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13 Dec 2001 (updated 13 Dec 2001 at 00:41 UTC) »

*yawn* about time I made a journal entry eh? :)

Ahha! I found you you sneaky post diary link. I'm thinking that yosh might wantt o put a quicknav bar up or soemthing. *shrug*
Well ISFree is really close to working at 0.1. I'll probably release as of March 1st. Now that I have it at minimal functionality to actualy be useable I can go back and rip out and reword all the really crappy code I did while learning C all over again. :)
The nice thing is I think I have the answer to securing the DB connect information and securing ISFree from the system users. This way you don't have to have a dedicated server for your billing. You can just use nighttime spare cycles to do the billing runs localy. MUCH faster this way. Definitly faster than perl will ever be.
I'm still searching for some good ideas on how to handle one time billings, like an hour of admin work, or the sale of a software package, etc. Can it be done or is this goign to end up being a kludge thats necessary to make ISFree a complete package instead of just another castrated recurring services only package?
An extra feature I implemented by necesity... custom monthly billing. :) I should probably go back in and setup custom setup fees as well as the recurring feee. *sigh*
well, heres to what will hopefully be a package for the acountants and admins that they will both like and doesn't suck from overcomprimising! CHEERS!

Well, i forgot my password again so I couldn't post in a while.
ISFree Is starting to take shape. I'm about 80% done with 0.1. It's a revised list of features due to me needing to get it up fast. Ill list them later. Lets just say at this point you can add customers, add packages, create invoices, and email the invoices.

oh yeah. my car got flooded with water in flash flooding. *sigh* damn rust holes.

21 Jan 2001 (updated 21 Jan 2001 at 00:52 UTC) »

Well it was a busy month for me. Lost the day job and decided to go solo for a while. Hopefully can support me Real Soon Now(tm) 8-P.
got a few things done today...

busy day eh? :)

ack. don't hit the escape key while filling this in. 8-( I had it most of they fille dnad now i forget what I was typing oh well.
time to go home and feed my Diablo II addiction. Thank you Blizzard. ;)

Well, so much for a restfull weekend. I ended up attempting to code some on Saturday for my office. Got about 10 lines of code out in 3 hours. bleah. So much for a productive environment.

On a good side though Saturday night was spent playing starcraft for about 6 hours until 5am. :) Needless to say I got stomped since i haven't played in over a year.

Odd note, sleep deprevatioin, good music, chineese food, and wine atmy apatment in the middle of a friend watching TV and my roommate playing starcraft (yet again) in the other room loudly, DID contribute to me doing 500 lines of code in about 4 hours rather bug free in 2 hour segements at 8pm, and 1am. Strange how that works isn't it?

oh yeah, managed to get debian woodys xf 4.0.1 to play nice with nvidias detonator 3 drivers. glx screensavers simply rock. Especialy the cube from Hellraiser. WOOOO!

note: do NOT try to run startx as a user, just use xdm like a good little user will you? *DUCK*

Well soo much for a fun night. The "software problem" with the tulip card thats a clone of a clone turned out to be a hardware issue after all. Fun part is that it would reset eth0 and all the even numbered eth0:0 virtual interfaces but not the odd ones (how odd).

Now for 48 hours of intensive coding for my day job. Genesta

oh yeah. cute quote for what support really means....

Fatz:#openprojects - support is then the developer comes to your house to check things out and brings along three blond babes for pleaser

Well, i've been roped into signing up for this by lilo. :) blame him if i suck at diaries.

today? setup webcam off my homepage.
ahzz's partycam yes. it's cheesy and out of focus.
today? designed a small db, and wrote functions to pull/put data into it fora customer app. can't say who. never wil. :) proprietary info ya know. ;-P
tonight? build a firewall hopefuly if I get home in time.

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