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As my imaginary psychiatrist always tells me . . .

"GIGO is all very well and
DIDO (Developed Input Developed Output) is the pro-biotic version"

Certainly a weirdo - probably codes in APL

. . . talking of code; never made much use of Javascript - too unreliable
but this self altering gibberish could certainly be used to make sense
and here is the Chatzy couch and javascript chat room

I learnt everything I needed to know about
computer development from Star Trek
All my Occult knowledge comes from
'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'
As you can imagine
I am ready for anything

My knowledge of Time travel comes from watching
the cult British TV series from the 60's onward
Dr Hu or Dr Who as he is sometimes known

The theme music was created by a very talented musician
in 1958 (I believe it was) who worked in the BBC electronic Workshop
- she was a great innovator (but of course being a woman
has never received much recognition for
the pioneering work of this extraordinary theme tune)

ProjeX tmXxine
Multi-Dimensional Travel
tmXxine Protype 1 - upto to Feb 2004

Onward and Upward - Sideways and Inward

To create a Multi-dimensional tmXxine Console
choose the right language

It will be so much easier in the future
- part of the reason for going there . . .

Recently I was using Netlogo to experimentally output java
it was 900k of applet though . . .
Languages like Elica and LOGO
are fun but they seem too hard for my two year old . . .

Is it just me or is everyone programming the same things
in different languages?
I want to design programs and for that I need the right tools
A sort of Artificial life program that generates topological programs

Is that too much to ask for? Not in the future . . .

You are now returned to Reality . . .
Everything you wanted to know about firewalls,
anti-virus, anti-spyware etc

20 Jan 2004 (updated 10 Jul 2004 at 06:19 UTC) »

Been playing with Curl (am I heretic?) tmXxine
whilst trying to get out of the tmXine cage

Now I am trying to set up the CurlChat environment
without all this login and send me your soul

KISS works for me . . .

Tried these two

TMX chat

but not entirely happy and welcome advisement on a hosted
free chat room that is called from a bit of javascript . . .

How can we get our CPU possessed by a benevolent entity of our choice?

We could join the Holy Geeks
We could pray to Our Father who Arte in Knoppix
We could contract our very soul on a project-by-project basis
We could use cellophane to create a laptop 3D Fairy Princess

We live in a world of choices

A group of neurons in the superior parietal lobe - towards the top and back of the brain - went dark. This is the region associated with processing information about space and time, and the orientation of the body in space. "It determines where the body ends and the rest of the world begins." It's orientation requires sensory input to determine it's calculus. When you block sensory inputs to this region, as you do during intense meditation, "you prevent the brain from forming the distinction between self and not-self - normal boundaries. As a result the brain seems to have no choice but to perceive the self as "endless and intimately interwoven with everyone and everything."
From the neurotheology research of neurologist Dr. James Austin

. . . and now for a little relaxation . . .


21 Nov 2003 (updated 21 Nov 2003 at 05:06 UTC) »

sri say
Animals can really improve your quality of life if you're into that kind of thing.

You mean by eating them? (probably not)

Whilst designing a time machine I thought we might need some ideas . . .
Is it possible to free your mind? http://freemind.sourceforge.net/

Lobster is edible

robert dickenson said

First diary entry for me! Mostly a test to see how this works and whether standard html tags such as bold, italics etc work.
I am a contributor to the open source ReactOS project however have not had much time for such endevours for most of this year due to ongoing personal issues which have required my undivided full attention.

Now this ReactOS
That is an Opensource Longhorn?
Will it be ready before the Ms Gates offering?

And talking of the merger of Windows and Linux
Isn't it about time we had a generic OS that could be configured to
run . . . well everything . . .

So many OS's so little time . . .

zachlipton said:

This is mainly to avoid the shame of a diary that hasn't been updated in years. Most of my blogging has been at my MozillaZine blog which you should check out.
Also, I'm amazed that I'm certified as a master. I really don't deserve this.


You are worthy You are worthy

Build your own time machine and other info

dangermaus says:

Everything that has a beginning has an end

Build a time machine

20 GOTO 10

Do you have any other ideas, maybe more common, that break the Matrix rule? Or that break the modified rule below:
Everything that has a beginning has an end, as long as you do not glue the two ends together, or either one or both ends are open to infinite.
Some straight lines turn out to be circles, if regarded from far away. Some circles look like straight lines if magnified enough. Two sides of the same coin?

Well Dang er Maus

What you say may be true it may even be untrue
it certainly can be both and hopefully neither

all at the same time

|Not so much two sides of one coin
but all sides (including the ones it does not have)
of one coin

Anything that can be stated can be contradicted
and you certainly can argue with that . . .

15 REM This statement to RUN (01) IF CPU ENERGY OVERLAY ON
30 = 01+(-10+-20)
40 GO2 0
50 END IF 2 > 0 OR 20 <> 2+0


Haruspex says: "BBC BASIC is not "based on" or even arguably "influenced by" Modula-2."

He is right - but only in this reality
for other realities try: TMX Time and Dimensional Reality
technology development program

Haruspex says
"If you needed such extravagances you would likely turn to Acorn's Pascal environment, or a Z80 Tube coprocessor with CP/M and Turbo Pascal."
Probably the most innovative feature of BBC BASIC was its built-in assembler

I had a 10186 co-processor (did that come before after or between the 8088 and 8086?)
and it ran Turbo Pascal 3.3 (I think it was)

Never used assembler? Does anyone use the HLA assembler
should I be using that? I am trying to write a console for a Time Machine
(who isn't?)

I intend to start using Squeak as soon as I can work
out how to install a debian package on Linux
(easier than RPM and tar balls
- maybe so, but STILL not easy enough for
experienced incompetents like me . . .

Rev. Crusty Lobster
is an ordained member of the clergy of
The Church of Spiritual Humanism
Date of Ordination: February 7, 2003
Previous to this he died

I have just started a NEW forum and people are talking about
very basic stuff such as upgrading computers, running Linux on an X box
and assorted PovRay, Suf and, I was a Teeanage computer nerd confessions
type 'stuff'

All Friends, Programmers and Time Travellers
are welcome
to contribute their
knowledge, questions and experience - but just remeber
some of these people may be speaking the equivalent of Atlantean
... or it might be you . . .
or send a blank email to

Useful Atlantean Phrases (always useful to know a little Atlantean
- with perhaps a but of Klingon)

(moakh) DEEG-tem EHN-luh-nuhg BAH-sheh-beh-nen doo. (Do you speak English?)
(kahg) DEEG-tem AHD-luhn-tih-suhg kwahm BAH-sheh-beh-kik. (I don't speak Atlantean.)
(kahg) DEEG-tem AHD-luhn-tih-suhg TEE-pihm-mil ser BAH-sheh-beh-kik. (I only speak a little Atlantean.)
DEE-gesh AHD-luhn-tih-sugh, mehk LEH-guhp EE-muhg neb EH-seh-toat duhp. (What is this called in Atlantean?)

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