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I considered your letter, I understood your question:

  • Read my stuff. Understanding it pretty much. Worked out how to do the midpoint algorithm, which I might do after the first exam (on saturday).
  • Compiled up Evolution (looking better and better) and Gnumeric. Then I played with Bonobo embedding, and then I took a screenshot. Plus you can see the pretty toolbar I did for the Gnomines embeddable.
  • I did find a bug in Bonobo, plus I fixed it. I'm getting better at this bug fixing malarky.
  • Decided once I finish my exams I'm going to do a "Get rid of Imlib" crusade, and remove Imlib from my computer. Sawmill isn't going to be fun unfortunatly...
  • Thats on top of all the other things I want to do. Had an idea about how to include arbitrary widgets in GNOMEUI_* structures. so I might play with that, plus I have to bonoboise GNOME-Iconedit, and I think the arbitrary widgets plan will need all widgets to have GtkArgs so I'd have to do that as well. So really, I'm going to be busy after I finish
  • T - 13 and counting

You're inside the finest little space:

  • Apparently some microsoft employee has been using some ICQ/BO type scripts to play around with my friends Windows box. I don't know how to log stuff on a windows box, and she's in Canada, and I'm here, so it's tricky to work it out, but I'm hoping he tries to do my box, so I can log him and report him to the relevant people. Muahahahahaha. Bloody script kiddie. Is that all M$ can employ these days?
  • Got my book today. Three working days it took to get here. I'm very impressed by them. Plus they were cheaper than evil Amazon.
  • Think I've found a bug in bonobo. Yey, just when I needed something else to fix/take my mind off revision.
  • Knowledge Bases is actually starting to make sense. I'm getting worried.
  • Also starting to understand the midpoint algorithm, which has to be a good sign.
  • The Fragile seems more ummm, fragile than other NIN stuff. I guess Trent Reznor has realised he's 35 and can't go round singing about how fucked up he is all his life (unlike other lesser bands *coughslipknotcough*)
  • T - 14 and counting

We're in this together now:

  • Al's birthday, went out, danced the night away. And I still feel crap. Dancing when all you've eaten that day is 2 thin sandwiches is a bad idea.
  • Revised more Knowledge Base stuff. Still don't like it. Understand Baysian theory, and possibly Dempster Shafer Belief now. Probably don't and I'm just kidding myself.
  • Borrowed "The Fragile" off Sean. Leant him "Sketchs For My Sweetheart, The Drunk", and "Slow Riot For New Zer0 Kanada EP". Also got my signed copy of "Almost Here" back off Bob. Rish still has my "Grace" and "Endtroducing" CDs. Don't really care about Grace, but Endtroducing was a Japanese import and I'd like it back. But I've got his "Community Music". Damn I have no idea how my CDs are so spread out.
  • Still bored. And I think I should eat something.

Sally Cinnamon, you are my world:

  • Khemicals: When I played starcraft, with people who really were addicted to it (Hi Tony, Adrian, Jer and Jeff), the winning tactic (never by me), always seemed to be to get the big woolly mammoth like things (Nautiluses? can't remember, it's been over a year since I played it) and just to make lots of them. They can run totally take out guns and cannons and stuff like that. Tony always used to do that, and it was really annoying :).

    Damn wish I had a network here, and people who wouldn't mind spending a week playing Starcraft constantly. Oh well.

Dup dup dup dup dup dup dudup dup:

  • Boredom came over me last night. This was the outcome. Bombjack moves left and right and jumps. GNOMEForest rules, although I've only been using it a few hours and I already know features that will be needed.
  • Writing resumes sucks. Especially when you don't have much to say.
  • Like now. I don't have much to say.

Thats when she got her sweet tooth for white boys:

  • I still suck.
  • Went shopping for the last 2 books I need for my exams. No-one anywhere had the GFX one (Foley, van Dam, et al.) so I ordered it from whsmith. I ended up getting very very pissed off at them because I had no indication that I had ordered a book. No confirmation email came back withint 5minutes, so I emailed them and said it wasn't acceptable, and could they please tell me if I had ordered the book, as it was 50quid and I couldn't afford to click again in case I ordered another copy. By the time I'd finished that, I looked at my mail and there was the confirmation email. Bloody typical.
  • Cookie bonanza. So far I've had cookies that will persist until dates in the range [12 May 1970, 31 Oct 2032]. Hmmm, seems no-one really knows what cookies are about these days.
  • Still playing Bombjack. Level 19 and 157320...
  • Need to make a resume. Resumes suck.

On a cracker:

  • Still not come up with any cool way to do this. I suck
  • Still revising.
  • Still reliving years of old by playing BOMBJACK! I'm so addicted to this game, I might just make a GNOME port. I'm sure the copyright owners won't mind...
  • Off to play more Bombjack, or maybe read goats.com, not sure.


  • I need a new layout. I'm bored with this
  • Apparently (according to a FWD that I got twice, from different people at the same time...) I have huge problems, but I just watch them and think of cool problems, and my sexual desire is huge, but I feel sex is of absolutly no important what so ever...


  • More revision. Revision sucks. Can do some of the miranda stuff, reading the networks is still interesting, NLP is pointless, and KB systems has no point either. Graphics looks interesting, and the exam is a bastard but should be okay so long as I remember equations and stuff, and I dunno about the distributed computing cos I've not even thought about it yet. (Thats next weeks fun topic once I finish networking this week).
  • Dawned on me today:- If I fuck up these exams, I'm fucked.
  • Strangely "Linux && Belfast" revealed no jobs in any of the job databases
  • Al left today, dunno when he's back. Means I get to nick his modem and our electricity bill drops.
  • Wanted to be on the Ricki Lake show so badly today, just to insult one of the audience members. The situation was that there was a guy sitting at the front who said he hated gay people and thought they were all wrong in the head, and this woman stood up and said "I can't believe that in the year 2000, we can't all just accept each others views, and you are so wrong in your view"...I just wanted to point out the fatal flaws in her arguement.
    I also wanted to ask her what her views on paedophilia were, but then I realised that if I did that I'd be linking someone who chooses to love members of the same sex, with someone who chooses to love small children, and that maybe this example was a bit too extreme.

A flower:

  • When I don't get my degree, I will say "If only I hadn't started reading goats.
  • I think Chessmaster looks like a photo of Bowie J Poag, or at least it looks like the photo I saw (from memory)

You are pure, you are snow, we are the useless sluts that they mold:

  • You know a band has hit the mainstream when a 40year old checkout person tells you they are "a brilliant band". I knew the Manics had sold out, but it had never hit me till today.
  • Did the biggest food shop ever. I'm never going to need to buy food for the rest of my life. 30quid (although that did include a 7quid CD). Got lots of cool food now.
  • Was sitting in a revision lecture about Baysian Belief Networks, when I suddenly switched off and started thinking about how I (or someone else) could implement scaling gnome-canvas-text items. Came up with the solution that there could be a cache of all the zoomed in levels, so when it draws the item, it actually uses the larger size. When I switched back on again there were lots of squares drawn on the board and I've no idea what they were all about. I'm going to blame Harold if I fail KBS

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