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Okay, so UGH. I did get the job at Transvirtual *yaaay!* Got lots of stuff I will be doing there. Going to be working with some cool people such as lilo .. I think I will enjoy this job greatly.

My job got so stressful today, I walked out. Yep, walked out. I couldn't handle it anymore. I was going to leave tomorrow anyway. *shrugs*

Apple STRUCK AGAIN *growls* So I'm going to have to take measures that I do not want to, in order to make them stop *sighs*

Linux World is coming up soon, probably going to be switching between the Debian booth (to hang out with some friends if they show) and the themes.org booth. We have something planned. Come by the booth and we'll try to make it worth your time! Our (themes.org) aim is to have fun at LinuxWorld.. so we would like it if you would come by and have fun with us.

o/~ You have gotta find out for yourself o/~

Okay, so I'm starting off in an unusual mood recently. I have been job hunting for something more around linux and hopefully a job I won't dread to wake up in the morning to. It's bad enough I have to wake up at 4:30am as is, but to also get up for something that just does not feel worth the time and effort I put into it, is another delimma.

So the other day, I got an e-mail from Joe Sparks, the creator of Radiskull and Devil Doll. I had pulled a video mixer off of shockwave.com and put it on my site so people in linux could view it. He told me that I should remove it and link it to his site. I pulled it and explained that he doesn't have it on his site, replied in email telling him that he should bug shockwave.com into letting him have it on his site. *shrugs* there's a small rant on my page regarding it, I wasn't in a really good mood that day anyway. *shrugs*

I am hoping to hear about an interview today. I sent my resume off to Transvirtual, hoping to hear something good.

On other note, with the total change in E17 development, I bribed raster into letting me have a talk with him regarding development sometime when he has the time available, which apparently is mid Feburary. From there, I'll be able to get a head start on where to point e.themes.org for the future.

Looks like I'll be playing around with a point to point 802.11 network with a friend of mine soon.. Mmmmmmmmmm.. I'm pretty stoked about that as well. I have too many things I want to do and not enough time or money. Of course this why there are priorities but still.. it's nice to dream of having more skills in a specific area.

3 Jan 2001 (updated 3 Jan 2001 at 17:46 UTC) »

Well, things are starting to move upward and onward. Internal activity has been lacking due to the holiday, but now that will be corrected. There have been some projects up in the air recently, but it seems anything new we develop only ends up for our new backend. So with that, I am going to take it easy on development, but still be creative.

For those who care, it looks like I will make it to Linux World Expo in New York City this year *cheers*. I will be wondering around, probably will stop off over at the themes.org booth as usual. I'm not too hard to miss.

Going to start pushing a few other things.. news items, documentation. Ooh how that is needed. Thinking of how we can do this. If we come up with coding projects in the process, it will only be seen with our new backend (which will happen when it happens. That's all I'm going to say in regards to it).

Suggestions and comments are always welcome. E17 is moving along, menus are starting to kind of work. Rather happy to see it moving. evas, a library set that E17 will use, still impresses the hell out of me. Hardware acceleration. Who would have thunk it ;)

w00t! It's been a while since I have updated. Much has happened since the last diary.. I'm single now and I had to move. I think that's enough of that!

So this is yet another plead for help. So a staff member of mine, wants to start up this website that's for writings (poems and such). His current job is killing his health and I don't like seeing crap like that. Sooo what i need? I know what I want, I just need people to help me. I don't have time to do this completely alone.

Please email me at demonishi at themes dot org if you think you can contribute even a little bit.

I just need help putting together the database (mysql) structuring and the backend. I will take care of the rest, for I need to go over the rest with him.

Please help if you can.

18 Nov 2000 (updated 18 Nov 2000 at 00:21 UTC) »

Okay, so I got going with another Project Manager on themes.org (particularly SuperPhly of x.themes.org) and we want to get this moving ASAP.

So we are looking for people who wish to help us with our cause. We are trying to put together a project tracking tool that'll help us track the progress of 1 or several task and to also create some organization with it.

So if you have PHP+MySQL experience and you'd like to help, please email us (demonishi at themes.org or superphly at themes.org). You can contact us for details about it also.

And on that matter.. I'm looking over GTK stuff to work on a GTK project.. I hope this works out as well ;)

I decided that I wanted to try this to see what I can accomplish. It is much easier to put my thoughts down here than it is on my page at the moment (finding time is a hard issue right now).

I am currently working on a few things for themes.org - A project management tool because I feel we could use it. Also, I am short on staff so if you are good at PHP+MySQL heh.. I can use you ;) So if you would like to help, please contact me. Thanks

Currently I have 2 dormant staff members and 1 that is difficult to get a hold of... this is making things difficult since there are large projects coming around and staff members are dropping due to the need for time to dedicate themselves to college/schooling.

When I can get around to it and don't get totally lazy, I'll write up some documentation on how to do Eterm menu's.. Right now I am trying to do lots of stuff. I'm trying to learn GTK+ so I can contribute to sprite, which is an Eterm theme creation program. Right now, it's confusing me ... I see how the widgets are and all but I guess I am a little .. confused where the actual code goes. I haven't actually tried to do my own GTK+ stuff yet, but I'm sure I will soon and I'll put it up on my site.

On further note, getting nVidia's drivers to work on my system was quite an experience. First, it would hardware lock my system when I tried to start X, so mandrake said "Hey, that's a problem with old bios I've heard" So I took the chance, did it. Tried IRQ setting from Edge to Level - actually made it worse. Went back to Edge. The updating bios thing was a great idea, but it didn't work that long. So someone on #nvidia said "Hey, there's a problem with some cards doing a bios repost. Turn it on!" So I went in, enabled it. Got further, but still crashes. So then my boyfriend said "Ok, AGP support is broken" disabled AGP support all together. Wouldn't you know - it works. I actually thought the drivers had some stuff that would "depend" on AGP but apparently no.

This has probably gotten a bit too long now - hehe.

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