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27 Oct 2005 (updated 27 Oct 2005 at 02:42 UTC) »

Wither the GIMP, open dialogs and printing

Don't get me wrong, I think the GIMP is a wonderful application. I just wonder about some things, most notably the following two:

Exhibit A:Gimp (now Guten) print

Why does this exist? Would the info here not be better merged into CUPS to avoid messes like this?

So I decided to view the gimp-print website to see if something was being done about this. It was last updated in 2004, and the Guten print website is a 404. Then I looked in the blogs of the developers, both on advogato. One has not been updated since 2003, the other has no entries and his debian page is a 404.

Exhibit B: Non-standard open dialog

Both the GIMP and Inkscape use a custom open dialog, with a preview. Now it looks ever so close to the default GTK+ one, but is in fact not. This became glaringly obivious when my coworker tried to view an sftp folder in the GIMP's open dialog. For the record, it shows up fine in the stock GTK+ one.

In summary

Gimp/guten/I-need-a-new-release-now-print should die. Dead. Kaput. Gone. I am sure it was great in its day, but nobody drives Model A's anymore, even though they were great cars for their day.

The Inkscape, GIMP, and GTK+ people need to make the preview simply an option to the standard dialog, or some such. It is embarrasing that it does not exist.

18 Oct 2005 (updated 18 Oct 2005 at 07:35 UTC) »


Some at my new workplace have questioned the value of Linux in a non-public computing environment. (In case you missed it, I work for Userful which primarily sells Fedora-based multiheaded computers into libraries)

To any who question the value of the Linux desktop and Ubuntu's committment to free and open source software, I give you my brother, who says this:

  • Inkscape produced that CUPE logo in the bottom of the pdf I sent you, converted from a tiff from the CUPE website - $0
  • OOo2 did the basic text layout - $0
  • Scribus produced the actual layout and the PDF - $0
  • Doing things that would take thousands of dollars on a Windows machine - priceless

Ubuntu Quicktour
Thanks to the effort of Daniel Robitaille, the quicktour is now finished. Get it now! As I am likely to be moving into a more marketing-driven position in the near future at my job, I have decided to give the quicktour up to the young and eager hands of the new Ubuntu marketing team. I expect them to do great things in the near future.

Selling 10x10

I have recently taken a sales job with Userful, selling their stuff to public libraries.

The good:

  • It is Linux
  • It is GNOME
  • It is cool Just Works technology

The bad:

  • Based on Fedora Core. I hope to sell them on Ubuntu soon
  • The specific Userful hacks are non-free
28 Sep 2005 (updated 28 Sep 2005 at 05:55 UTC) »

And then I ate my words...

<\sh> guys u know about the fridge?
<Burgundavia> \sh, yep. Long awaiting, not yet delivered
<\sh> Burgundavia: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/

Jdub, you rock!

14 Sep 2005 (updated 14 Sep 2005 at 20:22 UTC) »

Office "productivity" software and presentations

"The company[Microsoft] now holds more than 90 percent of the global market in office productivity software." from Boston.com

I have never seen someone less productive than with using MS Office/OpenOffice.org. This includes me, who has had the misfortune to have to try and use Impress twice in the last year, both times for talks I gave.

In other news, I would like to thanks the developers of Pointless for making my presentation on Ubuntu at my local LUG last night possible. It went well, despite a few X issues.

The Tyrany of Choice and Windows Vista

I read a great piece a number of years ago in the Globe and Mail about the tyrany of choice. It was referring to Starbucks, but I think it now also applies to Windows Vista.

Why do I say this? Well, Windows Vista will have not 2 but 7 (!!!!) different desktop versions. Paul Thurott (of the Window Super Site) has a great rundown. Now when you read the descriptions, they make a lot of sense, but without them...

I pity being an OEM or user of Vista. OEM's get hurt because they must choose which of the 7 versions to ship on their various offerings and woe be them if the fickle market chooses something else. Users get done because they get yet another confusing option to choose between when purchasing a new computer, already a daunting task for a non-techy person.

Anyway, work on the QuickTour is going well. Please note that the version you see there is not the completely current version, due to some screwy-ness in the doc build scripts.

Heading to Montreal

Well, it appears that Canonical has decided that my work with Ubuntu has been good enough to warrant funding me to go Ubuntu Below Zero in Montreal at the end of October.

29 Aug 2005 (updated 29 Aug 2005 at 02:52 UTC) »

Dear Warren Woodford,

In this interview at Mad Penguin you claim that "We also know that we hit number one at DistroWatch last January, despite the fact that Ubuntu has been stacking the deck by directing traffic to Distro Watch." Well, the forums did follow our rise to #1 and certainly drove it towards that, but since then there has been nary a peep about our position. Hardly a concerted effort.

Also, please talk to Distrowatch themselves. I quote "Secondly, Ubuntu and Canonical have never, to our knowledge, advertised their Linux distribution on any web site. They certainly haven't sponsored DistroWatch in any way and the only reason that Ubuntu tops our popularity charts is through having thousands of satisfied customers and through good old-fashioned word of mouth." from this Distrowatch weekly and "Only one hit per IP address per day is counted." from Distrowatch stats.

So in future, we love your distro but please fact-check before you make claims like that.


Corey Burger

28 Aug 2005 (updated 28 Aug 2005 at 08:11 UTC) »

Holy Batman Hotkeys

My desktop machine's keyboard has fancy extra buttons for power, sleep, mail, and a hotkey toggler that turns all of the numberpad into further hotkeys. I have never used these, not even while in Windows. Today while waiting for a download to finish, I randomly started to hit the buttons. Suddenly things started happening!

The power button launched the logout dialog, the mail button launched evolution and a whole series of the numpad-as-hotkeys worked. This included the volume up/down/mute, launching in the calculator, and the web home. Somewhat odd was that what is labelled WWW Search on my keyboard launches the Gnome search dialog.

Now, some didn't work, including some sleep, the browser controls (back, forward, refresh and stop) and the track forward/backward, pause and stop. There is also one labelled "Media Select" that I have no idea what it does.

Back online

With my new job at Booster Juice (because my current Ubuntu stuff doesn't pay the rent), laptop testing and the doc stuff, I have just kissed good bye to free time. Also, my birthday on the 18th (I am now the ripe old age of 23) meant that I only was able to install Colony 3 on my canonical-supplied laptop today. And hey, on top of that, my landlord's credit card maxed out, which caused my internet connection to go down for a few days.

Colony 3

It took 3 burnings to get a cd that installed, due to my cheapness. After I get it installed, I noticed that 2 things worked in Breezy that didn't in Hoary: The Mute function key and Hibernation (at least from the menu, lid close still doesn't do it).

Quick Tour

The doc team needs to finish writing by Sept 8. This date is rapidly approaching and with Jerome up to his ears in the Edubuntu stuff, I need help with the Quick Tour. Any writing that can be done would be great. The draft can be seen here.

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