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Eek! I've had so many requests for my photojournal code that I've had to tar it up and do a little setup script and stuff... it's all rather swamping! Anyway, there's stuff here if you want to download it :-) Web-based backend coming RSN!

I've written a new photojournal in PHP, that I think looks and works really well. I'd been putting this off for a while because I was lazy, but I managed to get it up and running in an afternoon. I'm pretty impressed. Now I'll be inspired to keep my life up to date, and with pictures! Yay.

Now I should go and finish my History and Philosophy of Science essay. Blerh.

jdub: But it took no effort! Witticisms just drip from my tongue, collecting in a congealed mass at the bottom of a heated glass plunger.

'twas my birthday on Friday, which brings me to the big 21... a little scary because I still consider that to be "old". Oh well. For my birthday I got a Canon Powershot Pro90 IS digital camera, which is very very sweet. Probably going to start up a photographic journal on liedra.net but I'll probably write some sort of script that makes things goodly first. Yay. I also got a Pioneer DVD ROM which works really well under linux. Ghost in the Shell is a cool movie.


Almost done with the seafolly.com site. There's just a holding page there atm, until seafolly gets their act together and gives me some content :-)
Managed to convice bossen that a linux firewall would be a Good Thing. That's next week's job! Yay :-)


not much going on, dropped a few subjects after it was found that a) Bullant is crap, b) Bullant people paid lots of money to come and advertise to uni students by teaching the software engineering course, and c) Bullant people would be retaining the IP of any projects that the uni students wrote. I was not too happy with any of that, so I dropped it. Otherwise, things are looking as though they're going towards me doing a major in comp sci and a major in history and philosophy of science (a subject I picked up as "something a little different" and have since enjoyed very much). Yay. Pity I have to apply through UAC to change my enrolment. Ber :-(

So anyway, that was a quick job. I'd love to discuss the specifics of why I quit, but my now ex-boss is somewhat likely to read this diary.
I'm starting a new job on Monday though, working for a webdesign company doing some programming. The upside is that it's a job, and a part time job at that; the downside is that it's a cold fusion programming job. *sigh* Ah well, I'll be hoping to push as much linux into the place as possible :-)


My name is now up in green lights *smile*; that means, as I told malcolm, that I can now write rambly articles. Heh. I'm not sure if it's a done thing to thank the people who certify you, but I'll do it anyway; thanks guys :-)

other stuff

amibotornot.com is up! Add your markov, info and generally annoying bots to it. Proudly presented by ritsuko.xware.cx and WzDD. Yay.
21 Jul 2001 (updated 21 Jul 2001 at 17:16 UTC) »

Nothing too much exciting happening, the job's turning out interesting as I'm the only admin (and Telstra ADSL sucks bigtime), so I'm dealing with just my little babies, radon and neon :-)


Got my uni results back; after tweaking to the fact that my Networked Systems results didn't seem to include my assignment marks, hastily written email set it back in place from the (although quite nice number) fail of 42 to "a clear credit" (exact mark to be yet determined). Otherwise a credit in History and Philosophy was a little laughable, and a pass in Operating Systems relieving (the exam for that was *hard*, dammit).


Have been hanging out on #gnome a bit recently; I don't even use gnome (*shhh, my secret shame; don't tell them*) but the interesting conversations seem to keep drawing me back there (especially the off-topic ones). Dead lambs to vicious and gman, "official" #gnome deities. I get the feeling they actually have little idea as to who I am. Heh.


For all you voyeurs out there, I have my photos page finally up. That's all, there ain't no more.

So after OneTel collapsed and I lost my job, I looked around for something that would do the ol' rent paying; living thing... I now am working as a sysadmin and having a great time working out iptables (I know ipchains, so iptables was a new adventure and time to unlearn lots of bad habits or something ;-) and policy routing.

Yay. So now I have a webserver on the 'net that I can call my own. *awww*

This weekend has been rather relaxing; I rebooted into windows (ergh, yuk, especially when it decided to reinstall all my motherboard settings) to play Black and White; in which I managed to kick some serious butt. I like being a god, even if I seem to be getting evil.

Updated my homepage! I tried to get rid of as many 404s as I could be bothered at the time (mainly because of potential employers), so I think the only 404s left are on my programming page (uni and reviews or something). So I'll fix them eventually (when I have something to write. Yes.).

I guess that's it for the time being. Adios!

So I did the whole Agenda talk thing; it's up on my homepage at http://www.liedra.net/programming/agenda.php.
My talk slides are there, as is my port of DadaDodo.


So! I'm currently doing my Agenda talk for SLUG and I've also finally ported something to the Agenda!
It's DadaDodo, a markov sentence generator that

"analyses texts for word probabilities, and then generates random sentences based on that. Sometimes these sentences are nonsense; but sometimes they cut right through to the heart of the matter, and reveal hidden meanings."
according to its writer, Jamie Zawinski.

I should probably email him to let him know this, but all it took was a simple recompile :-)

I'll put it up on my homepage when I've finished this damned talk! Updates will come.

I'm getting the journal code to the point where I could consider releasing it (soon - there are still a bunch of features I want to put in before the release). I get the feeling it will take a little bit of knowhow to get it looking the way you want it, but in future releases I think I'll endeavour to get it so that the masses can use it :-) Some people have already asked me for the code, so I guess it must be pretty to look at ;-) (the page, not the code... that's another thing I have to fix up :-)

My friend Joel I think will be helping me out with some css-es that he's written for it, perhaps that will help the whole usability process.

Don't forget that you can read more about my endeavours at my home page.

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