AI Has Been Solved

Posted 1 Apr 2005 at 11:37 UTC by mentifex Share This

Mentifex writes that the sideways integration of sensory input with a conceptual mindgrid is the solution to artificial intelligence.

The solution to AI qua problem -- qua grand challenge to humanity -- exists at first in theory only.

The Association for Computing Machinery has reported in ACM Sigplan Notices 33(12):25-31 (1998) and in ACM Sigplan Notices 39(12):11-16 (2004) on progress in implementing the AI solution as open-source AI software evolving into Mind.Forth for robots. There is an implicit contest involved here of who can keep the date-stamped robot AI Mind running the longest, as if for the Guiness Book of World Records. Since Mentifex AI is in the public domain, programmers are free to customize special AI Minds in any programming language and to offer their artificial intelligence for sale on eBay in the Computers and Networking software marketplace.

Please do not point to the primitive Mentifex software as proof that the claim of an AI solution is false. The only claim made here is that AI has been solved in theory, not yet (please stand by) successfully implemented in software or hardware. The Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute (AGIRI) is creating powerful Novamente software but is handicapped for lack of funding and for disregard of the Mentifex AI theory. Mentifex has a secret plan to locate funding for AGIRI if the AGI team either hires Mentifex or agrees to implement the Theory of Cognitivity.

Happy April Fools Day!, posted 1 Apr 2005 at 12:07 UTC by tk » (Observer)

mentifex, your solution to AI is way too complicated. I hereby present the Super-Duper Trigger Word Theory Which The Evil Computing Establishment Has Been Trying To Hide From Us All Along. This theory is elegant and simple to understand, and it accurately models a wide range of human communication patterns. Behold:

$| = 1;
for (;;) {
    $talk = <>;
    exit if (!defined $talk);
    if ($talk =~ /\bDubya\b/i)
        { print("NGAAARGH! TR41T0R! I V1LL CH4RGE U W/ TREAS0N!\n"); }
    elsif ($talk =~ /\banti-war\b/i)
        { print("0MGZ U 3VIL L33BURULZ!!!!!111111\n"); }
    elsif ($talk =~ /\bartificial intelligence\b/i)
        { print("PAAAAAH! AI H4Z B33N S0LV3D!!!!!!!1111111\n"); }
    elsif ($talk =~ /\bauthority\b/i)
        { print("G4MM1NT 33Z 333333V1L W00T W00T W00T!!111111\n"); }
        { print("Eh, what?\n"); }

I love a good prank but ..., posted 1 Apr 2005 at 14:42 UTC by garym » (Master)

The cited pages are elaborate and extensive, and the endorsement from Ben Goertzel is pretty compelling.

"I like the simplified brain theory underlying the Mentifex system. It is really pretty similar to the brain theory I put forth in From Complexity to Creativity (and earlier, in an article published in Complexity magazine)

Had I known about the Mentifex work then, I would have cited it there.... Both theories use the hierarchical structure of the cortex, and connect it to the dual-network-like structure of mind. This stuff provides background for my more recent work on hebbian logic -- hebbian logic is about reasoning among neural clusters, and this is about how neural clusters work more generally.


In my view, although Arthur sometimes presents his ideas in a somewhat kooky way (by the standards of the mainstream scientific community, and even by the standards of this list), the ideas themselves are significantly better than most of what passes for cognitive science and AI. There is some deep thinking there. If anyone else but me is trying to survey all serious thinking on AGI, Murray's two papers I cited above should be looked at for sure. "

Mind you, Ben does add that he thinks they're barking up the wrong tree -- his own methods do not try to duplicate nature, simply borrows some key features from it; this Mentifex method, according to Ben, is more toward implementing nature in silicon.

This sentence you are now reading is false, posted 1 Apr 2005 at 15:19 UTC by tk » (Observer)

garym, don't be fooled by this mentifex's pretensions as a "nonconformist". He's clearly a member of the Evil Scientific Establishment in disguise. He has been incessantly trying to censor all discussion on the Super-Duper Trigger Word Theory, which is infinitely easier, neater, and faster than his half-baked AI "solution". He's even stooped so low as to quote the words of Ben Goertzel's and others out of context, and to use them as authorities to bully others into submission.

Re: Happy April Fools Day!, posted 1 Apr 2005 at 18:06 UTC by ingvar » (Master)

tk, I think you have foudn it! The Solicitor's Stone to strong AI!

Oh.. AI Solved, posted 8 Apr 2005 at 15:28 UTC by Mysidia » (Journeyer)

Ah yes.. then in other news, Catalan's Conjecture has been refuted, a Unifying theory of Physics has finally been validated, Cold Fusion is now a reality, P = NP has been proved, an odd perfect number was discovered, division by zero has finally been defined sanely, Windows was finally open sourced, and a recent patch making the architecture more Unix-like has made it secure, impervious to all worms, spyware, et al, and uncrashable. And we were wrong about the world being square, the weird one.. Gene ray was right.. it's really a cube.

Er, Ok.. having a conceptual framework to work in does not imply the problem is solved or fits the framework precisely... I believe solving the problem of AI requires you get results something c omparable, better, or at least indistinguishable to human intelligence.

But I guess it's at least fun to pretend like the framework will be 100% workable and not need any revision/etc to approach practical ends... yeah, it's ashame April 1st doesn't come around more often .. [err, or not] :)

Could be easier..., posted 19 Apr 2005 at 13:23 UTC by salmoni » (Master)

tk - it could be easier. Here's a nice and simple Python function for all to enjoy:
def Gobshyte(talk):
    if (talk == "format c:/") or (talk == "ls * -R -f"):
        print "No you dumb oaf! Exit this program first and THEN reformat, um, repair your hard drive!"
    elif (talk == "cats"):
        print "Yup! I perceive cats!"
    elif (talk == "fish"):
        print "Mmm! Tasty fishhhhhhhh!!!"
        print talk+" S/N error 347382. Enter 'format c:/' or 'ls * -R -f' to repair"
Just imagine the hours of fun spent following these instructions. By the time the user gets it, they will have forgotten all about AI and will hate computers with a passion.

Re: Could be easier..., posted 21 Apr 2005 at 04:19 UTC by tk » (Observer)

The meme of the Super-Duper Trigger Word Theory is spreading! Look, people are crying out to repeat it! None Can Resist The Greatest Meme Of All Time! :B

ingvar: Solicitor's Stone? No idea what that means, but it sounds euphonious.

salmoni: w00t! I assume you were actually referring to slightly different commands. :) In any case, let me try to improve it further: the machine asks the user what format it wants to use for its conversation logs, enticing the user to enter a response containing the word "format", then the machine immediately pounces upon that word and formats all hard disks.

The next day we may see NLP researchers getting death threats......

Solicitor's Stone..., posted 3 May 2005 at 21:57 UTC by ingvar » (Master)

tk: cf. "Philosopher's Stone", part of the Great Work of alchemy, able to convert base metals into purest gold.

2015 Update: Mentifex Strong AI is NOT an April Fool's joke., posted 23 May 2015 at 23:47 UTC by mentifex » (Master)

It was fun but nevertheless sincere to post AI Has Been Solved on April Fool's Day ten years ago. Mentifex Strong AI always was and always will be an extremely serious AI Lab Project as described in December of 1998 by the Association for Computing Machinery. Mentifex AI is so extremely serious that it has meanwhile been ported into Russian and into German. The resulting Amazon Kindle e-book, Artificial Intelligence in German, has been reviewed with the maximum highest-possible five-star rating. Another e-book, InFerence, describes how the Mentifex AI Minds can think by automated reasoning with logical inference. The MindForth AI prior art program has been cited in a Google patent. Now finally at a third-generation (3G) Mentifex AI Mind is being created in Perl, and Netizens from all over the world are looking into the use of Unicode and Perl to create artificial intelligence in any programming language and in any natural human language. Ladies and gentlemen, start your AI engines.

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