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Went to Belfast with Keith for the afternoon/evening. Headed into Shaftsbury square and went shopping. I was intrested in looking around for a copy of Micro Mart ( a trade rag for computer components) as I couldn't find it in eason's back in Newry. Oddly, I did find it in Eason's in Belfast but I need to tackle some of the staff back in Newry and see if it's a case of them not carrying it or simply being sold out.

Keith wanted to go get some presents for his brother so we walked on around to look into WH Smiths, HMV and Virgin Megastore. One thing I noticed was that DVD does not appear to have taken off much in the provance. I can see that I'll be doing lots of online ordering in the future 8/

Having had a look through a few HiFi/Electrical stores it seems to be some unwritten commandment that all DVD players will be silver. Can't find any that are black. Again this looks like someting I'm going to ahev to order up. *sigh*

Towards the evening we headed over to get pizza from a slightly upmarket restraunt. Nice place a little slow though. Unfortunately having been somewhat spoilt with refills being free in North Carolina, it's somewhat of an annoyance to suddenly be charged for the refills. (1.30 UKP ~2.00USD a glass)

Went on from Shaftsbury square across the westlink to the Odessey village which houses 12 cinema screens, an ice rink and a number of restraunts. Got a coffee from the Hard Rock cafe and mused over various happenings during the week. Headed on upstairs to sort out tickets for 'The Bourne Identity' which was playing about 50 minutes later, so we just strolled around the complex. Eventually stoppedand looked over a railing to the floors below where we could see some woman and her friend being refused admitance to a nightclub below making a huge scene about it for about for ages. She'd still not given up trying to get into the nightclub by the time we went to see the film. Silly woman.

Film was fairly good, though possibly they had cranked the sound up a little too high.

Left the complex at 23:55 and drove on home. A good day out.


Still raining but mum wanted to run a few messages down in Armagh, so I tagged along for the ride. I used to go to the collage in Armagh so I was curious to see how much it had changed since I'd last been there. There are a few new shops and a new supermarket on the Mall. The main high street has been converted into a pedestrian precient but alas every car in the city was parked either side along it. It's still open as a throughfare for traffic which is an abysmal mistake given the massive traffic jam that I saw there. I think Armagh council are just going to have to bite the bullet and annoy all the car drivers by errecting bollards to prevent traffic (except delivery trucks) from travelling the pedestrian precient.

Newry sort of has the same problems in the Buttercrane and Monaghan/Hill street locations. They need a massive traffic warden zero tolerance crackdown otherwise the City is going to choke to death on it's own transport problems. I see no reason why peoples thoughlessness in parking should be tolerated. Especially when I see people parking in disabled parking slots who arn't eligable to park there. Sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind but traffic in both Cities is out of control.

Noticed a number of places that I used to be favorite haunts have now closed which I was a little upset about as they were excellent tea houses/cafes. Overall Armargh hasn't changed that much.

Back home contimued ploughing through books. This is really the only time that I have time to increase my skills as RHAT didn't exactly have an employee education program. I think Havoc will eventually have to conceed that I was right. Unless you keep your skillset current, you will fall by the wayside and never be able to control your own career path as more skilled people close you out of the marketplace.


Rained heavily today so didn't go anywhere.

Spent most of the time at home reading POSIX, IPC and kernel books.

I wonder what the folks back in the engineering dept are scapegoating onto me. (It's traditional to blame the last person who left for all thats wrong in the universe) I wonder if they're still playing Unreal Tornament.

15 Oct 2002 (updated 15 Oct 2002 at 12:18 UTC) »


Rain stayed away so we tripped off to Tullymore Forest park and went walking around the forest trails there. I highly recommend the forest trail there as it's very well maintained. Very scenic. Spent a few hours hiking around the park.

Went on from there to look at Newcastle as there was supposed to be a high nap tide today and I was curious to see if there would be any flooding as a result. Seems that Newcastle will survive a good while yet.

Back home, did a bit more Zen* tidyup. I'm a bit perplexed that we've run out of space on ZenIIIb already. nm is having a little look at ZenIIIa atm so we'll see what he's got to say on the matter.

15 Oct 2002 (updated 15 Oct 2002 at 12:29 UTC) »


Whee. Heavy rain. Rained all day. It's been so long since I've seen a decent downpour. NC is fine if you like near endless sunshine, but that gets horribly monotonous after a few months.

Picked through the Linux device drivers book. Wrote a few test modules without upsetting the kernel too much. Theres a number of USB devices I have that I'd like to get up and running under linux.

Poped online and started taking stock of the shape of the Zen* cluster. Lots of jobs to sort out 8/ ZenII only has a couple of weeks to go to pass the 'been running continously for a year' mark. I've promised _rmk_ that I'll update the kernel then, though there is a running concern that because ZenII hasn't been rebooted for such a long time we're unsure if it will reboot ok or not. Ummm...

Rearranged some of the weblogs which were somewhat large and tidied up the ftp archive space a bit. ZenIIIb seems to be out of disk space for ftp use. I think I'll subject it to log analysis and work out whats being mirrored that people simply arn't downloading and nuke it.

_A_ managed to tread into hot water by nuking mum's Zen account and a few others. He made the clasic mistake of believeing lastlog which is notoriously broken. Especially with Zen having been up and running so long many active accounts have simply dropped off the end of thelog. Corrected the problem before mum found out. Actually a number of accounts went the same way and I spent a while ressurecting them.

15 Oct 2002 (updated 15 Oct 2002 at 13:50 UTC) »


Walked along the towpath at Pontzpass. The council have seen fit to bury about 5 million of EU money into restoring the Newry canal. So far they seem to have managed to erect some Millenium signposts complete with engraved phone numbers for some business. Can't say that that impresses me one bit. 1) said phone number will probably not work as I noticed that the area code has already changed 2) you don't go around to some ancient monument and find an ancient advert for "McManus the elder's pork pie, only 1 groat" chiseled onto it.

I believe they are supposed to clean out the canal and have some tourist canal rides running up and down it, however, looking at the canal, I can see that that could take quite some years to do as it's heavily overgrown and silted. EU money hard at work. <pfft>. Well at least the towpath itself is in good repair.

Went home a few hours later and sorted through a load of paperwork that I needed to organise. Still trying to create space in the bedroom for items that I brough back from the US. Fortunately there's nothing in it that I'm desperatly needing so the status quo suits me fine. For the moment.

Arranged for to have BT install a second line for my internet connectivity. Unfortunaltely they can't even give me ISDN out here, let alone broadband. Worse thay can't come out for *9* days. I feel somewhat let don by a company thats going all out to say how wonderful they are at giving people broadband. I guess I'm going to be looking at satalite in the future but satalite is expensive so I probably won't be able to aford that until January. *sigh*

15 Oct 2002 (updated 15 Oct 2002 at 12:24 UTC) »


Clamber over the Cloughmore stone and Sleive Martin. Much unwanted exercise. Naturally, my heel started to play up and got quite sore about 3/4's of the way up the main climb. <mutter>. Explain how this is supposed to healthy to me again please?


4 Oct 2002 (updated 5 Oct 2002 at 11:40 UTC) »


Humm well mum and myself went for a walk up Slieve Gullion (mountain) before breakfast (ok so breakfast to me is currently 10:00, but I digress) The going was rather wet from yesterdays rain. I'm also slightly out of shape,.. (embarrased look) Much huffing and puffing later had the specatular view of the

inside of a cloud... couldn't see a damned thing which rather spoiled my photo shoot.

Went on a little excursion after coming back down around the back of Camlough lake.

Back at base, got email from one potential employer. Somewhat intresting. Some of the legalise looks a little iffy though. Contined with the shifting of junk to the bin to make way for the books. Time to lift the bar on what I can call junk I fear 8/ Still, if there isn't room, it's gotta go.

Mum's sisters called out to give her a present from when they were off in Australia and to have a natter. Had a brief talk with them myself.

Little later on, ran into town to get a few messages and fill the car up with diesel. Well, that was a shock. 79 pence a litre. So with a little conversion, that equates to £2.99 a US Gallon which when you convert back into dollars makes a US Gallon of gas $4.66 which is a far cry from the $1.35 I used to pay. So UK petrol/gas is about 3.4 times more expensive than in the US. Last time I'll fill up in the UK. Fortunately I'm close enough to the border to be able to drive into Eire and buy diesel there in Euro's for a damned sight less. Still more than I would have had to pay in the US but significantly less than what I'd pay under the UK petrol taxation schemes. To think, only 4 years ago it was about 42 pence a litre. The UK Government has a nasty habit of using the UK motorist as it's private piggybank whenever it overspends.


Watched the rain. Nice steady drizzle, not one of these 15 minute downpours that I used to see in NC. Odd how you can miss the rain

Got a call from Al, another friend that I'd not heard much from since he came and stayed over for a week or so while I was in NC Caught up on the fun of whats going on in his life.

Got email from James back in IBM^H^H^HAT&T also wanting to hear what was the craic was now that I was back in the UK. Must give him a ring later on.

Did a little more slash and burn on the contents of my room. I'm getting close on enough space to sort out the books. I need shelving.

Looking around the rest of the house I see a number of odd jobs that need attention eg painting, replacement of the eves, guttering needs cleaning etc. Ugh. Oh well it'll keep me busy and out of harms way I guess.

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