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Back in the game somewhat... Work is heating up even more... Got more real world responsibility which makes it more difficult to do Open Source stuff in the spare time.

I have taken it upon myself to learn some XML,XSLT, DocBook and other goodies. I am going to attempt to help document the DarwinPorts project... I have been following it and using for at least a month before the release.... Heck I even committed some code to it at one point [which was later replaced by an admittedly better version].

All the people involved did a really nice job IMO. Its even working on Linux and FreeBSD now I hear.

Been taking a mild Open Source hiatus for a few weeks. Work demands have been higher... I have been taking time to get back to my roots and dig up some old phone numbers and chat with some old friends.

As far as what is up with Kyra... Lee and I have been talking assembly based optimizations which gives me the opportunity to use some AltiVec code when I do the Kyra port. I may also end up supporting the Linux version of Lee's x86 code.

Kyra is generating a small community now... we have two people who have written Python bindings for it and we sometimes get comments and suggestions from the community about how to do things better.

It again has been some time since my last entry. I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Jaguar and trying to help out at OpenDarwin.org. The "darwinports" system is very interesting but I cannot run it yet as it is designed around 10.2 userland which I would have to build by hand a bit.

Other than that.... Kyra hit 1.6.4 yesterday though it really doesn't like my machine [I have to get Lee to let me test the candidates first next time!]. Work has gotten pretty zany as of late with lots of people moving around.. things are stabilizing a bit in other ways though. Overall its a good thing.

Had to drop the UFS work... I just don't have the time anymore. On a positive note Kyra is progressing forward and I have been able to follow KDE more closely.

Travelling again Monday through Wednesday... kind of a bummer.

Well I am back from Long Island. It wasn't a completely useless trip though the two other guys who are still there will be working hard for a whlie.

It's good to be back.

Anyway I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to this weekend so I hope to do some catching up this week. There are some interesting kernel extension discussions going over at opendarwin.org involving some neat ideas like etcfs for holding the contents of Netinfo in a filesystem hierarchy as well as other ways of mounting remote file systems like ftpfs or ssh/scp/ [basically kio_fish but at the OS level].

Neat stuff.

I managed to get XNU built and ran on my "modified kernel" for a week straight on my laptop... the keys haven't melted yet so I guess that's a plus :)

I didn't get much done this weekend with respect to UFS + SoftUpdates on XNU... It was one of those undermotivated slightly lethargic times when I thought I wouldn't be able to produce anything worthwhile so I didn't bother... *sigh* coder's block?

I will be off this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and have to fly to Long Island NY on Sunday and won't be back in town until the following Friday so after this week I will have little time to mess with Open Source stuff for a while. I have no idea what degree of connectivity I will have to the internet while I am gone... i bet its 56k modem :)

Well that's life I guess... I hate to travel but I must...

Well another week is about to begin and I have been busying myself trying to build XNU [Darwin/BSD kernel]. It need some documentation of how to do this from the CVS sources at Opendarwin.org. This is all part of my efforts to get the UFS updates from FreeBSD into Darwin [softupdates/etc].

I hope to have it figured out by the end of the week.


Kyra took another step towards 100% autoconfiscation last night. I have to re-merge in Lee's newer collision detection code to my branch to make it complete. Once we get it into some stable working condition maybe we will be able to use it for 1.6. :) That would be nice. Right now its a CVS only project.

KDE-Darwin is doing well. I got my new mac and will be compiling the whole damned thing this evening while I am at a party. Hopefully it goes smoothly.

Apparently there was a regular expression problem in QT that caused a function to be called recursively like 10000 times before it quit. Someone posted a patch on KDE-Devel and it has benefitted KDE-Darwin/BSD/ Linux people greatly. I have asked RangerRick about using qt-copy and it seems basically KDE-Darwin pretty much needs its own "qt-copy" right now for everything to build and run. Things are coming along nicely there...

Mac monitors [while expensive] are worth it if you can afford it IMHO. The all digital/power/USB through one cable is neat technology. I am uncertain how they manage to get all of that to go through the nVidia card but it works amazingly well. Also 17" Apple flat Panel is the same as a really really great 19" CRT in terms of screen size. I am really impressed.

Till later


It seems that OpenDarwin.org is looking for a packaging system to accompany Darwin. This may be the closest thing we can find to an "official" packaging system for Darwin/OS X so we should proceed carefully and consider many options.

Jordan Hubbard was looking at Fink but had a few doubts based on some instability caused by what RangerRick called a sourceforge.net screw up affecting the bootstrapping of Fink. This is clearly a serious issue. If Fink could find more stable hosting it may be it. Jubilation for the Debian fans.... :)

I also suggested that we look at the Gentoo portage system. Its got the ability to have multiple versions of the same "package" or "port" installed simultaneously without the need for several different package entries via the SLOT mechanism. Interesting stuff.... Important stuff.

New Mac should be here tomorrow *D*R*O*O*L*

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