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Missing my Mouse Gestures

Mouse Gestures 1.5.2 (the latest official known release) is not installing with Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 (firefox 3b2).

There is an easy way to fix this issue :

    - go to addon (https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/39)

    - on the Installer button, right-click and "Save Link As ..." to save the .xpi file on your desktop

    - change the file extension to .zip

    - open the zip file and edit the install.rdf file

    - change the Firefox <targetApplication> em:maxVersion from 2.0.0.* to 3.0.*

    - save the zip and change the extension back to .xpi

    - drop the .xpi file into firefox

    - the installation should proceed :-)

Thought for bottom France

That is not expensive to go to work, that pays the gasoline

16 Oct 2007 (updated 16 Oct 2007 at 12:18 UTC) »
Recruiting the Best

The problem number one many recruiters encounter is how to make sign the best candidate. It is an established fact : “the candidate with huge potential” is on the way to become a protected species.

The error made by many recruiters in this situation consists in simply treating these “exceptional candidates” like “lambda” individuals. But the best candidate feels, thinks, acts and makes their decisions differently than others people. Consequently, if you want to make them sign for your proposal, you must learn how to think like them.

In my point of view, here the list of the 10 key points the best candidate will check to consider your offers :

    1- The good fit between the job and the interests of the candidate

    It is without any doubt the key factor of a successful recruitment! The job you have to propose to the candidate must fit with its interests and its personal motivations. it is not a question to know if your candidate “is well motivated” but rather of knowing “by what” it is really motivated.

    2 - A “job stretch”

    The “job stretch”, it is the difference between the position which occupies today your candidate and the position which you are proposing to him.

    An exceptional candidate will not sign to make the same thing it currently makes with the only reason that you propose to him to do it “on your premise”, except if you are Google…

    Thus insist on the gap that you are able to create between the current situation of the candidate and what you propose to him : new technologies to work with, bigger team, more ambitious or strategic projects…

    3 - Evolution

    To remain motivated in the long term, everyone needs to know that he will evolve, the best even more than the others! When you present the position to your best candidates, do not forget to underline the evolution in the medium and long term.

    4 - Making a true difference

    The best candidate does not want only a job, he has often in heart to write part of the History (with a big H)! Many candidates with exceptional profiles are able to lower their claims if they have conviction that they will be able to have a role really impacting within your company.

    5 - Quality of the Chief

    This factor is often the first which determine the decision of best candidate to accept an offer.

    The best knows that contacts with the best will help him at the same time for personal and professional growth.

    If the Chief has real qualities of leadership, put them ahead as a true advantage. Moreover, for more chances of success, it is often judicious to imply this last in the process of recruitment.

    6 - Quality of the Team

    The staff is the place in which are tied personal and professional affinities.

    7 - Vision of the Company

    The companies which know where they go and which have real ambitions are those which attract all the favours of the most determined individuals.

    Ensure you to have perfect description of the mission and the vision of your company. And do not forget, a vision, it is made to sell, inspire, gather and to make dream, then put the package!

    8 - Culture of company

    All that is original in your manner of doing the work, all that indicates what is usually done by your most talented collaborators, all that makes your company a little special place even straightforwardly shifted… all that must absolutely be proposed at the time of the presentation of your company.

    9 - Balance between Professional and Private life

    More and more high potentials do not agree any more to ruin their health, nor the quality of their family life or social in exchange of a remuneration at the end of the month.

    If you implemented a program of “Work/Life Balance”, make the push on these arguments! Otherwise, think about this kind of initiatives…

    10 - Package of remuneration

    If you are not sufficiently supporting the 9 preceding points, remuneration package will not be enough to attract the best candidate.

    On the other hand, if you are able to propose a truly gravitational offer on at least 5 to 7 of the 9 points evoked above, you have no need to overpay your collaborators.

Free Burma

Free Burma!

One of my most productive days was throwing away 1000 lines of code.
Ken Thompson

16 Sep 2007 (updated 16 Sep 2007 at 09:20 UTC) »

Finally, I am there! the coding session started.

I received the lost book yesterday morning and I have already finishes this second reading (first was during my thesis given up in 1994 to focus on my very first startup). By bits, I remember the explanations of the mechanisms. A true pleasure.

So, I started to code these mechanisms in Python by using the same approach as the author : implement a very basic filtering engine then incrementally add more complex features (kind of roadmap) :

  • filter0: the very basic filter,

  • filter1: with a catch-all filter,

  • filter2: to be able to filter a filter (the lisp quote),

  • filter3: a data driven implementation,

  • filter4: filter but also extract the data,

  • filter5: filter segments of data,

  • filter6: use explicit continuation to manage nondeterminism,

  • and so on ...

The final version of this work will be branded "pyfilter". Parking to sourceforge dot net with a GPL v3 license is envisaged.

For now, this experimental development can be followed here. Do not hesitate to make comments or proposals, the long term objective being to obtain a good usable and used library to filter information.

Coding Vacation

A few years ago for my thesis, I was interested in the implementation of engines to filter information - using Lisp language.

One of the sources of inspiration was work of Christian Queinnec and in particular its book “filtering: an application of (and for) lisp” unfortunately available only in French.

I have just ordered again this book (lost in my many relocations) and I should receive it soon.

Indeed, I intend to take one week of vacation to code! and I envisaged to produce a generic engine to filter information - engine written in Python.

Soon or later, this engine will be used in the iTrade project to extract financial information from websites ; but I intend also to comment on and to develop this library to improve the effectiveness of Python when it is a question of extracting and managing information.

I wish to show that the power of expression of a filter makes it possible to appreciably reduce the size of the code necessary to extract information and that it is possible in Python.

Not to waste time for the logistic of this new project, I will park this work under a sub folder of the iTrade project. I would give more information later on when the coding session starts.

NB: for the name of the project, I imagine something around “Paragon”.

Some politics

    As in a good fable, the electoral promises respected or not, always finish by a moral.

    We arrive soon at this moral : it is not enough to launch simplistic slogans and ideas (i.e to work more to gain more), or to exploit the credulity of the voters using noisy media campaigns, to regulate the problems.

    The economic and social situation in France is in sorry state. It is necessary to be serious to face this reality.

    Our hyper president Sarkozy will not be able any more to make us believe that it acts because it is shown on TV.

Dear cat,

Many new users have empty fields, without personal information and without any attempt to login :


Member since: 2007-08-27 16:14:56

Last Login: N/A

No personal information is available.

Is it possible to filter such user creation ?

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