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Not much hacking recently. Been fairly busy with support stuff.

I only post because I had the urge to reiterate Iain's comments about the whole slashdot/napster thing. Particularly the fun suggestion of putting Jon Katz's book on line.

Better yet, mirror all of slashdot sans ads somewhere.

I would enjoy that a great deal.

My name is Adrian Likins. I am a LDAP-aholic.

topher recently posted a nice set of url's about LDAP. Figured I would do the same, and post some of my favorites.

Using LDAP with RH 6.1

    Okay, so this is my page. Slightly out of date, (all the stuff that says "this package has a bug, get a newer version" is true, but now the proper newer versions are in 6.2 or its updates.)

    Info on setting up pam_ldap, nss_ldap, etc.

LDAP resources

    A set of useful links from Clayton Donley.

Schema Viewer

    Browse some of the common LDAP schema. Generally has some good commentary on what the schema are for, how they are typically used, etc.
    GQ says all the hip fellows use LDAP. So, okay, it's not the magazine. A very handy gtk based ldap viewer/editor.
NIS Information in the LDAP directory
    A nice page describing the standard schema's for using LDAP as a NIS replacement. From IPlanet. Includes lovely schema such as a automount schema. Pathces to autofs-3.x to use it are in Rawhide or on the autofs list if your intereted.
    Okay, so Kerberos is only vaguely related to LDAP, but they make a good combo. Kerb+LDAP is so much cooler than NIS.


Implementing LDAP

    The most up to date LDAP book I've found. Lots of info on using the various LDAP development kits.

LDAP : Programming Directory - Enabled Applications with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

    My favorite. A detailed description of the LDAP C API, and a good introduction to LDAP as a whole. Very useful for those planning to write LDAP apps.
Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services
    Good overview of general directory service issues, and how to address them using LDAP's feature set. Also has a interesting "case study" of Big Midwestern University, which more or less goes like: "We needed a unified login and directory services. So we invented LDAP." Wacky.

My laptop now gets all of its automount maps from ldap.

Okay, so maybe just I thought it was cool.

I've come to realise that my current laptop config is about as far from the "standard" configuration as possible. Well, almost. I suppose I could run windows.

Perhaps SRP should be the next thing to add, now that kerberos and ldap seems to work pretty well.

I like the idea of explaining why you cert people. So I added some notes.

Noticed almost all the folks I have certed are from work. Mostly cause I tend to only cert people I've met in person, but then, there are lots of folks I know from expos and the like. Oh well. One day.

I suspect "Dimwit" has something to do with April 1st.

Now, a "Jaded Bastard" cert would be interesting.

Been playing with yup, an attempt at a apt-get style tool for rpms. Not quite there yet, but getting there.

Though I really think a LDAP based version of the same concept would be oh so much cooler. Perhaps I should finish mine.

Speaking of which, lukeh has posted some info about the LDAP backend for a KDC. Unfortunately it's based on the Heimdal codebase and not the MIT krb5 we ship, but it still sounds pretty cool. I crave a useable central location for all user info. Secure maybe possibly, even. That might be asking for too much.

Oddly enough, I have no urge to divulge [un]interesting personal details.

I have decided to certify pjones and zab.

Discovered that there is no "Princess" option in the certification. Decided to correct this.

--- certs.c.orig Fri Mar 24 16:46:26 2000
+++ certs.c Fri Mar 24 16:46:39 2000
@@ -18,7 +18,8 @@
- "Master"
+ "Master",
+ "Princess"


All should be good in the world now.

  • LDAP
  • "thin clients"
  • Java
The things I have been working on.

I seem to be about 24 months off the buzzword curve. Just like me to be out of style.

Tossing around some ideas on package management with Ryan. We shall see what comes of it. Could be interesting.

It seem perfectly obvious that Milk-in-a-bag is only the first stage to ExtremeButter. zab of all people should understand this.

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