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Hello, sorry for not posting diary entry these weeks, but I was kinda lazy (ugh). Right now I'm completely alone in my house and tomorrow I will do a big party with much "curtição". In the computer world, I'm rewriting the Eitchdot project, and it will have an English version too! I'm adding support for modules there, so the code can be more flexible.

Also, rattus have stopped translating the LFS (Linux From Scratch) HOWTO, and i'm continuing his work. There's a lot of work to do...

I have subscribed to a shell-script mailing list and now i'm contribuing to it being the moderator and making the resource web page for the list. The page will be so cool with lots of example and tutorials. If you want to see, simply go here. Now I have a great night to do lots of work...

I have finally released Eitchdot 0.4 and its new home page. You can see it throught this link. I had the idea to port the project for other languages, but it will be soooo difficult, and i'll try.

Today, my dial-up connection with the provider is a waste of time, it is very slow and i can't do nothing interesting. After the release of my project i spent all night reading things and chatting. But since i slept yesterday, i'm not like a zumbi and i'll not sleep (now, 6:00)! This is the beggining of the day, and i'm planning to do lots of things today...

Tonight i will post another entry, telling what i did during this day. Hey, i want to go to conectiva and play quake with the guys there! hohohohoho, lots of fun and blowed-up heads.

Finished the administration section at Eitchdot! I wrote about 300 hundreds lines of code, and now i'm making a new look to the home page, and a 'good' documentation for it. Planning to release the 0.4 version of the Eitchdot project tomorrow, at its Official Site. My TODO list for the project is finishing, and i don't want to stop the project, so i need ideas... hope i will have these.

Writting more articles and texts (actually i'm getting back to my 'post') about Linux, distributions, apps, etc. Now i'm hunfry, and i need food! I'm going to eat, and sleep (two wonderful things of life), so i can spent all night working on the release of Eitchdot.

I saw some diary posts here in advogato, and realized that many people are trying to stop smoking.. very interesting cause, i don't smoke (and don't plan to) but i'm with them is their cause: SMOKING SUCKS.

I also saw an article at Slashdot.org, talking about how a open source project works, and it was very useful for me to apply some ideas to my current and to my future projects. You should read it too.

Began on doing the administrator section of the Eitchdot, and to write the Slackware article (i writted about 1 page). I played much Quake too, and *MUAAHAHAHA* i humiliated my brother. Quake simply rulez, after those all years, i still like playing it.

I read in the Recent diary entries some guy suggesting that advogato could have comments for the diary posts, and i agree with him. The site could have comments on Projects too, and it will be more better.

I subscribed to a brazilian shell-script mailing list, and i'm beggining again with this usefull language. We are planning on release a site where we will store all our scripts. These could be downloaded, and they'll be GPL'ed, this is good for helping other, huh? BTW, i'm serious on thinking to re-write and re-mantain the TLM... But, i simply don't know. Maybe the time and my instigation (?) will tell me what i have to do about this.

Today was a "i don't wanna do work" day, so i didn't worked at all on nothing. Well, my diary is kinda weird, because i tell what happened in the past day, not this, for example, if i post to my diary and it dates 7 Jun 2000, the things that happened are from 6 Jun 2000. This happens because i only get connected after midnight (dial-up sucks).

Right now is 5:50 and i'm ready to disconnect and begin working on the admin page for the Eitchdot project. After this feature, the 0.4 version of Eitchdot will be released, with a lot of differences since the 0.3 version. I think this project was so good for me, because i learned a lot about PHP and MySQL, and i think that i can work on some company with these skills :) But my real goal is to learn C, and turn myself into a kernel hacker.

Hey, do you all know King Diamond? He rocks! Satanic music, but it's ok, i don't care! I'm listening to him all day, i'm addicted. And finally, i began on planning a travel to *cof cof* Curitiba. Let's see if i will do it (hope so).

Lots of changes in Eitchdot, now it have a topic entry at the mysql database, added comments to the articles displayed by the noticia.php file, couting readings and comments, reading the "fast links" box from a file, some changes here, a little there. Now i have to do an effort to make the admin page, wich will be the most difficult work on the job. Anyone can help me? Hey, i almost forgot! I fixed the authentication problem... The problem was that when i changed plain passwords to crypted passwords, the password() function of MySQL returns a 16-char string, and the limit for the plain passwords was 10, so comparing things in authentication didn`t work... i changed the table to a limit of 16-char so it is working very well.

Also, my life is getting better! Like the phrase a created, "The life is beautyful because i live it in a good day" (Sounds more interesting in portuguese), i'm enjoying my life a lot. The guys from conectiva also insentivates (?) me to have efforts for the open source community. This is getting better every day...

Today i resolved the problem with mounting Win9x shares with smbmount (2.0.5), i realized that the syntax changed, so i downloaded a program called LiNeighborhood that do the thing and log the commands to a file, and i learned how to use the syntax :)

Besides that, nothing much special. This week i'm planning on lauching the 0.4 version of Eitchdot to the public, and many new features will be include. Planning to write an article about Slackware to Revista do Linux too, and i have to do a COMPLETE article :)

Yesterday (02/06/2000) i didn't posted the diary here, but i finished the second part of my article about Shell Scripts for Revista Do Linux (again). Hmmm, and i'm thinking on going to curitiba to meet the people at Conectiva, but i don't have resources to go there yet.

    Yesterday I spent all day at my friend's beach house, she has a great house... but it is under construction. So the location of the LUAL changed to a other friend`s beach house, that is already constructed, and have a swimming pool :) I came back home like a zumbi, so i didn`t do anything on internet.

    I simply don't know how to fix the security bug on my Project... The problem is using the password() MySQL function to authentificate passwords. When selecting a row, nothing returns... But sometime i will fix it.

Some Great News
    After a long time suffering, i finally have instaled my Slackware box. Right now i'm using it, and i feel so good... :) But there is a problem: the smbmount command wich supported a -c command line option on older version (< 2.0) now doesn't support it. And i will have to find another way to mount Win9x shares (actually, my brother`s computer). The weird thing is that the manpage for smbmount provides help exemplifying with the -c command line option, that is not supported anymore...

Wow, I had discovered a BIG SECURITY hole (authentification) at my Eitchdot project, and I will fix it this weekend. Right now, I'm going to my friend's beach house to have some fun all the day =) Perphaps after I come back, I will post some other news. I need to go now, I'm late to take the bus!

Now that I slept 8 hours, I can post some REAL information about my day.

I usually go sleep at 10:00AM, but today a friend of mine called me and invited me to watch The Gladiator, so I didn't sleep and I went to the shopping at 2:30PM to watch the movie. I enjoyed the movie A LOT, very good fights there. After the movie I had to go to my English Course, and I came back at 8:15PM and I, of course, slept in my beatiful and confortable bed. No programming at all on the Eitchdot project, only in the begging of morning, until I went swimming.

Some other things happened during the day: bruder offered me to be a editor at PontoBR, so I accepted and I'm only waiting for his answer. In the afternoon, before the movie, i tried to take my father's CD-ROM drive, because the one that i'm seeing now didn't work and I cannot install Linux because of that. But I only tried... The screw get kinda of hard to take out of the computer. Now I didn't know how to take out that thing, and i'm unhappy with this :~(

I think this was all that happened during my day. Right now is almost 5:00AM. Maybe this week I'll go to another friend's beach house, and on the other week, the LUAL will be very intersting.

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