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Yes, I know it's a few minutes after my last entry
Is it just me or is Freshmeat getting flooded with Perl scripts?
Wonder if myfirstcprogram.sourceforge.net is registered yet.

So went to see the was 16 now 17 year old in her work today
She had asked me to call in.
So I did.
Her name's Ashleigh.
Took me 3 days to find this out
Although she's probably told me it 10times or so
(I'm crap with names. Like REALLY crap)
So yeah, she works in a cafe, so I had my lunch there, then said goodbye.
Aparently the people having lunch outside the cafe play in Van Morrison's band
She thinks they're gay.
Apart from this, very little has happened.
Loom is now in sourceforge CVS
I can't spell Joakim's name for toffee
RHML list has been inundated with posts about some girl having sex
Which isn't so bad in itself
execpt they're really quite graphic
and it's not an image I want in my head.
Still it makes her an easy target for my caustic wit
Genesis tomorrow.
Apparently I'm now a leader
ARGH responsibilty.
must run away now.

<jdub> iain: your diary entries are disturbing to say the least. very amusing though.
Disturbing is a new one.

I practice every day to find some clever lines to say
to make the meaning come through
But then I think I'll wait until the evening gets late
and I'm alone with you.
Oh oh oh oh
I can see it in your eyes
that you despise the same old lines
You heard the night before
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
And then I go and spoil it all,
By saying something stupid like
I love you

It really is quite special to find Button Down Brass as the last track of a dance compilation.
Bentley Rythmn Ace rule.
AtariD ataCenter wins the prize for the greatest name ever. Well done.
Very little else to say.
Apart from I don't think the 16year old meantioned last week is 16.
I think she's older.
"Betty Boo, Just doing the do"

Well, do I win for the first diary entry posted with Galeon?
Doubt it
This really is a lovely simple browser.
I'm wondering what it would take to add caching
but the moz widget probably does that already
(it does pretty much everything else)
Started being all arty.
So far I've taken photos of a burnt out car
The sunset
The path of the moon over Belfast Lough
Random photos of the view from my roof
And I've no idea why.
I guess I'll get them scanned eventually
Well I've moved my homepage to www.teenfree.com/ihateiain
and yes, it is on a porn website
They're fast, have lots of bandwidth, and hardly any names are taken :)
What more do you want
Oh yeah, and they put links to things like "SeeMePee.com" at the top...

got evolution to read/send mail.
Nautilus looks like it's taken a step back
cos the "Show <stuff>" has vanished.
So now I have everything I need
and lack of a decent mailer was the last thing that was keeping me using windows
so why am I back in it?
Why do I hate generally using the internet from linux?
I've thought about this and I think it's 2 things.
1. My monitor sucks on the machine that is connected to the rest of the world.
2. Netscape. The interface is fucking awful, and it feels so clunky.
Then I saw about galeon.
Happy iainy.
I dunno.
I think thats all I don't like about linux online.
I used it happily in Guelph for ages
Hopefully Loom will be worked on again.
Started hacking on some "small" program
but I don't feel like working on it any more.
Too much planning to go into it I think
and I'm not in that mood.
Been jamming with Chris
Everything we do seems to work lyricless
so maybe our band will be a music only band.

Let's build quiet armies friends,
Let's march on their glass towers...,
Let's build fallen cathedrals + make impractical plans...
Interested parties should contact us:
P.O. BOX 2,

Went to Genesis tonight
Dance night.
Trancey drancey night.
Sat around, cos trance is too boring for me to dance to.
all the time.
Asked the DJ if he had any hiphop.
He didn't
He did the standard DJ thing when someone asks for some genre he knows nothing about
"Awww yeah, I...err... meant to bring it with me, but I couldn't fit it in the car, sorry"
So I sat on the pool table and bounced about
Not dancing
More sort of just banged on the table or swayed, trying to get it as hiphoppy as I could
Then the cutest girl there asked me to dance.
I said "no, I don't dance to this stuff."
She said she didn't either
So we bopped around.
Don't know her name.
But she's 16
too young for my ancient soul
Why do I always end up hanging round with the younger people?
As I get older, the people I hang around with get younger
Another attempt to pretend I'm still young?
Funny thing, watching people who've never/rarely been to a nightclub/gig trying to dance
They all think they know what they're doing
But they just look stupid
Cos all they do is what they saw on TV
Probably on "Ibiza Uncovered" or something crap like that
Then I let some guy who'd falled his driving test twice go for a drive in my car.
I had an affinity with him, cos I failed twice too
We're both crap.
Then I took my friend Jonie home
And gave his dog beer.
It sneezed a lot
But it always went back for more.
Then I came home.
Then I looked to see how many mp3s Getright had downloaded.
Which kinda sucks as it was going for 4 hours.
But it did download about 40meg
so I guess thats a lot.
What an amazingly pointless pile of crap
What decade are we in?
Does anyone know?

"The car is on fire, and there is no driver at the wheel"
Like Mathieu I too made a new website, although I've only been productive enough to make a front page. It will be better, but this is it at the moment. http://www. webtribe.net/i/iain/index.html
Do yourself a favour and get some music
Although they are a tad big. The soundcheck for one concert alone is 15meg.
Tomorrow I dismantle the skateramp. It's a huge fucker
Oh, apparently it means Total Chaos, not just Chaos.

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