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Posted 1 Aug 2004 at 20:30 UTC by jtauber Share This

After reading more about Edd Dumbill's DOAP project, I have some thoughts on what the next-gen Advogato might look like.

Copied from an article on my blog.

I've recently been reading about Edd Dumbill's Description of a Project (DOAP) project.

Machine readable descriptions of software projects is something I've dabbled in since 1998 when I started XMLSOFTWARE.COM. Around that time I worked a little bit with Lars Marius Garshol's XML Software Autoupdate (XSA). Microsoft had Open Software Description (OSD), although OSD was more designed for describing component dependencies whereas XSA was designed for software directories to be able to poll to get updates from developers (a use-case DOAP would be suited to as well).

Given that a lot of this site is about open source software projects of mine, I'll probably add DOAP support to Leonardo at some stage, probably around the same time I add FOAF support. But I have the same questions about the relationship between DOAP and, say, Freshmeat or Advogato as I do between FOAF and the Orkuts and Linkedins of the world. Namely: how can I use my own website as the authoritative source of my own FOAF and DOAP information while at the same time that information being available in directories for searching, rating, etc.

The RDF-nature of both FOAF and DOAP means that what is really needed is a general mechanism that does this for any RDF, although FOAF and DOAP specific support would make a great start.

I'm thinking for starters of a version of Advogato where you just specific the URI for your FOAF, DOAP and RSS.

TLA overload, posted 1 Aug 2004 at 21:31 UTC by raph » (Master)

It may just be my ADD, but I found the TLA quotient a bit high. In any case, if we were to do a RAD prototype of these ideas, perhaps as a RIA, we might want to start with some UML so we don't get lost. There's also the question of which OODBMS we use to store all the relevant XML files.

Actually, I think I might have some idea what you're talking about here: the idea that people just put up metadata about their free software projects using some kind of agreed-upon syntax, and then have tools go out and crawl the web, so that can analyze and visualize the resulting network. It's not a bad idea, and I think some of the trust metric work I've done can be adapted. Lately, I've been thinking about trust metric variants that only need to "see" a limited horizon of the whole network, as opposed to the global network flow and eigenvector approaches that currently run Advogato.

Or, of course, the density of TLA's has befogged my brain so much that I'm completely off track. In that case, please forgive my inadequate EQ. Maybe I should up my dose of SSRI's to see if that helps.

Speaking of TLAs..., posted 2 Aug 2004 at 02:05 UTC by tk » (Observer)

...maybe we just need LSM.

sounds like a task for pkg-config, posted 7 Aug 2004 at 13:18 UTC by robilad » (Master)

Just drop the XML-buzzword-thing, and add a few properties.

cheers, dalibor topic

Whoa! Back up! First take out the plank..., posted 21 Sep 2004 at 22:57 UTC by MartySchrader » (Journeyer) your own eye before working on the spec [ahem] in the next generation of Advogato's eye. Where can I find the proper venue to discuss the stuff that Advogato desperately needs right now? For instance, if one wishes to look at the 9000-some-odd subscribers to Advogato one waits a few minutes for one's browser to load up that page. Or what about the project page? Gee, only about 2800 of those.

How many of those are dead entries? What kind of mechanism can be put into place to wean away the useless entries? Can we use the C2 Wiki idea of AreYouThere to clean up the dead ones?

Next, how about some selection criteria to filter the list(s) before they get dumped to one's browser? Perhaps a full regexp isn't in the works, but some simple separation by alphabetizing names or categories of projects would be cool.

Speaking of which, there aren't even any categories for projects. Oh, come on! Advogato isn't Sourcegorge [ack, thpth!], but there needs to be some better way of finding a project to get involved with.

Eh? This stuff first, please. Esoterica like full XML RSS publication later.

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