work.

========== http://www.pricelessware.org/ which has a variety of excellent REAL freeware (not adware, crippleware, spyware) ==========

Some of the things I have learnt:

1. Standard equipment is cheaper and interchangeable

2. Easier is better

3. If it does the job - it does the job (no more clues)


just a reminder . . .

There I was (and this is a true story most will be familiar with) after some hours of regular coding compiling my program . . .

When it locked and it seemed as if everything had frozen

It was OK (I thought) I had just saved my program


When I loaded the program it had reverted to a previously saved version of the same name (probably locked in memory) and all my updates (several hours it seemed) were lost.

Now I remember reading this is a known bug . . . in XB Or maybe playing about with file writing code is to blame - who knows . . . (it has happened a few times and is one of the joys of programming . . . :-(

The solution is to save AND increment files

The good news (I thought it would take a couple of hours) is it only took 10-15 mins to rewrite the code . . .

Could have been BAD.

Backup your files AND increment - and put them on a floppy and a CD and have a backup hard drive and a zip disk and put them on the internet somewhere . . . and . . . DON'T LOSE YOUR WORK

What are your computer nightmare stories?

Spiritual XPeriences on PC's? - perhaps later?

What have you been up to with your machine?

Oh . . . I forgot to mention cyber-sex - perhaps later?


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