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4 Sep 2003 (updated 10 Sep 2003 at 19:57 UTC) »

Second diary entry - now I know that I've got to write HTML.

I've had all sorts of fun with GNU software lately, but nonetheless I'm building the entire base system over and over. I've also uploaded a recent snapshot of MirBSD yesterday to the usual place, and would like to say thanks to every tester with positive and negative feedback *hint*.

Work is needed to run a build through all ports to see whether they build or not, and for what reason they don't build (missing C++ compiler // some other reason // unknown). Even better: if they actually work.
What would be nice too? Well, I wouldn't start crying when some more people report ISDN working (for Fritz!Card PCI v1 I know), and if PLIP works, I'd be glad - it doesn't here, but I haven't checked with GNU/Linux yet if it does with my hardware anyways.
Oh, and port gcc 3.3.1...

My main development machine dies. It's an Acer Aspire 1300 notebook, Athlon-XP1400+, 256 MiB non-DDR SD-RAM, 18.62 GiB HDD. I've set up my router (Pentium-100, 128 MiB EDO-DRAM, 10 Gig HDD, MirBSD, Hercules MONO graphics card, RTL8029 for the LAN, RTL8139 for DSL-Modem [sponsors anyone?] because it's slower than the 10 Mbit card, 3.5"HD and 5.25"HD floppy drives, and - since yesterday - an ahc(4) SCSI controller with a 32x UltraPLEX CD-ROM drive) to be the main cvs server for MirBSD, and use a 486DX/2-80 (12/110 MiB) laptop to connect via xdm to it now, to read mails and so.
Currently, I can still use the Acer, but only with an external 14" CRT, and must not move it (else, its PSU dies). But the Acer support is sending me a person from UPS to fetch it for repairing (I'm allowed to remove the HDD first, thanks). It's still got service time.

I've also come up with a developement plan for MirBSD, and decided to release a stable codebase before the switch to gcc-3.2.4 (so I can go back if everything is FUBAR in a sudden :).
If you want to join, install OpenBSD, get familiar with it, install MirBSD, play, join #deutsch on irc.eu.freenode.net, talk with me, send fixes.

I've had funny holidays near Luxembourg camping - but it's a pity the person who donated me the 486 laptop mentioned above was unreachable, so I couldn't meet him IRL. I'll probably go there more often - it's some 160 km, and gasoline is more than cheap there (about 30 ct. less - that's about one fourth of the price they want here).

Well, that's all for it. Whenever I get the kick to do some documentation, I start it, and it's all over in a sudden. If you want to update the MirBSD docs (mostly still pointing to OpenBSD) - send unified diffs! :-)

My first diary entry. Hopefully it's not messed up.

Bad luck. I released MirBSD #5 today, 09.06.2003, and sent out a release announcement. Due to a combined effect of PEBKAC on my side and a mailer system error, it was sent out twice - I seem to have made enemies.

I'd like to apologize to the people who got it. I know that several of you will be reading this.

And the FreeBSD people were faster. Well, I can live with that...

Anyways - the new release is the most well tested binary snapshot of my tree ever. It rocks in other ways too - for example, you can install it on a system with root on software RAID, where the install tarballs live on a Microsoft® NTFS partition, or online with ISDN (T-Online + Fritz!PCI v1 (v2 should, too) works, tested that) and SyncPPP. Or PPPoE.

Okay, stop the advertising. Let's write a bit about myself.

I'm tired, have a lot of headaches - do I work too much? I'll not do much tomorrow. Swimming will be fine to chill down; I've got to work on Wednesday, in contrast to a friend of mine who's here at the moment, he's got school on Tuesday. templeofhate.com has been updated to OpenBSD 3.3, so mySQL (a piece of crap I usually seek the largest possible distance to) doesn't work any more. Wow, after days I find out by reading some error message Robin showed me that it's got pthread errors. Okay, update to -stable. WTF, who installed OpenBSD 3.2's gcc? Fun, fun, fun. I need recovery. Soon.

I can't even apply for a free day in order to go to Linuxtag yet, because it's still unclear whom to ask. Argh. Symlink T-Shirts and the usual BBQ party will make us have fun again, like last year.

And now I 9999 GOTO 32766:REM BED

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