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18 Jun 2002 (updated 18 Jun 2002 at 02:17 UTC) »
    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do much in the way of programing, school has been taking up a lot of time. I started to learn Haskell, but I'm having problems with trying to A) figure out Monads, and B) Trying to find a good tutorial on the language for people who have never used it before. I'm especially looking for an online one that explains in depth a lot of different stuff. I don't know, maybe something more like the Python Tutorial. Also I'm looking for programs written in Haskell, stuff that's not UBER complex, but interesting above and beyond Hello World.

    Haven't worked much on my mud, but I chalk that up to lots and lots of time spent in school and writing papers/speeches. I really want to get working on that again, but it's been a while, might be hard to get back into the swing of things, but I hope not.

    School's out for the summer, now I just need to find a job. Going down to Oregon State University next Fall, which I'm very excited about, going to be taking CS classes again, finally. It's a very Java oriented program, but I figure I can live with that if they are willing to teach me good CS skills. My only issue is housing, I have two ferrets, so I can't live on campus, I'm hoping I can live with a friend of mine down there through

    Well, that fell through, anybody going to OSU need a 2 room mates (me and my GF) + a pair of Ferrets? (never hurts to ask)

Please send replies to deathfox at moochercrew dot org
    Found out something interesting today. Code Follows

    >>> mdict = {}

    >>> mdict["name"] = "Chris Emery"

    >>> mdict["age"] = 21

    >>> import sys

    >>> sys.stdout.write("My name is %(name)s and I'm %(age)i years old.\n" % mdict)

    My name is Chris Emery and I'm 21 years old.

    Ok, so maybe nobody else is impressed, but I am. But then again I'm just starting to learn some of the interesting things you can do in Python...

    So, I've been working on pymud quite a bit, mainly updating it to be more in the style of python, and 2.2, which has some very very interesting features. Though mainly I'm getting my head out of 1.5, and into the 2.X series of python. The only thing I'm really starting to learn about is new style classes, which are very interesting. Some of the neat things you can do with pickling makes me happy.

    I really need to add mobs into it, and am having a bit of a hard time wrapping my brain about how I want to do it since my players are all threaded, those were easy, but I think I'm going to have to poll mobs, or at least poll areas, and have each area be a thread, though, that would probably be pretty messy.

    I also need to learn about how the autoreloader that I'm using works, so that I can make it update threaded objects. Right now I have the problem of updating the player class, and then not being able to pickle anybody logged on...ooops

    Nothing exciting happening in my life, just basic living stuff *grins*. School is going ok, I'm going to do a speach on the basic layout of the internet, you know, basically, it's not all one big computer, that sort of thing. Nothing to exciting there.
    Well, have been working on my mud, currently called PyMud (really need a better name for it, any suggestions from Mudders, or anybody with naming skills would be appriciated at deathfox at moochercrew dot org). Anyways, working up updating it to use newstyle classes, and take advantage of some other python2.2 things. Since I subscribed to the python mailing list I haven't worked on anything significant on PyMud, just changing the code base to be more Pythonic.
    Life is going pretty good for me. Got a pet Ferret about a week ago, named her Ruri (Mobile Battle Ship Nedesko). She's only 3 months old, and absolutly adorable. Tons of trouble, but aren't all cute things.
    My Girlfriend is going away for 3 days, (I live with her), which means 3 days of programing. Kinda nice, but kinda dull at the same time. For some reason it's hard to get motivated when I'm all alone.
    School is well school, right now I'm taking some base classes, like writing so that I don't have to inturupt my CS studies when I get down to Oregon State.
    Writing 123
    Writing 123 is the Research paper writing class, I'm planning on writing about the beauty of code, figure it should have enough stuff written about it, either, talking about code in specific or beauty in general, that I can write a decent paper. Need to actually do a bit of research, as a summery is due on Monday.
    Math 252
    Not much happening in Math, just second term calculus, No assignments due, but interesting, mainly because I have a good teacher, and I haven't taken this class before.
    Japanese 103
    Japanese is fun, lots of work, for some reason no matter how well I understand programing languages, and am able to learn them (for the most part), I just can't get the nack of forign languages, but I'm really enjoying learning. I wish I could figure out how to get evolution under debian to do proper Japanese support, so people on hotmail can recive them, but I haven't really tried to hard to do it. Watashi no genki desu.
    Speach 111
    Ugh, required speach class. That's all I can say about it, it's required, and it's speach. I know I know, I'll have to use it some day. But I really don't like it.

Well, I finally decided to create an account here. And I'm hoping for some feedback on the projects I've created and started working on, especially Pympsort since it's useable. Not much to write tonight, but if nothing else I'll use this as a place to lay down thoughts.

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