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Cos if I never saw the sunshine, then maybe, I wouldn't mind the rain:

  • Worked on GNOME-Iconedit again. Started making it MVC, so basically it's a semi-rewrite. It needed a rewrite anyway, it's almost a year old. So after spending 6hours looking for a hideous memory corruption bug (which was cos I wasn't initialising a variable.....GRRRRR), and contemplating starting it over from scratch, I've got the menus, and toolbars and the grid displaying the stuff again. I'll connect up the drawing code tonight I think, and then the cut and paste stuff shouldn't be that difficult with this new method. But it displays. And once it's in MVC, it's BONOBO time.
  • Need to find time to fit everything else I want to do in.
  • I did tidy my room today though, which looks good, finally.
  • Party sucked, or I suck at parties. I only knew 5 people there, and they all knew other people too, so I ended up sitting in the corner looking around. Until the Navy showed up, and then I got intimidated as they were all much taller than me, so after sticking it out for 2 hours I walked home, all depressed.
  • Went to buy some food tonight, but I got distracted and ended up coming home with a carton of ice cream. Oh well, it will go well with that other wise food purchase I made: an apple crumble. My parents really shouldn't let me live on my own.
  • What the hell is Application/X-MSDOWNLOAD? I wish people would stop sending me crap.

PARTY!:<br> <ul><li>I'm finished. Last exam was 90minutes ago and it's all over. Everything. I am no longer a student, although by my calculations I should be able to get a ISIC that says I am till 2002. :D</li><li><a href="http://www.abdn.ac.uk">They</a> are making me use KDE. It fucking sucks. I'd not used it since 0.9B or something, but it's still shit now.</li> <li>Barbeque tonight. Guess I'll go, cos pretty Laura asked me to go, but I don't think I can stay cos I've got to go out with <a href="http://www.abdn.ac.uk/~u05scw">Sean</a> before he goes home tomorrow, or I'll never see him again. *sniff*.</li> <li>Now I can start to work on my TODO list. Fun times are ahead.</li> </ul>

Kiss me out of desire, Baby, not consolation:

  • Exams aren't even finished (kinda given up on them though...can't be bothered to do anything with them), but I've already been invited to a party after them. By a pretty girl called Laura, whose friend my flatmate is madly in love with. Cool.
  • GFX tomorrow. The notes are shit. They have like a line on a slide saying "There are 2 types of filling: flood and boundary" and we're supposed to read about them in the book. Execpt it's Foley and van Dam, which is 1300pages, and goes into detail on every topic. So I end up reading it for hours on every type of filling under the sun, cos I don't know what we're supposed to know and what we're not. Good book though. Very detailed, and I now know how to do hidden line removal. Don't need to know that though. *shrug*
  • Got Grace back from Rish. Such a good album. Someone claimed Jeff could only reach the high notes cos he sang in falsetto. Corpus Christi Carol is *NOT* falsetto. This guy has a vocal range of over 8 octaves apparently.
  • Joakim is working on Loom again, and once I get the time I'll start back on it as well. Got loads of ideas for it and gnome-forest
  • 3 exams left. GFX is a bastard, NLP seems really really easy, and Functional Programming could go either way
  • The end is in sight
  • T - 3

Do you give good head?:

  • More hacking on random bonobo stuff. Got the toolbars to work without labels, and Michael liked it :). He didn't like my print patch for the Gnomines thing though, cos it just does a screengrab basically, and thats not the correct way to do it, which I kinda suspected, but couldn't be bothered fixing/changing
  • _V_ is also thinking about fixing up UIInfo stuff as well. Should email my stuff to him, but I've no time to write it up.
  • Exam yesterday was really easy. I took ten minutes just choosing the question to do, just because I could do everything on the paper, and I ended up picking the 2 hardest questions, just because I felt like a challenge.
  • Hopefully the exam tomorrow (same lecturer) is just as easy.
  • 4 more exams
  • T - 6

Jerry Springer - My uncle is my pimp:

  • Bored bored bored
  • Made a hack for the music view in Nautilus last night, it looks like this but no-one really liked it, cos the play buttons didn't look like they belonged there.
  • People on the course are complaining that the first exam was "too hard because it wasn't representitive of the course". I thought it was fine and had to restrain myself from saying "If you've fucked up it's your own fault, not the exams fault".
  • Probably should do something else, but I'm so amazingly bored.
  • Summer is almost here and I just want to lie back and do nothing important.
  • Like skateboard
  • Raster didn't like a comment I made about Imlib because I said it had a nasty API, and was memory leaky as hell
  • T - 8

It fits when I stretch and I stretch because I can:

  • So I went to write an article. Yes, all by myself. I'm not telling what it was about, sufice to say, I couldn't find my main source or information, so that plan went kablooey.
  • Done very little apart from revision.
  • Made a list of things to do after I finish my exams, and it came to about 21items. only 2 of them were irrelevant things. Arse.
  • Still annoyed with people trying to put pretty language that attempts to justify napsters use for downloading pirate mp3s. Not much I can do though.
  • T - 9

She's 3 miles up that road:

  • T-11 and counting
  • Forgot to do this last night as I was knackered.
  • Made lots of Imlib->Gdk-Pixbuf patches for gnome-games. Here they are - learn how to replace Imlib functions with GdkPixbuf: A certain way to impress the ladies at parties.
  • Had an exam yesterday. Knowledge Based Systems. Was alright I guess. The air was very fresh feeling afterwards though :)
  • 6 more to go.
  • Dunno what I'm going to do today. Probably not much, I've only got stupid ethics tomorrow.
  • T - 10 and counting

Ain't gonna work for no soul-suckin' jerk:

  • Totally stressed. My stress spots are out in force. There's 14 of them on my arm now. I'd better not scratch them, or my arm will be a mess
  • Went to Georges' tonight and he explained Rete network stuff to me. This means I'll be able to answer at least 2 questions tomorrow.
  • Miguel was going to add my magic canvas patch, but because it breaks some stuff he wanted me to fix all the places it would break, which is far too much for me to check, so I've told him not to add it. Maybe after the exams.
  • Noticed I possibly started Mazeone's anti-crusade thing. Opps. However, Imlib was good enough to base GNOME on, because it was what was available at the time. However, later because it sucked, and the code was unmaintainable (ask MMarker about it :) it was ditched for something better. Sometimes things have to be replaced imlib was one of them.
  • T - 12 and still counting.

I considered your letter, I understood your question:

  • Read my stuff. Understanding it pretty much. Worked out how to do the midpoint algorithm, which I might do after the first exam (on saturday).
  • Compiled up Evolution (looking better and better) and Gnumeric. Then I played with Bonobo embedding, and then I took a screenshot. Plus you can see the pretty toolbar I did for the Gnomines embeddable.
  • I did find a bug in Bonobo, plus I fixed it. I'm getting better at this bug fixing malarky.
  • Decided once I finish my exams I'm going to do a "Get rid of Imlib" crusade, and remove Imlib from my computer. Sawmill isn't going to be fun unfortunatly...
  • Thats on top of all the other things I want to do. Had an idea about how to include arbitrary widgets in GNOMEUI_* structures. so I might play with that, plus I have to bonoboise GNOME-Iconedit, and I think the arbitrary widgets plan will need all widgets to have GtkArgs so I'd have to do that as well. So really, I'm going to be busy after I finish
  • T - 13 and counting

You're inside the finest little space:

  • Apparently some microsoft employee has been using some ICQ/BO type scripts to play around with my friends Windows box. I don't know how to log stuff on a windows box, and she's in Canada, and I'm here, so it's tricky to work it out, but I'm hoping he tries to do my box, so I can log him and report him to the relevant people. Muahahahahaha. Bloody script kiddie. Is that all M$ can employ these days?
  • Got my book today. Three working days it took to get here. I'm very impressed by them. Plus they were cheaper than evil Amazon.
  • Think I've found a bug in bonobo. Yey, just when I needed something else to fix/take my mind off revision.
  • Knowledge Bases is actually starting to make sense. I'm getting worried.
  • Also starting to understand the midpoint algorithm, which has to be a good sign.
  • The Fragile seems more ummm, fragile than other NIN stuff. I guess Trent Reznor has realised he's 35 and can't go round singing about how fucked up he is all his life (unlike other lesser bands *coughslipknotcough*)
  • T - 14 and counting

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