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9 Nov 2000 (updated 11 Nov 2000 at 03:58 UTC) »

Life is in the mix; cut it up

For some strange reason I learned to play "Time of Your Life" by Greenday. I don't even like Greenday, although Time of Your Life is alright.

The Godspeed You Black Emporer! list isn't as bad as the RHML, but it's still quite bad. They keep meantioning an FTP site that you can download loads of bootlegs but I can't find it. ARGH! I can't ask as I'll look like a clueless newbie (which I am. . . but hey).

Got Xen Cuts back. Still pretty cool.

Slept till 1:30pm today. Really really shouldn't have. But it was the fact that I was up for about 21hours yesterday and got up at 7am again today. So hopefully I'm all slept out and can get up at a reasonable time tomorrow.

Room is still tidy. I need to find some Christmas lights to hang around the place. Just for ambiance and stuff.

Now for bed.

W . A . S . T . E .


In a strange mood I signed up for a GBYE! mailing list. Maybe, just maybe it won't end up like the Radiohead one with me screaming at stupid Americans who just refused to even go anywhere near the point of what anyone else said. And maybe there won't be 100teenyboppers who decided to be "different" and support an "indie" band, and then proceeded to claim they wanted Thom's babies.

Libwvdial.so works! I am currently connected using my amazing 4 line C program.

int main (int argc, char **argv) {
WVDial *dial = wv_dial_new ("/etc/wvdial.conf", 0600, FALSE);
wv_dial_dial (dial);
while (1){ wv_dial_select (dial, 100, -1, -1, -1);
wv_dial_execute (dial);	}

Kick ass! Maybe I'll get round to wrapping other things, so that it can do the proper logging and stuff. (But I'll do that when I come up against things that need it. Muhahahaha global takeover here I come!)

Tomorrow is Monday, means everything starts all over again.

I've got a free house Wednesday (I had to correct how I spelled that. . .), Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon, so if anyone wants to come round, you're welcome. Although I'll be out Wednesday (Got it first time this time. . .) night, and Thursday night.

Have decided that I'm not going to buy anymore CDs till at least December.

Eep. Typing in mozilla makes the scrolling title on my xmms all jerky. Something wrong with that surely.

Leg thing is still driving me crazy.

W . A . S . T . E .

Tju Tju!

I got a spinny chair. Wheeeee. No more garden furniture for me to work on and get bad back ache. No! I have a comfy chair :D

Went to Belfast again to get a guitar peg. 49p it cost. So to make the trip worth while, I got CDs. (Bet you knew that was coming . . .)I was going to get a Hole album but they were 16quid, and I don't spend 16quid on an album, unless it's special. So instead I bought Sigur Ros (Agaetis Byrjum) and Low (One More Reason To Forget).

Sigur Ros is very pretty, but there's not one English word on the inlay, or any of the songs, so I have no idea what they're singing about. Sounds nice all the same, and the guitar with violin bow works really well.

Had a huge game of hunts in the church after yoof club. Kicked ass, about 30 of us running around. For the final game, because I'd helped so many people into their hiding places, I had no time to hide, so I stood on a chair in a dark corner. It still took them about 10minutes to find me, even with the number of people who walked right past me.

Working on fun Bonobo stuff, and I think I've managed to wrap the wvdial.a into a shared library in C, so the wvdial program can be a 4 line C program. Not tested it yet, because I can't be bothered to play with autoconf and automake.

There's a thing on my leg, it's been there for about 11months now. And I'm trying so hard not to scratch it so it will go away. But it's itching SOOOOOO much. I will falter and scratch it before tomorrow morning. And it will have won. Bollocks.

W . A . S . T . E .

We are living in a material world, and I am a material girl

At Genesis tonight, I managed to watch MTV2. And they played a song I kinda liked, but didn't know who it was by. Turns out it was Celebrity Skin by Hole. So I'm going to have to buy a Hole album sometime soon.

Started to wrap the WVDial static library into a C shared library. I think I've wrapped enough of it to rewrite the wvdial program in C. I shall test this theory out when I am not so tired.

Dunno why I'm tired.

Snow Patrol are playing on Sunday, but I dunno if I'll go. Don't like going out on Sunday: Day of rest and all that. And plus my parents have to go to bed early, cos of work. So if I come in late, my floor will squeak and they'll be woken up, and I'll feel bad. So I'll have to think about it.

Mistletoe and Wine

Then Low are here on 15th, JJ72 on 2nd December, and At The Drive-In on 9th December. Lots of fun bands coming. Woohoo.

Also should get a Low album if I'm going to see them. And some Sigur Ros. And loads of other stuff is coming out too.

W . A . S . T . E .

Dear sir, I have a complaint

eliot: Ah, mystery solved. It shouldn't be "The Pixies", it should be "The Posies". The other two people named in the radio announcer thing are the guitarist and drummer from the Posies, so it's a sort of semi cover by them I guess. Although you missed the best bit. . . Thom Yorke singing Wonderwall by Oasis really badly :).

Yeah, just call me Radiohead geekboy. But not in public.

W . A . S . T . E .

I accidently touched my head, and noticed that I had been bleeding

eliot: I'm fairly certain that Blowout is Radiohead's own song. Seeing as the inlay for Pablo Honey says "All songs written by Radiohead (Words by Thom)", and no site I have ever seen has meantioned it to be a cover. The Pixies may have covered it, but I dunno (although that might be what you meant)

Today's thought: When playing pool, it is much more gratifying to hit the balls all over the table (in the vague direction of the holes), and see if any go into the pockets, than to line up shots, work out the angles and put them neatly into the pockets with one shot.
It is even more gratifying to win a game using the former method.

Got my sucky UI ideas commited into the Exec Summary. Now moving ESummary's around is easy :)

I spoke up and I said "YEAH!"

I really have to tidy my room one of these days. And spray paint a picture onto my wall.

I think, that for the past 15years I've been spelling "Wednesday" as "Wedensday". Although I'm not sure, but "Wednesday" doesn't look right, and "Wedensday" is the one that comes out naturally. Although looking at them now, I have no idea. Maybe I didn't. Maybe I did. Am I going insane? Yes. ARGH.

Maybe everything will look brighter in the morning.

W . A . S . T . E .

However, for a beginner, the easiest way is to kill everyone as quickly as you can with the handgun

Halfterm. Parents were off yesterday and today. Wheee. They kept trying to wake me up early, but I resisted. Muhahaha. I then woke up really hungry and wondered where they were. After 20minutes wondering why they weren't home to make me lunch (yes, I'm lazy), I vaguely remembered my mum saying "There's some pizzas in the freezer. Cook them." Drat, had to cook myself. Bad things. . . I can't cook. Not even pizza. I still managed to burn it.
I think the executive summary is turning out quite swimmingly.
Whoever decided that fireworks should be legal again needs to be shot.
I think I have to tidy this place up tomorrow.
Jelly rings are the greatest sweet ever.
Love Hearts come a close second. Unless they're sucky ones that say really romantic things like "Fax me!" or "Email me".
Broke one of the pegs that holds strings in place on an acoustic guitar. Looks like another trip into town to get more guitar stuff. I know that one of these days I'm going to buy a long strap. I just know it.

W. A. S. T. E.

We're on our way to fall in love

I finished "The Crying Of Lot 49". It's a pretty good book all in all. Even if it has no ending.
I also spent an hour trying to get the Evolution mail composer to be wrapped inside a library so that external programs could use it without needing to do any fancy oaf or CORBA stuff. It didn't work. I think it needs to be lied to and told that it is owned and is just running normally, when it's not. Which seems like a bit of a hack. Maybe there should be a simple "EvolutionShell" object able to be created. I'll have to have a think about it.
Still getting up early, like 9am, and it's almost 2am and I'm getting tired. Wow. Have I finally returned to normal sleeping patterns that I lost when I started university 4 years ago? "Hmmm, I've got all my lectures before 1pm. . . looks like I'll be photocopying everything then."
Started "Gravity's Rainbow".
Borrowed the new Yo La Tengo album and the new Flaming Lips album from Phil, cos he has my Kid A and Xen Cuts, so I need to make up for it somehow :D
Thought for the day:
If the possible cancer/braindamage risks with mobile phones do actually turn out to be true. . . we're kind of up that proverbial creek without the paddles. 50% of the UKs population have them, and over 200,000 under 14s.

"I don't understand why people would want to be so contactable. It's as though people don't rate themselves unless they're supposed to be at a meeting"

W . A . S . T . E .

29 Oct 2000 (updated 8 Nov 2004 at 17:17 UTC) »

Inamorati Anonymous

graydon and lilo are having what could be an interesting argument but I've not read it all. I think I agree more with lilo but I never know, cos I never know what to think.

pick some year in the future, N. the world population, if canadians continue to reproduce, is (2^N)*IP + CP. if canadians halt their reproduction, the world population is (2^N)*IP. this is less. it's still lots, but it's less.
The problem I have with this is: The canadians are still going to have more space, money, whatever than the indians. So over all, while the worlds population have decreased, the indian one has increased, and the canadian one has had no effect whatsoever on the indian one. So canadians not reproducing doesn't actually solve any problems with world population, which I don't think is the major problem in the world. Instead I think the major problem is that the wealth of the world isn't spread very well. Call me a communist if you want.

Still, less Canadians can only be a good thing, eh?(1)

[Ali]So, in a bare fistfight between Jackie Chan
and Bruce Lee, who'd you think would win?
[Iain]Jackie Chan obviously
[Ali]No way! Why'd you think that?
[Iain]Bruce Lee's dead

Today is a day of misplaced affection.
Case #1: B. got a SMS from C. It read something like "Why do you never talk to me?". C. then sent J. an SMS saying "Hi J. B. never talks to me, and it's doing my head in. I love him so much and can't get him out of my head. ARGH, I just wish he'd talk to me.". No problems there, execpt C. forgot to change the number she wanted to send it to, and sent it to the person she had last sent an SMS to: . . . B. Opps
Lilo and others have been putting mailto links to places like uce@ftc.gov and here and even here but is this going to work. Do mass mailers not have blacklists for addresses you don't send spam to?

(1)Only kidding. I love Canadia. Especially Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Kid Koala, and Hayden.
(2)Different C. from Case #1

W . A . S . T . E .

Shopping: bought Regular Fries/Kool Keith single, copy of Jockey Slut, 2 commentaries on Corinthians, a cool bright orange tshirt, another set of guitar strings which I *THINK* I've put on okay this time, 3 plectrums and a mcdonalds meal.


Had a mini rant that I don't like the Mac toolbars at the top of the screen idea and think that such a system is very very broken in GNOME (My reasoning)
Also I'm fed up that so many people are trying to do something that is IMO useless. I know of 4 people who've attempted this and have got nowhere, as it is a lot harder to do right than at first might seem. And these 4 people could have done something a lot more useful like make a decent GNOME-hints dialog. I'm sorry, but that thing sucks. Having seen the KDE one, it was far far nicer (even if they did have Kandalf the wizard).

Report all obscene mail to your Potsmaster!

I've been up before 10am 3 days in a row now. This can't be healthy.
A lovely interesting hack

gtk_html_begin (html);
html->engine->newPage = FALSE;
will stop a GtkHTML widget returning to the top of the page when you redraw it. Very useful to know.

W . A . S . T . E .

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