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Doing silly things :-)

Spent some time making backup from my linux box, then installing Conectiva Linux 5.1 instead of Slackware 7, and then copying back my files into my new system. After that just read about the GGI and KGI project that acme told me.

I also read some old linux-br messages to get something useful.

Arrived yesterday at Curitiba! Spent all day with bruder and his wife. Today I woke up and went to Conectiva (when I am right now), very good things they have here... :)

Just meeting people and doing useless things. I'm waiting Aurélio (verde666) to come here at Conectiva to talk to him.

Maybe I will play some quake with the guys here, later...


    I'm very satisfied with my new computer and it rocks.

    I don't know what i'm doing these day I really don't know. I think i'm too excited with the idea on going to São Paulo and Curitiba (Both here in Brazil)... but will this idea works? Will I travel? Wish me good luck guys... Many difficults are around.

    But this isn't good, I'm not working on anything, but I need to! I really need some motivation to work on many projects... Since last days, I'm feeling tired to work on the Eitchdot project. I'm a simple guy who needs work to do. I have much time to do anything I can, but there isn't much thing to do. I think the disposition to code, work and *live* is the result on motivation. I think a guy/girl who have much motivation from other human beings are all success. Or am I making a mistake? ...

    I continue to live my life and to be a very nice Apprentice :) And if you are reading this now, thanks for reaching the end of this post. I REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE PAST, SO I WILL CONTINUE TO LIVE MY LIFE AND TRY To WORK A LOT.

    "So understand, don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years, face that, understand, and realize that you're living in the golden years..."

Got my new computer today, really cool :) Now I will have more resources to do my work. Spent all night installing and configuring my system (onboard things isn't *that great*), wich is running Slackware Linux, and will run Debian and Conectiva Linux too.

Also, right now is almost 6 AM and i'm going to play some tennis this morning, and at night go to a punk rock show (yeah, i don't like punk rock very much, i prefer metal, but i don't have anything else to do this night...).

This time i'm REALLY planning my travel to São Paulo/Brazil, and Curitiba/Brazil. It will be more cool to work together with the guys from Conectiva, instead of working on the "remote" side. Wish me good luck! thanks ;)

Finally, I saw a picture from the "girls" from Conectiva, and gatinha is very gatinha ;)

Bought my new computer and it will arrive today at 6pm! Finally i will have a good machine, instead of this Pentium 100 with 24MB of RAM. I was simply tired on slowly. The Pentium 100 now have one objective: be the "mainly" server, running a quakeworld dedicated server, apache, mysql and named.

Anyone here reading my diary? I need sugestions... wich distribution should i put in my new computer? Debian or Slackware? Or maybe both of them? Well, feel free to email-me (take out the "nospam"). I will be glad.

I have been invited to write some weekly newspaper articles talking about Linux! That's great now i can write articles for the masses. These days i'm really working a lot on my "projects", and they are helping me a lot on learning Linux, and contribuiting to it. The next version of Eitchdot will have an english version, so i will publish it at freshmeat, and i will rewrite all the code to be more friendly to others understand. And i'm having a lot of ideas to put on it... lets see if i will do it all right.

Ah, can i make a question for you guys (and girls)? What games do you all play on a Linux box? No one? Every one? Well, thanks for reading this diary entry :)

Finished the translation of the LFS-HOWTO. I spent all night working on it and now i'm going to contact the author of the HOWTO, LDP, and LDP-BR. The HOWTO is a great document for those who want to learn more about Linux and its distributions. Reading and translating it gave me an idea: my next project is to create a linux distribution made from scratch, with the help of the HOWTO. I'm gonna learn a lot about making and mantaining distribuitons. And the good news is that i'm going to put the whole project under GPL, and anyone will can help me. If you want to see the HOWTO translated, simply go to my translation page.

I also get together with the guys from Conectiva to make a little project that i'm going to like, and i'm very excited with it! When I finish the next version of Eitchdot (i'm working a lot on it) I will work very hard on it.

Maybe i will got a new computer today, about a K6-II 550, and it will be so good to put Linux on that! iuhuu!

Hello, sorry for not posting diary entry these weeks, but I was kinda lazy (ugh). Right now I'm completely alone in my house and tomorrow I will do a big party with much "curtição". In the computer world, I'm rewriting the Eitchdot project, and it will have an English version too! I'm adding support for modules there, so the code can be more flexible.

Also, rattus have stopped translating the LFS (Linux From Scratch) HOWTO, and i'm continuing his work. There's a lot of work to do...

I have subscribed to a shell-script mailing list and now i'm contribuing to it being the moderator and making the resource web page for the list. The page will be so cool with lots of example and tutorials. If you want to see, simply go here. Now I have a great night to do lots of work...

I have finally released Eitchdot 0.4 and its new home page. You can see it throught this link. I had the idea to port the project for other languages, but it will be soooo difficult, and i'll try.

Today, my dial-up connection with the provider is a waste of time, it is very slow and i can't do nothing interesting. After the release of my project i spent all night reading things and chatting. But since i slept yesterday, i'm not like a zumbi and i'll not sleep (now, 6:00)! This is the beggining of the day, and i'm planning to do lots of things today...

Tonight i will post another entry, telling what i did during this day. Hey, i want to go to conectiva and play quake with the guys there! hohohohoho, lots of fun and blowed-up heads.

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