IPv6 and the Scriptkiddies

Posted 13 Jan 2002 at 06:28 UTC by eckes Share This

Slowly is IPv6 spreading all over the world. One major application are IRC Servers. Is this how technology get spread? By playing with it?

Sure enough, starting with IPv6 is not as complicated and esotherik, as Internet was with IPv4 back in the stone ages. But anyway, besides those "killer applications" like mobile services a big usage community of IPv6 are IRC Users.

The use of IPv6 to be 'leet or to protect themself behind hard DOSable tunnels, or simply a way to circumvent a ban or be anonymous is a big driving force.

Personally as an IRC Operator of course I dont like it, how much this new, and therefore less regulated technology is used. On the other side, I think it is a major advantage, that new network administrators have heared from IPv6 while beeing in school :)


Ha! That's funny..., posted 14 Jan 2002 at 19:47 UTC by Toby » (Master)

So, I wish to "play" with IPv6. I ask my provider to give me a nice neat IPv6 pipe into this wonderfull world (not to mention largely SPAM-free).

Oh, I'm sorry, we have no plans at this time for IPv6. What?!?

You're a national provider, and you have no plans? How can this be? When will you address this issue?

We have no plans at this time for IPv6.

Huh!?! You mean you do not have a plan to have a plan for IPv6 at this time?!?

Yes, that is correct, we have not seen any need for our clients to have IPv6 at this point in time.

Oh? Well, I'm a client. I have a need for IPv6.

Well, I'm sorry, we can not help you.

Ok, now I'd like your DNS hosting to at least support AAAA records then. I have the opportunity to have a IPv6 tunnel, but the DNS records must be done properly for this to work.

I'm sorry, our infrastructure does not allow us to have IPv6 compatible DNS records at this time.

Do you have a plan/timeframe for this support?

No, we do not.

What is the moral of this? You complain that IPv6 is only being used to "play"? Of course it is. When a national provider cannot provide you with the bare basics in terms of IPv6 support (short of you doing it ALL yourself), then what is the point? Really, I believe that your point is slightly misplaced. It should not be "Why is IPv6 a playground?", but rather "Why is IPv6 not supported by major ISP players, and why are not more people complaining about this?"

The answer is obvious. IPv4+NAT/DHCP will do us just fine...


well.. uhhh.. thats not my point, posted 15 Jan 2002 at 01:28 UTC by eckes » (Master)

actually I do not complain about playing with technology. Actually I would like to encourage more people to play with it.

Cause the use of IPv6 by Script Kiddies is not the way I like to see this technology played with. So.. I encourage the Open Community to "play" responsible and build the overlay network with open technology... faster than "major national providers" act.


There's the other side, posted 15 Jan 2002 at 02:53 UTC by tk » (Observer)

Cause the use of IPv6 by Script Kiddies is not the way I like to see this technology played with. So.. I encourage the Open Community to "play" responsible and build the overlay network with open technology... faster than "major national providers" act.

I'm not very familiar with IPv6, but I recall that one of the benefits of IPv6 is security (which you've touched on). While this does benefit the darker elements of the computing world, it also helps those who use it for legitimate purposes, by allowing them to ward off these darker elements.

However, these people need to be using IPv6 to reap this benefit, and what needs to be done to get them to use IPv6 isn't obvious.

IRCd, posted 15 Jan 2002 at 23:59 UTC by Malx » (Journeyer)

Isn't IRCnet has full support for IPv6 for more than a year?

IPv6 and Security, posted 20 Jan 2002 at 05:04 UTC by eckes » (Master)

Yes, IPv6 was also about security. But currently you can get anonymous /48 networks from Tunnel Brokers (like ww.freenet6.net) and IPSec is not used widely.

For a Public Service the Security of IPv6 has not increased, it is only harder to track the owner of a netblock. Maybe with a wide spread use of IPv6 IRCNet needs to change it's strategy. Currently for example all IPv6 Servers have quite open I-Lines for all network blocks. So the national responsibilities which are settled down for IPv4 are not yet established vor V6. The technology is perhaps mature enough, but the Infrastructure is not yet.
So it is true, if you say that Major Backbone Provider are not helpfull in IPv6 yet, unless you are an multi-national enterprise with big fat money.

BTW: 128-48=80. This magically /48 prefix is useful for auto configuration, since you can use the Ethernt MAC (6bytes = 48bit) as the local part and you do not need to assign each stattion any IP Address. For that reason I guess even small companies will get those /48 assignments.

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