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Finally found out what this means.


This fame thing, I don't get it

I wrap my hand in plastic to try to look through it

Maybelline eyes and girl-as-boy moves

I can take you far

This star thing, I don't get it

Started adding ARGs to things.
Kelly watched the stars.
Watched Mallrats and Chasing Amy today with Chris, cos he just saw Dogma and we were bored.
Got up at 9am and went to "The Breakfast Club". Had to run and stuff.
Realised at 10:55pm that I'd not eaten anything (mealwise) all day. Got hungry and went and ate 2 cookies.
Found a can of coke
Happy Iain

"Come in U.N.K.L.E. 77"
So my UIInfo thingy seems to be working quite nicely. It's fairly clean and easy to understand although seems to be more typing than the last version, but IMHO it was just confusing.
Silly Season is continuing although everyone seems to have calmed down. Wonder if it's because the UVF have warned people not to protest.
Seems Args may have to be added to a lot of things before my UIInfo thing will actually be of use. Hoohum, it's not too hard.
Used Napster, GNapster and gnutella today. They are pretty shitty really. Napster really did have a crap UI, although the GNutella one was worse.
Was looking for Dead Yankee Drawl - Manic Street Preachers, and all of Darkdancer - Les Rythmes Digitales, because I've lost the CDs. Hoohum. Back to the web I guess, cos I'm not using Napster again.
"I won't let you fall in love"

Sneakums: That's when I reach for my revolver
That's when it all gets blown away
Mody did that song too, but I can't remember who it's originally.
Decklin:Do n't worry about it :)
Hmmm, my UIInfo replacement has hit snags. I think I can work round it, but it's annoying when you've spent all afternoon writing stuff, and then you get to a point where you go "Oh, this can't be done at all" and then the solution appears 3 hours later, but to implement it the whole thing gets messy (for both the code and the end user) and the point of my attempted rewrite was to make is simpler and add more functionality. Hmmm, we'll have to see.
Todays other achievement (apart from all those "great" test scores) was that I worked out how to play Torn and Under The Bridge(intro only - although it's possibly the second most played intro after stairway to heaven). And Nursery Rhyme by U.N.K.L.E. (DJ Shadow and Badly Drawn Boy) is possibly the coolest song ever.

got 3.56 in C programming
3.06 in HTML
and 3.12 in Linux Admin.
Can't be very scientific.
Started writing an UIInfo replacement. It'll probably suck.
Need to fix GNOME-Iconedit so that it doesn't include the autogenned file with liboaf stuff in it.
My office rules.

New release
Decided to blame redraw bug on libart. Can't see any problems in the gnome-canvas code, so I'm blaming one of the art_uta functions, or possible art_rect_list_from_uta. Unless something stupid is happening and I'm deleting part of the primitive, but I don't think I am.
In a band. Got some more of a song I wrote a verse of a year ago done. Quite impressive. At this rate, I'll have a whole album done before the year 2050
Got a Sonic Youth album: Daydream Nation. It's quite alright.
Lots of Chinnock helicoptors flew over earlier. Obviously army is fearing the worst for tomorrow.
The local dickheads were burning out buses for roadblocks earlier.

Testing time. No its not in CVS yet.
Here's a picture to wet your appetite and make you want to compile and test it
"We need and we will always need, another invented disease"
"We need and we are taught to need, another invented disease."
"idle hands" rules and Jessica alba is quite nice graduate
I'm going to be a youth worker for a while (a year) having turned down the coding job of my dreams. But it was something I felt I needed to do.
"destroyed by madness"

Boat->Carrick->Aberdeen. I hate the drive.
Found best club in Aberdeen - the night before I leave forever.
Noticed my diary entries are degenerating into a Microserfsesque mess

Shouted at rent people for trying to call in the bailiffs even though they had cashed the rent cheques and hadn't even tried to contact our parents about the missing rent (which was what the contract said they would do)
Went to Sean's. Watched TV all night

Wait 10.5 hours

This Life :- Why?
tr: the bug that won't die.

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